The Devil's Cage Chapter 746

Chapter 746 Messing Up The Scene

As Jarles was closing on to Melanie silently, his eyes were shining with adangerous glare.

Suddenly, Jarles drew the sword from his waist and struck Melanie brazenly.

Jarles has been regulating his breath and adjusting his posture so the sudden attack had speed and power that far exceeded his normal attack but it missed.

Melanie slightly moved her herself away when the sword almost struck her as if she had seen it coming.

Jarles’ sword grazed Melanie’s body and Melanie’s sword landed on his neck instead.


Wails of the dead sounded from her sword and it caused Jarles to change his expression several times before cooperatively raised his hands up.

“As expected”


Just as Melanie wanted to utter something and before the words truly came out from her mouth, a sword perforated her chest!

Melanie looked down at the sword tip tainted with her blood before turning around and saw the other Hound who ambushed her.

It was an old and withered man covered by a black robe.


Melanie was shocked as if she didn’t believe the man would ambush her.

“That’s right, It’s Ettergran, the most experienced and the fiercest Hound! Of course, it is far more than both of us here!” Jarles said.

As Jarles words subsided, two more Hound among the group dished out lethal attacks to the others beside them before swiftly approached the old Hound’s side.

Soon, the three of them formed a counter-formation, preventing the other Hounds from attacking them. At the same time, Jarles jumped at Melanie.

Jarles knew clearly that his priority was to seize the item in Melanie’s hand, otherwise, the Knights of the Saint Relic Association would all perish.

Jarles snatched the tool from Melanie’s hand easily but the moment he had gotten his hands on the tool, his face changed.

The young Hound wanted to throw the item away without even thinking but it was a little too late.


An explosion went off on Jarles’s hand, blasting him to bits instantly.

*Cough* Cough* Cough*

“Do you really think I’d put such an important item within everyone’s sights?”

Melanie coughed a few times, she turned to Ettergran and the two others without even glancing at Jarles’s remains, laughing coldly.

“I’d never thought it would be you! The elders had noticed an invisible spy around us a while ago. We’ve suspected countless people but the spy hid deep enough and only with special means could we lure him out.”

“So you suggested this entire plan? Not only using yourself as a lure but allowing the elders to create this thing with their combined powers?” Ettergran sighed before asking.

“It’s just a coincidence in timing, the appearance of the Yggdrasil fruit made me think it was a good chance, so those disgusting hypocrites would surely appear! Look, everything is just as expected!”

Melanie tended to her wound as she spoke.

Her tone sounded flat, there wasn’t any delight in it as if everything was natural and right.

Though her righteousness would agitate others better than her delights.

One of the Hounds beside Ettergran said loudly, “Melanie, you think you’ve won?”

“What else?” Melanie replied with a question.

“Open your eyes wide and take a good look!” The traitorous Hound yelled out

“I am waiting for it,” Malanie said calmly.


A sudden buzz sounded.

Formless soundwaves spread in all directions and scattered the flames formed by the negative emotions towards the Saint Relic Association away.

In particular, the giant skeleton claw vanished with the soundwaves.

The six illusive figures engulfed in flames were released and revealed themselves again.

They were still hovering above the knights’ heads, the brilliance around them had gotten more dazzling and eye-catching.

The auras of the knights then grew stronger from the release.

“See that? The power of God’s Descent is beyond what your kind can comprehend, you’d never understand true power while you’re stuck yourself at your current level!” The traitorous Hound said in delight.

“Oh, so this is the reason you were bought over?” Melanie nodded her head, maintaining her expression.

It made the traitorous Hound suffer a delay in his reaction, a terrible feeling rose up from his heart.

“Until now, you are still pretending?” The traitorous Hound shouted even louder, as though he could repel the unsettling feeling but in fact, he couldn’t.

Not only that it didn’t help his situation, but it also increased his anxiety instead. The traitorous Hound felt like he had missed something.

While Ettergran figured it out and suddenly turned to the association knights.

The knights were being too quiet, to the point that it wasn’t normal!

The other two traitorous Hounds instantly realized something when they saw Ettergran’s movement.

The three of them widened their eyes at the knights of the association and saw several of them had bloodthirsty smiles on their faces.

The bloody thirsty knights then walked towards the immobilized knights like butchers.

“It’s impossible!” Ettergran shouted out with a look of disbelief.

“Not only do I know how powerful the God Descent skill is but I know its weakness as well because someone told me everything about the so-call “God Descent”

“Ettergran, how naive are you to think that the Saint Relic Association now is still the same as when it first formed? Power and authority is a poison that can corrupt men’s hearts! The association is no exception either, in fact, it is even more thorough because they assumed they won the battle against us last time! And, you’ve forgotten an important thing, buying out people’s heart and plotting betrayal is our forte!”

Melanie looked at the betrayed trio in pity, waving her hand at the other hounds.

The slaughter had begun.

Even if Ettergran was the most experienced and fiercest Hound, the outcome would be the same when he faced ten other opponents of his level.

The other two traitors wanted to surrender but they were sliced into meat paste under Melanie’s glare.

They had a much harsher fate than those immobilized knights like sheep waiting to be slaughtered.

At least, the knights only had their heads separated from their bodies.

Puk! Puk! Puk!

Head after head was chopped down, streams and streams of blood burst out from their necks, bleeding into a river.

The knights were decreasing in number. The scale of victory completely leaned towards the Hounds.

The Hounds and the traitorous Knights thought they had this unprecedented victory in the bag, no one expected accidents to happen anymore.

Therefore, when a giant morning star mace fell from the sky, crashing through the roof of the sewer tunnel, all of them were in shock.

Melanie shouted the name instinctively after being stunned.

Then, the Head Hound was overflowing with killing intent.