The Devil's Cage Chapter 755

Chapter 755 Confusing The Public

Kieran glanced over the three Knights before him.

Rodney from Garcia was a middle-aged man with a fit body, wearing a simple outfit and had a clean looking face with a constant solemn expression. He was very adherent to Gracia’s creed of restricting oneself.

Dan, the young man who had a smile on his face all the time. He presented himself as a sincere and impulsive young man who fit his age.

Iona, the only female knight of the trio and also the one who unconsciously said the word “arbiter”. She had a huge body structure that common woman didn’t have and beige colored hair over her shoulders. She had a slightly rougher face but had an extra sense of wild beauty, as if she was a female leopard.

From the looks on the outside and their expressions, it was hard for Kieran to identify their purposes but he did not believe the three of them would tell him the things about the arbiter. While he still hadn’t pledged his loyalty to the overseer in the association.

It didn’t make sense!

So, Rodney and Iona who unconsciously mentioned the arbiters might possess another identity: the executioner!

Only then would it make sense as to why Kieran was being tested.

They were suspecting him!

They were different from those mystics who didn’t know the truth, the executioner knew the existence of the [Fusion Heart] and added their restrictions on the heart.

So, the changes of Professor Harondentte was within their knowledge but the things that happened after that were a little out of their expectations.

The appearance of the fruit of Yggdrasil had completely messed up their plans.

Although they didn’t fully believe it, the Elder Council’s intervention made them slightly doubt it.

In simple words, their arrangements from before had achieved quite an effect. Otherwise, Kieran wouldn’t be greeted with a test but a large scale capture of him by the executioners.

“Then I shall mess things up completely!” Kieran thought in his heart.

While he had other thoughts in his heart, he pretended to be surprised and said, “There is such a squad?”

“Yes. Iona and I aren’t really fond of them but Iona is right. They are very strong,” the young knight shrugged.

“How strong?” Kieran pretended himself interested in the topic.

“Each of them is even stronger than the Hounds!” the young knight replied.

“Do they possess any kinds of special abilities? Like searching for special items?” Kieran followed up with his question.

“Some of them do, some of them don’t Sir 2567, are you trying to locate the fruit of Yggdrasil? Although I don’t have solid proof, from my point of view, the fruit is one the council’s schemes and they planned everything just to lured us into the trap!”

Dan quickly reacted to Kieran’s words and was very outspoken with his remarks.

The two other knights nodded at the same time, acknowledging their comrade’s words.

After almost experiencing annihilation and all sorts of coincidences being overlaid on each other, the scene from before was quite fresh in their minds. Other than it being a trap, there were no other explanations left.

The Yggdrasil fruit was a hoax from start to end in their opinion.

“Do you think the fruit is a lie?” Kieran presented a serious expression, asking the three of them.

“Of course! With what happened in the tunnel, I’d have to really be an idiot if I believed it!”

Dan nodded without hesitation.

“IF, I didn’t fight Professor Harondentte before, I would share the same thoughts but after that fight, I’ve discovered something that made me believe the fruit really does exist. After all I am the best example!” Kieran pointed at himself.

“You?” the three Knights looked at Kieran with puzzled looks.

“I have two hearts. One of my own and the other from Professor Hanrondentte.”

Kieran said while he carefully inspected the Knights’ expression.

Especially when Kieran finished the last part of his words, his SS+ Spirit became utterly focused, allowing him to grasp everything around him under his eyes, no matter how small the detail, it wouldn’t escape his eyes.

He could easily see the dust floating in the air and he also sensed the malicious intents that flashed through Dan’s eyes in a split second while Rodney and Iona were being genuinely surprised.

It was Dan? Kieran was slightly surprised.

“Using his young age as his biggest point and using Rodney and Iona to confuse me so he can silently observe me in the dark?”

Kieran already pictured the scene where Dan unintentionally instilled the thoughts of “Kieran was one of us and able to share some secrets with him because he saved our lives” into Rodney and Iona’s minds.

It wasn’t hard for Dan to achieve that because Rodney and Iona wouldn’t doubt their comrade-in-arms.

Kieran looked at the young Knight again, his face was already filled with surprise and the malicious intent that flashed by felt like an illusion.

Still, Kieran branded the sharp-as-a-blade feeling that caused him goosebumps in his mind.

A person who could skillfully conceal themselves was as dangerous as a venomous snake!

Kieran commented on Dan in his heart and then stood up from the sofa.

He removed his coat and revealed his bare top covered in bandages.

“When I killed Professor Harondentte, a thumb-sized stone flew out from his secret hideout and clipped itself into the professor’s heart, then it fused itself into my body. Everything happened too fast, I didn’t even have the time to react or feel any pain. When I regained my consciousness I realized I have powers that I didn’t possess before!”

Kieran then raised his left hand.


The devil’s flame sprung up from his palm.

The three knights instinctively drew out their weapons but at the next moment, they were completely astonished.

On Kieran’s right hand, a white and tender yet tenacious radiance was shining.

Even with some distance in between, the three Knights could feel the holy energy from the white radiance.


The three of them stuttered and were lost for words, while Kieran continued.

“After that encounter, my knight’s power had been enhanced without my knowing and I can also wield the power of the extra heart like my own arm. At that moment, I felt like my body had acquired some enhancements, my body muscles and agility had gained years or maybe a decade worth of training, maybe 10 years worth of training couldn’t even reach my current level.”

As the three Knights listened to Kieran’s words, their eyes shined brighter.

“The Stone of Twin Birth!”

“No, No no, the Stone of Twin Birth would allow the devil’s heart fused itself into Sir 2567’s body but it wouldn’t have enhanced his power. It should be the Tear of Weiss!”

“Tear of Weiss? The sorrowful tear of the legendary Goddess of the Lake?”

The young knight spoke first but was denied by Rodney. But Dan wasn’t upset, instead, he was getting more excited because everyone knew the Tear of Weiss only came from one place.

The land of the Fallen Gods!

Legend had it that the sorrowful tear of the Goddess of the Lake was cried out during Ragnarok, which also means it might be the key to unlocking the land of the Fallen Gods!

But none of all that mattered, the only thing that mattered was that the legendary items were real!

Kieran saw the excited and stimulated Knights and he knew he had to add more oil to the fire.