The Devil's Cage Chapter 762

Chapter 762 Dragging In

What would five Powerful attacks and one Extreme attack be like when they exploded together?

Even Kieran who set it up and triggered the attack had not witnessed such power before.

After a rough estimation, he grabbed Anne Aldrich Augen and Iona and retreated swiftly but he was still caught in the shockwave.

The tremendous shockwave turned into a class 12 hurricane, wreaking havoc throughout the street.

The blazing flames became a strong source of light in the middle of the hurricane, emanating scorching heat that could easily melt iron.

The whole street was leveled within a breath’s time.

At the center of the blast point, there was a dozen meters deep and a hundred meters wide giant crater left behind.

The aftershock that slapped itself onto Kieran’s body sent him tumbling away but the moment before he crashed on the ground, Kieran did a front flip in the air.

He didn’t crash in an ugly way and managed to place Anne Aldrich Augen and Iona behind him safely after landing.

“Iona, bring Anne away from this place right now!”

Kieran showed his back to the ladies and ordered them to leave without even turning back.


Iona who was saved from suffocation grabbed Anne Aldrich Augen and ran further away without a second thought because her battle instinct told her the danger level just skyrocketed.


A formless air stream rose up inside the crater, the air above it was buzzing strongly and it reeked of blood, dead bodies, and metal.

The black figure rose up once again.

Elder Juen at the center of the blast point didn’t die, instead, he firmly walked out from the crater step by step.

The black robe of his turned shabby from the explosion but there were only slight injuries on his body as if a normal man grazed himself after a fall.

“Not bad!” Elder Juen said as he raised his hand over his scrawny face, touching the grazed wounds and when the elder felt the pain on his body, he frowned.

His eyes were locked at Kieran, he didn’t even care about Iona and Anne Aldrich Augen who left.

“Are those avatars of yourself?” Elder Juen asked. He sounded normal as if he was asking a friend but Kieran didn’t reply.

On the contrary, when Elder Juen asked, Kieran already charged up to him and dished out a kick.

Was Elder Juen powerful?


Whether it was the reliable rumors that Kieran gathered or from what he had just witnessed, every sign was pointing at Elder Juen’s power being undoubtedly absurd.

But, Kieran did not believe Elder Juen was so powerful that he only suffered a scratch after a 5 Powerful attacks and 1 Extreme attack going off simultaneously.

Besides, judging from the arrogance of the elder from the researched information, if the elder really suffered a scratch because of some matters or someone, he would have gone rampant over the person responsible for the wounds and ripped them apart.

Instead, he came out trying to suppress Kieran with his imposing manner and pretended to ask kindly.

So, he was bluffing! He was trying to stall and the fact proved Kieran right!

The moment Kieran charged up to Elder Juen, the elder’s scrawny face looked vicious and his eyes locked onto Kieran and were overflowing with killing intent.


He backed off!

The Elder Juen who was feared by every mystic in the mystical realm of this dungeon world retreated against Kieran’s test attack.

Kieran squinted his eyes and his eyes flickered with shine.

Elder Juen was hurt! And even more seriously than he had imagined!

However, such severe injuries were possible for him to recover rapidly given that he stayed still or moved away from the battle.

Kieran could not allow Elder Juen to recover!

As the thought bloomed in his heart, Kieran’s legs were already dishing out barrages of kicks similar to a raging storm.

The afterimages of kicks overlapped with each other, one after another, as though they were the waves from the sea.

His kicks were not only ridiculously fierce but relentless as well and Elder Juen was like a small sailboat in the middle of the storm that might topple any moment. However, Elder Juen dodged the attacks before every crucial hit despite him looking strained out to his last stand as if the elder has complete insights on Kieran’s attack.

“You think you can land a hit on me? Just wait till I recover, then it will be your doom! No, no, no, I won’t let you die so easily, I want you to suffer every conceivable pain and hope for your death! For example your little lover is quite a decent product! I’ll enjoy her fully in front of you and not only me, but I’ll also prepare a large list for anyone interested in her! Until then”

Elder Juen’s was laughing coldly and his laughs sounded very ferocious but before he could finish, he stopped abruptly.

With the continuous accumulation of [Barsical Kick]’s special effect, [Bide] had been triggered at the fourth and fifth kick.

Despite Kieran’s skill level being lowered by one rank, the Pro level [Barsical Kick] allowed Kieran to gain Strength and Agility buffs of +3 and +4 respectively.

Especially when Kieran mixed [Viper Kick] into his combos when Elder Juen nearly dodged the fourth kick, the fiercer and stranger fifth kick followed behind and he also made effective dodge movements again but out of his expectations, the supposedly dodged kick had twisted its trajectory.

Ssss Sss!

Amidst the snake hiss, Elder Juen couldn’t help but look at the kick which should have grazed him but instead landed on his shoulder fiercely.


A loud hit later, Elder Juen was forced back after being kicked.

After a dozen steps back later, countless blood beads oozed out from the pores of his skin and were fired out like blood arrows.

The elder had turned into a fountain of blood!


Kieran realized the scene in his heart but he wasn’t slow at all charging at the elder.

He knew the elder might look miserable but such repulsion wasn’t fatal, he couldn’t spare the window for the elder to grasp!

With such thoughts in his head, Kieran swung his left kick upwards and a sharp energy wave was fired out at the elder’s neck.

[Blade Kick]!

The sharp energy wave rapidly approached Elder Juen but when it was centimeters away, the sharp energy wave stopped.

Not only the energy wave from [Blade Kick] stopped, the overflowing blood stopped as well.

Everything suddenly came to a standstill state, including Kieran!

He saw the scene before him but before he could react to it, his body suddenly sunk downwards by formless a pull and when he recollected his senses, the night before his eyes had gotten darker. It looked like supernatural darkness yet unable to truly block sights. The darkness filled his surroundings within an instant.

Wails and cries echoed in Kieran’s ears.

Then, a shining dagger appeared out of nowhere. The dagger was shaking slightly as if it was flaunting its sharpness before plunging directly into Kieran’s abdomen.


As the iron edge cut through his flesh and produced the heavy sound, Kieran frowned hard since he was unable to move but he still felt pain on his stomach.

He wasn’t concerned about the stab though as his gaze was locked at the figure faintly appearing from the darkness.