The Devil's Cage Chapter 756

Chapter 756 Medal Of Griffin

“The sorrowful tear of the Goddess of the lake, the fruit of Yggdrasil and the devil’s heart It’s near to impossible for a single legendary item to show itself but now there have been three at once!”

Kieran said slowly and at the same time glanced over the three Knights again.

When he saw that the three of them were absorbed in their thoughts, he smiled.

“Seems like everyone’s thoughts are the same as mine. Professor Harondentte found the lost secrets, just that his eyes in choosing his collaborator was really lousy. Not only did his collaborator take his achievements, but he was also turned into a monster. Although he was prepared for it, nothing changed in the end and instead he gave me an advantage.”

Kieran couldn’t help but sigh when he mentioned the professor as if he was really feeling pity for him.

“Destiny is always harsh but She will definitely favor those with honor! Sir 2567, you are such an individual!” the young knight from Eder said.

Kieran nodded without a reply because he saw the young knight was looking very sincere at the moment. But at the same time, he thought about the other famous saying of Eder Church, “Destiny is always changing, Her favors may be the beginning of a fate destined for failure.”

Kieran couldn’t help but confirm Dan’s identity even more.

Who would be more suitable for the role of an executioner than the knight of Eder Church who believed in fate?

Living a double life and constantly experiencing the changes of fate. Perhaps there might be a number of believers within Eder Church who were willing to take up the role because, from their point of view, it was a devout action to their religion.

Though, Kieran didn’t share any slight bit of acknowledgment. Even if he was a player and had to play all kinds of roles inside the dungeon world.

After all, both of them came from very different from backgrounds.

One was devoted to his religion while almost offering himself and the other was a persistent individual who constantly struggled on the verge of death.

The difference in their origins had decided different outcomes for Kieran and Dan.

Kieran looked at the young knight who was smiling and he too lifted his mouth, replying with a similar smile.

“Hopefully fate will favor me again! I still hope to find my lost memories though, despite not having any direct proof, I think my memory loss might be related to Professor Harondentte’s collaborator. Me and those who perished in the explosions were all pawn pieces arranged by him, but why? And why would he convert the power of the fruit in Edland City? I believed with his speed and arrangements, the Elder Council would not be able to stop him at all.”

As Kieran continued, his face was slightly baffled by doubt.

It would be a repeat of an old topic since it was the second time Kieran mentioned similar words but the difference was, his audience had changed.

Though the similarity was, despite the audience having changed, they believed what he said and it wasn’t easy for him to establish the trust.

Truth be told, since the moment he stepped into this dungeon world, Kieran had been thinking carefully about each of his moves and repeatedly thought about the words he uttered.

Even with his SS- Constitution, he felt tired but he didn’t conceal it because it was still part of the plan.

“Sir 2567, please take a good rest. We will request for the arbiters to come to Edland City as fast as possible.” Rodney stood up and prepared to leave when he saw Kieran was tired.

Though, Dan, the young knight took out a potion from his pockets at that moment.

“Sir 2567, this is the secret potion of Eder Church, it can accelerate your recovery!”

“Thank you!” Kieran accepted the potion with a smile.

With related medicinal knowledge and potionology, he knew the potion was a decent item and even if he didn’t possess related knowledge, he still wouldn’t have to worry.

With Rodney and Iona present at the scene, if Dan didn’t want to expose his identity as the executioner, he wouldn’t have played tricks with the potion and of course, he didn’t really just wanted to ‘help’.

“Do you need me to help apply the ointment? Eder’s secret potion still requires some special methods to fully bring out its effectiveness!” the young knight said with a smile.

“Thank you again.” Kieran did not reject.

He removed the bandages and revealed his body full of wounds. Even with medicine all over his body, the wounds were severe, causing the three of them gasped coldly.

They could easily imagine what kind of battle Kieran had faced before.

“I think I should apply for another medal from the association for you,” Iona said.

“Mmm.” Kieran closed his eyes and only replied with his nasal voice.

While Dan covered his palm with the ointment and swiftly applied it on Kieran’s wounds.

Everything seemed normal.

Later at Dandon Church’s station.

The young knight, Dan was in his own room and after checking multiple times and making sure there weren’t any errors, he took the mobile phone and dialed a hidden number.

The dialing tone in the phone started and the wait went on for quite a while, but the young knight didn’t have any impatient expressions on his face.

Although technological advancement made life extremely convenient, some people still couldn’t adapt to it, like some aged and old-fashioned important person.

“Hello? Is it Dan? Pardon me, I am still not used to all these technologies.”

A warm and aged voice sounded very kind came from the other end of the phone.

“Yes, my lord! I have discovered something special! The defector has acquired the fruit of Yggdrasil and is currently working on absorbing the powers within so he can prepare himself to retaliate at us! And”

Dan retold what happened in an extremely respectful tone.

“Oh? That would be awful. How is that 2567? Can you make sure he didn’t lie?” the aged voice asked.

“I’ve discovered other than the devil and knight’s power in his body, there’s something ancient, powerful and holy It should be the Tear of Weiss!” The young knight answered.

“Is that so?” the aged voice paused for a few seconds before continuing, “I’ve accepted Rodney’s request. I’ll send out the arbiters! They will be under your command and if that someone appears, take him out at all costs! Understand?” the aged voiced suddenly turned stern.

“Yes, my lord!” Dan answered back as if he was making a vow.

“Oh, right, bring 2567 a medal of the Griffin Knight on our behalf It is what he deserves.” The aged voice returned to his warm voice and uttered something as though he had remembered suddenly before hanging up the phone.

“Yes, my lord!” Dan was still being as respectful as ever.

When the phone call ended, the young knight couldn’t help but mutter to himself.

“The medal of the Griffin Knight? Is the lord still worried about 2567’s identity?”

The young knight’s expression changed slightly and revealed his anticipation as if he was waiting for a good show.

While outside Dandon Church’s station, a car loaded with special instruments was speeding away.