The Devil's Cage Chapter 759

Chapter 759 Terrorize

A display of power and severity without a doubt!

The arbiters before Kieran had shown their hostility. Whether they were incited by someone or they did it by their own will, judging from the situation where the arbiters were clamped down, for now, the former would be more likely.

Who incited them though?

The answer was obvious.

Someone within the association who was once a hostile against the Griffin Church and didn’t want to see one of the Griffins again.

Kieran didn’t know much regarding the fight between the Griffin Church and the others within the association in the past and if it was possible, he wouldn’t want to be involved. But it didn’t mean he would hold back against hostile enemies.

Regardless of what the arbiter’s goal was, hostility was hostility.


The wicked aura was blowing towards Kieran like a gale but when it was a few steps away from reaching Kieran, the aura stopped as if it hit an invisible wall.

Everyone was stunned, including Rodney, Iona, and Dan who knew the means of the arbiters. Their faces were filled with surprise and right off the bat, the surprises turned into shock.

Right after the wicked aura was stopped in mid-air, it was then thrown back at where it came from ten times stronger.

If the wicked aura was a strong gale before, the wicked aura that was thrown back was like a tidal wave, bringing a tremendous power back with it.

The loud growls that echoed in ears told the bystanders how scary the wicked aura was.

As the arbiters were facing the tidal wave, they felt like their vision was blackened by a shadow, followed by a seven-headed monster roaring at them.

Their brains suffered a concussion and their thoughts were turned into a pile of hot mess.

Their bodies backed off uncontrollably until they hit the stairs behind them, tumbling down to the ground.

One of them who was holding a box even threw the box up in the air.

The box flew outwards in a perfect arch towards Kieran, he reached out and grabbed the box firmly from the air.

Everything happened in an instant.

When everyone reacted to the situation, Kieran had already placed his left hand holding the box behind his back and he was standing beside the car door with a slight bow, reaching out his right hand.

A fair white palm then tapped on Kieran’s right hand and Anne Aldrich Augen who was in splendid attire came down from the car dazzlingly.

“Can you help me put it on?” Kieran opened the box and inside it was a medal with a griffin carving.

Time had not left its mark on the medal and under the bright sunlight, the medal was emitting a dazzling shine.

“Of course!” Anne Aldrich Augen nodded with a smile and took the medal and placed it over Kieran’s chest.

Because of the blind spot from the viewing angle, no one noticed Anne Aldrich Augen had a dash of red on her fingertip.

Under the morning sun, an undeniably beautiful lady was placing a medal on a young man’s chest, the scene was really beautiful to look at.

Anyone who saw the scene would unconsciously smile and give the pair their blessing, especially those with a closer relationship with them.

However, there were always two sides of a coin, whenever one relationship bloomed, another would surely turn sour.

The arbiter trio who made a fool of themselves before Kieran stared at him and Anne Aldrich Augen with a sinister and ruthless gaze.

When they saw that Anne Aldrich had placed the medal over Kieran’s chest and nothing happened to the medal, the arbiter trio let out their dark and disgusting laughs.

“Why didn’t the medal react?”

“Ya, why didn’t it?”

“Could it be”

“Sir 2567 wasn’t really the heir to the Griffin Church?”

“But the aura that you released just now made us felt very familiar!”

“That’s right, very familiar!”

“We’ve lost a comrade before and although his looks and yours had quite the difference, your age would be quite similar!”

“Could you be that guy that we are looking for?”

A series of questions and answers with obvious malicious intents came from the arbiters.

The people around who heard it started to change their expressions one after another.

Of course, they wouldn’t believe what the arbiters said but the medal did not react to Kieran though.

“Could it be that 2567 isn’t the heir to Griffin Church?”

Such thoughts rose up in everyone’s heart and the two sisters and father of Dandon were looking very nervous as well because if Kieran wasn’t truly the heir to the Griffin Church, their alliance would completely dissolve and it would be a destructive blow to the Dandon Church who had just started the Holy War.

The other churches under the Saint Relic Association wouldn’t allow such a Dandon to exist.

What will they do?

The young sister and the father turned their eyes at the elder sister and as if she was prepared for this, the elder sister lightly coughed before walking forward.

“Sir 2567, even if you aren’t the heir to Griffin Church, you are still a real knight and we Dandon are willing to accept you as ours!” The elder sister said with a warm expression.

“Accepting him as a knight isn’t a problem.”

“But what if he is a sinner?”

“And what if he is our defecto-”


Before the word “defector” could be uttered, the arbiters were interrupted by an unknown yet full of coercion animal roar.

Everyone was instantly stunned and turned to the origin of the roar, everyone couldn’t help but widen their eyes.

They saw a griffin!

A mighty beast with the feathers and furs of sunlight, a strong and majestic body and tail

Under the morning sun, the head of the eagle and front limbs were emitting a magnificent gold color, it instinctively made one feel the holy presence of the beast.

Only the slightly unreal claws told everyone it was a mirage but even if it was just a mirage, the mirage of a legendary beast also possessed extraordinary powers.

When that dignified gaze from the beast glared at the three arbiters, the three of them instantly trembled hard like being struck by thunder. They felt like they would be shredded to pieces by the Griffin in front of them.

The trio started to back off once again and this time they didn’t tumble down. They felt more angered from the embarrassment and the Griffin mirage vanished shortly after.

Kieran and Anne Aldrich Augen then went back into the car.

Although Kieran nodded at the Dandons and the three Knights, Kieran didn’t even bat an eye at the three of them from the start to the end, as if the three arbiters didn’t exist.


The arbiters growled heavily and ready to really make their moves but the sudden pain from their heart pulled them to the ground, twitching hard.

The Dandon trio, Rodney and Iona were overwhelmed when they saw the scene as they clearly felt the powers from the Griffin mirage.

“This level of resonance has never before been seen,” Rodney said after a deep breath and after his words, Kieran’s identity had been solidified.

No one would doubt it anymore, it wasn’t even possible to have a second thought.

Didn’t they see the realistic Griffin mirage?

If Kieran wasn’t the heir to the Griffin Church, could he trigger such resonance?

Even Dan the young knight who temporarily seized the three arbiters couldn’t deny the power from within.

“So this is the power of the Griffin Church from the past?” The young knight couldn’t help but ponder upon the question.

While inside the car, Kieran was also surprised by the details of the Griffin Medal.