The Devil's Cage Chapter 757

Chapter 757 Intimidate

“The medal of the Griffin Knight? Damn it!”

Chelsea had reported to Anne Aldrich Augen early on and now when she saw the invitations from Dandon, she cursed repeatedly again.

She had heard of the medal before but she never thought such a thing still existed.

Frustrated, Anne Aldrich Augen was walking in circles in front of her desk.

She was coming up with ways to react to the situation.

Meanwhile, Kieran was arranging his weapons and gears next to her, looking calm as usual. The celebration parade was tomorrow and judging from the style of the Elder Council, they would surely make a move there.

Once he thought about facing a powerful opponent nearing or even on par with the Prairie King and wouldn’t suffer from any repulsion, Kieran felt very nervous.

Although he tried his best to recover to his best condition, gaps of strength would surely remain.

Aside from Spirit and Intuition which were still suffering the -3 debuff and most of his skills were still in a -1 state, his current gear and weapons still had quite a distance in strength.

Even with the [Alchemy Grenade] and the [Exploding Thunder Spell], it would still be the same.

The simplest example was the two defensive gears Kieran had on his body. One was a half body armor with Strong defense and the other was the [Orinder Soft Mail].

Despite both of them adding up, their combined defense stat was still incomparable to [Armor of Excellence]’s Extreme defense.

[Wolf Remnant Feast] which had exceeded the common ranks was definitely out of the conversation.

If Kieran was able to bring his original equipment to face the elder of the council, he had quite the confidence in killing the elder, but now?

50%! Including the possibility of the elder showing contempt and arrogance during their fight.

“You aren’t worried at all? Or do you have other plans? Please don’t think that you can fool this one with your memory lost excuse again. If the medal is really as rumored, it can resonate with the heir of the Griffin Church! Even normal members of the church would easily cause it to change.”

Anne Aldrich Augen stopped her circling and spoke to Kieran who seemed to be in deep thought.

Obviously, from the start to the end, Anne Aldrich Augen didn’t want to believe Kieran was the knight and heir to the Griffin Church.

“Believe me, if it is really from Griffin Church, then it will definitely resonate with me!”

Kieran reached out his hand to hold Anne Aldrich Augen’s and said with a tender and stern tone.

Anne Aldrich Augen was smart enough to guess what happened immediately.

Someone was watching them!

Despite her choosing her study room to have the conversation, a place that could easily block common sight, some other interested parties were different than common men.

Anne Aldrich Augen then quickly went along with Kieran’s flow without any delay.

She stood behind Kieran and leaned her whole body onto his back, slightly lowering her head and said, “I believe you. What do you want to eat tonight? I’ve been polishing my cooking these past few days”

Anne Aldrich Augen presented a trusting look at Kieran and had fallen into happiness. Kieran too replied with a smile.

Until Anne Aldrich Augen left, Kieran’s face instantly turned cold.

“Come out!”

Kieran shouted loudly and looked outside the window with eyes of killing intent.

Nothing happened though, as if Kieran was making a bluff.

“I don’t want to repeat myself! Come out!” Kieran shouted again.

This time around, the air outside the window slightly distorted and within a breath’s time the Union Minister’s direct mobile squad leader revealed himself and came in through the window.

“Captain Charter, did you misunderstand our deal last time? Do you think our relationship is at the point where you can enter unannounced?”

As Kieran spoke, his presence had gotten colder.

“Of course not!”

Charter shook his hands repeatedly when he felt the bone-chilling coldness.

The captain’s heart was filled with bitterness.

If there was another way, the captain was very unwilling to see Kieran. When he felt the executioner’s qualities from Kieran, Charter had been worrying about his petty life, thus he had decided to stay away from Kieran and even if there was anything important, he would send his men forward instead.

But the things that happened that day There wasn’t anyone more suitable than him.

Once Charter thought about the minister’s words, he didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, he felt helpless against it but he must express the intention of his visit.

“Sir 2567, it seems like you’ve run into some problems and as a collaborator, I think I should offer some assistance at this particular time. Do you need the methods of activating the Griffin Medal?”

“Of course, I am not suspecting your identity, it’s just that the medal that the association sent is a little special, even if you are really from the Griffin Church, you couldn’t resonate with it!”

Charter rapidly spilled out his intention of the visit.

“A little special? Even now, the people within the association still prefer to use such a disgraceful method?”

Shocked at the intelligence network of the Union, Kieran raised a brow but he didn’t budge in his heart because he already had a plan to deal with the upcoming test.

Snatch it!

Kieran was prepared to snatch the medal when the arbiters were transporting it.

It may seem a little rash but with Elder Council on his back, Kieran had the confidence in planting the blame in them and the time stated on the invitation even increased Kieran’s confidence.

As for the location, other than Dandon Church’s station, there wouldn’t be anywhere else.

Though, Kieran didn’t mind probing for more intel from Charter after he presented himself with such a large intelligence network.

“Of course not! I’m afraid even the people of the association didn’t know how special the medal is, otherwise they wouldn’t have taken it out as well.” Charter looked pity on his face.

“Then can you tell me why would you, someone under the minister’s command know something the association doesn’t? Don’t tell me there are others from Griffin who survived the annihilation back in the day and had pledged their allegiance to your minister.”

Kieran was mocking Charter with a joking tone but in his heart, he had a certain confidence that the situation was exactly like what he had said.

Someone really survived the annihilation from the Twenty Hounds back in the day and sided with the Union Government. Otherwise, it couldn’t explain how someone from the Union knew such secretive matters.

“Everything is exactly like what you’ve just said!” Charter replied with a bitter smile again.

“I suppose your minister wouldn’t convey such a secret to me without expecting something in return, right? We don’t have such a relationship between us and I don’t believe what you’ve just said. Show me more proof. Although I lost my memory, it doesn’t mean I will allow someone to deceive me, especially like a bastard like you who will rob a house that’s on fire.”

Kieran shook his head in certainty and his gaze at Charter turned even colder, a chaotic aura mixing with a sulphuric smell started to appear in the room.

“Proof? The proof is that special Griffin Medal! As long as you follow our way, you can make it resonate with you!”

Charter obviously picked up on the smell of the sulphur as panic flashed over his eyes.

He had also gotten the news regarding Kieran getting the devil’s power in the afternoon. It was because of this news that he was sure that his decision to stay away from Kieran was correct.

Even a kid knows that the devil is a terrifying and chaotic monster.

It would really be a disaster when such a terrifying power merged with an executioner!

“Which means before I get my hands on that Griffin Medal, there’s no way to verify what you’ve just said? You little bastard, do you think I’m an idiot? Or do you think your quick-wits can fool me?”

Kieran growled angrily when his sharp senses picked up the flash of panic in Charter’s eyes.


The devil’s flame burned up high on Kieran’s left hand suddenly and the moment the flame sprung out, Charter shivered.

When Kieran grabbed Charter by the neck and moved him over to the devil’s flame, Charter was shivering even harder.

It was not that he didn’t want to dodge but he couldn’t, at all!

Charter didn’t know what was going on and when he realized it, the light from the devil’s flame had filled his eyes.

“Hold on! Sir 2567! I think we can change our way of making deals!”

The captain cried out loud.