The Devil's Cage Chapter 768

Chapter 768 Prelude Of The Grand Opening

Amidst the blazing flames, the overseer was still struggling on his last breath despite his body being badly burnt and his flesh peeling.

Extreme rank flames and Extreme rank blastwave!

With both Extreme attacks overlaid each other, the triple [Flame Blast II] had inflicted severe damage to the overseer’s body and at that very moment, the overseer clearly caught the scent of death.

“Run! I need to escape this place and stage a come back later!”

The thought bloomed in the overseer’s head and it made him activate his secret spell without a second thought.

Immediately, his severely damaged body started to turn into smoke but the process was unusual and looked slightly distorted.

“Juen! How dare you!” the overseer’s enraged growl came from the smoke.

“Why am I afraid? This body is already mine!” Elder Juen laughed coldly.

The distortion of the smoke turned heavier by the second

When the distortion was at its limit, a face emerged from the smoke and it looked completely like Elder Juen then followed by the overseer.

But compared to Elder Juen, the smokey face of the overseer was very faint as if it would scatter with the slightest of breeze.

“You really want to die?” the overseer continued his enraged growl.

“The one who will die is you, not me!”

Elder Juen glanced over the lightning on Kieran’s devilized hand and gave a malevolent vicious smile on his smokey face.

Then, the cloud of smoke split into two.

One representing the overseer flew towards the devilized Kieran and the other representing Elder Juen flew upwards to the sky like a gale.

“No! You forced me into this! I’ll take you down with me!”

When the overseer saw himself flying closer to Kieran, he shouted out loud and his smokey face became utterly ferocious like never before.

The overseer’s face turned even more blurry after that as if it would scatter away any moment but suddenly, Elder Juen who flew upwards was dragged back and fused together again with the overseer’s smoke.

“Soul burning!?” Where did you find that kind of secret spell!?” Elder Juen cried out in horror.

“Die! Die together!”

The overseer had lost his sanity after his soul was being burnt by Kieran’s flame. The cloud of smoke was only uttering that single phrase throughout the process.

In the end, the overseer had gotten what he wished for.


A clap of thunder sounded from the sky and a lightning bolt as thick as a barrel struck down on its target.

Elder Juen cried out his last scream before being swiftly covered by the bolt of lightning.

The thunder dazzled and lightning flashed, as though it was the God of Thunder’s judgment!

When both of them intertwined, it formed a destructive aura that could wipe out everything.

The two, both elder and overseer, who turned into smoke were completely drowned by the attack, especially Elder Juen.

In fact, the elder died even faster than the overseer. The elder was instantly vanquished when the bolt of lightning with Extreme attack struck it.

[Exploding Thunder Spell] was much stronger against those wicked spells and forbidden tome techniques than Kieran had imagined.

The overseer also followed the fate of Elder Juen, turning into a pile of ash and just like how Kieran called it earlier, he died without a complete body.

Other than a reserved golden item, nothing was left behind from the two.

[Name: Mark of Rival]

[Type: Accessory]

[Rarity: I]

[Attack: None]

[Defense: I]

[Attribute: Rival Deathmatch]

[Able to bring out of dungeon: Yes]

[Remark: A pair of rivals who fought against each other and died together in the end]

[Rival Deathmatch: You can target a specific enemy (Target is not limited to human beings), and you will gain a +1 buff to all attributes within a 1-minute duration together with +1 in all authentications. When you kill the specific rival target, you can increase any skill at will with a +1 buff within 30 seconds (Limited to Legendary rank and lower), once every 3 days]

Kieran picked up the coin-like item.

It was white on one side and black on the other yet shared the same body.

“Rivals eh?” Kieran muttered to himself softly.

Kieran had no questions about the rarity of [Mark of Rival] since both the overseer and Elder Juen had fused into a single monster, the drop should have such a rarity.

Truth be told, based on Kieran’s guess, if he were to rely on his own strength and didn’t summon the griffin to aid him, the drop rarity would have been higher by a rank or two but Kieran didn’t regret it.

He knew how far his strength would go against those two.

Without the griffin’s aid in the battle against the overseer and Elder Juen, the pair of old rivals, Kieran could never achieve what he just did.

Let alone emerging the final victor, he might not even survive the onslaught.

He then walked forth and picked up the [Griffin Medal] had 0 uses remaining as he planned to leave after extending his wings since he didn’t deactivate his devil form.

Devilized Kieran acquired a +4 buff to all his attributes and his Intuition had reached SSS- as well, allowing him to easily listen and see the crowd gathering swiftly from afar.

With his current devilish looks, it wasn’t appropriate for him to be seen by those people.

“Wait!” Anne Aldrich Augen rushed out of the [Protection Barrier] and called out loudly.

“Hmm?” Devilized Kieran turned his head around.

“You’re leaving just like that?” Anne Aldrich Augen asked.

“I suppose it isn’t hard for you to handle the situation at hand right? After all, it is exactly what we expected in the first place,” he answered.

“Not this! But don’t you think you should take responsibility? You are the first guy who entered my body!” Anne Aldrich Augen crossed her arms before her chest and looked up to Kieran who was stunned.

“Stop joking,” Kieran answered. He couldn’t tell whether the lady before him was lying or not.

Her expression seemed so real but when he thought about how skilled and perfect her acting was, Kieran wasn’t certain what he saw before his eyes were real.

“Do I looking I am joking?” Anne Aldrich Augen emphasized her meaning.

Then, before Kieran could reply, she charmingly laughed continuously.

“After becoming the devil, your expression is much cuter than your human face. Look at that surprise and disbelief that made you doubt your life I am really amused! You little bastard, you don’t plan on returning after this, right? Then, I wish you all the best!”

Anne Aldrich Augen laughed and opened her arms at Kieran, wanting a goodbye hug.

But she was slightly burned without a question, even if Kieran had purposely held his fires down.

“Tsk, this part that hurts really has no difference to your human form, it might be even more direct! You were like a porcupine when you were human and now you even burned me with fire with your Devil form!”

“Sigh Now off you go! Otherwise, I can’t continueputting up my act.”

Anne Aldrich Augen stepped back a couple steps and waved at Kieran in his devil form.

Devilized Kieran gazed at the lady who didn’t really say goodbye to him and he stomped his feet up and flapped his wings, vanishing into the night sky swiftly.

Anne Aldrich Augen was left behind staring the night sky and the bright moon.

A series of messy steps sounded from afar right after that.

Police cruisers and fire engines arrived at the scene one after another.

Anne Aldrich Augen rubbed the corners of her eyes and adjusted her emotions quickly, turning herself back into the overly charming lady that everyone knew of and walked over to the crowd.

“What happened? Anne Aldrich Augen! Where’s 2567?”

Teresa who came out from the car yelled at Anne Aldrich Augen angrily.

“Chief Teresa, please address me as mayor. Well, of course, you can also address me as Mayor Anne 2567. Now, send your men to maintain order around here, I don’t wish to see any more casualties and chaos!”

Then, Anne Aldrich Anne 2567 went over to her secretary, she still had some things to settle, it was not just for her own self but for Edland City and also Kieran.

“Trying to ditch me eh? You are taking it too simply!” Anne 2567 muttered to herself as she caressed the scalded skin on her forearm.

While Teresa looked at Anne’s back blankly, it was only a few seconds later that she reacted to what happened.

“Damn it! That bastard! What did you say? What Anne 2567? You little bitch!”

All sorts of vulgar curses exploded from Teresa’s mouth and she rushed towards Anne 2567 right away.

Immediately after, the reporters who came after hearing the news started to take pictures with their phones and cameras as if they were fueled by an adrenaline rush.

Camera flashes shone repeatedly and intertwined with the police lights, it felt like it added a colorful dash to the dark night that was heavily tainted by black ink.

The real story is only beginning!