The Devil's Cage Chapter 771

Chapter 771 Into I

“Pre ‘I’?”

Such tag had appeared behind Kieran’s strongest attribute, Spirit.

Since it was not the first time Kieran encountered the I rank, he had some guesses based on the new information.

“[Wolf Remnant Feast] and [Mark of Rival] were also I rank. The Prairie King who dropped the pendant was a real divine being during his prime. Although Elder Juen and the overseer were slightly weaker, they were also powerhouses of similar ranks without a doubt, which means I rank represents the real level of power that has transcended beyond the mortal realm?”

“If my guess is correct, as long as I keep increasing my Spirit attribute, it will eventually reach I rank as well! The level of I What would it be?”

The thought bloomed in his head and it resulted in immediate action.

If it was his other attributes and considering the long run, Kieran might be hesitant over it but when it involved the Spirit attribute, his strongest one yet, with enough Golden Skill Point, the Spirit attribute would be the priority for him to level up.

[Using Golden Attribute Points]

[Spirit Z+ ZZ- (Pre I)]

[Using Golden Attribute Points]

[Spirit ZZ- ZZ (Pre I)]

[Using Golden Attribute Points]

[Spirit ZZ ZZ+ (New I)]

After using 3 Golden Attribute Points in one go, Kieran clearly saw the changes of the tag behind his Spirit but the one that experienced the biggest change was himself.

Kieran clearly felt his head getting clearer and calmer, some forgotten details had even appeared in his mind. He was even able to clearly “see” his own “energy”!

The chaotic devil’s energy.

The wicked cardinal sins.

The devout Saint Thorns power.

The liveliness of Dawn Force.

Four types of entirely different energies were flowing inside both his hearts in a distinct yet mixed manner. The devil’s energy, cardinal sins, and Saint Thorns were tangling with each other while Dawn Force was interweaving itself between them, forming a strange balance between the three and while in the other heart, Dawn Force had completely occupied it.

Its lively cheers flowed within the organ that belonged to it, slowly and steadily pumping the energy to Kieran’s body thus changing him bit by bit.

Kieran saw the changes yet he couldn’t help but shake his head.

It wasn’t bad but it was too slow for him. If he had enough time, he could have gotten quite powerful by solely relying on such small changes but

He never had such luxuries to begin with.

After sighing softly in his heart, Kieran then turned his attention towards the one “energy” that he had neglected because of its common traits, [Hand-to-hand Combat, Kick Combat]!

The energy swirled around his legs, using its own unique way to form rune after rune in Kieran’s muscles and bones. It was those runes that made Kieran’s legs so powerful and extraordinary and even boosted him to the level which he could attack spirit beings.

Back when Kieran was leveling [Hand-to-Hand Combat], he saw those runes before but it was just in a flash and unlike now which allowed him to capture everything within his sight.

“I see! The transcendence changes of the basic level skills changed the common body into the body of the Magic species! I guess my body really fit [Hand-to-hand Combat] a lot! Compared to [Hand-to-Hand Combat, Kick Combat], the Transcendence [Undercover]’s runes on my body only appeared faintly!”

Kieran has such a guess a while ago and when he managed to get his Spirit into I rank, he finally got a sure answer.

He switched his attention to other parts of his body in hopes of finding other higher than basic skill energy but he didn’t get anything else.

“Not fitting enough? No, I think it’s my Spirit attribute that too low to spot them.” Kieran shook his head.

However, Kieran didn’t use any Golden Attribute Points further and although he has 5 more left, he wasn’t sure whether the 5 Golden Attribute Points was enough to enhance his Spirit attribute to a new rank.

With the appearance of I rank, Kieran was already clear enough that his attributes from now onwards would have a new way in rating them.

The original ranks would be more suitable to check the next stage of leveling and would no longer be absolute in the power ranking.

“The ranks have gotten more details, which means the further I go on, the harder to increase the ranks?”

Kieran thought in his heart but he wasn’t baffled by any depressed emotions because he had prepared or his.

Quantitative changes will incite qualitative changes.

The more Kieran reached the late game, the more quantity he would require.

It was an undeniable fact and if Kieran were to be depressed or hesitant against such definite difficulties, Kieran wouldn’t be Kieran anymore.

Kieran took a deep breath from the bottom of his heart and gave a smile to Lawless and Starbeck who were looking at him with doubtful and anxious gazes.

Compared to the inner changes when Kieran’s Spirit attributed reached I rank, the changes on the outside were much more obvious.

Although it was just a slight moment, it was enough to deeply alarm Lawless and Starbeck.

A moment ago, both of them saw the fierce changes of a myriad of troops, the rumbling magma that flowed like a river, the black enormous beast that went rampant and also a lonely figure standing silently under a small path between light and darkness, staring at the changes of day and night.

When all of the scenes merged together, the aura from Kieran completely exceeded their expectations.

Lawless felt a tough feeling before his chest, making his breathing difficult, while Starbeck had it even harder. If it wasn’t for Lawless holding him, he would have fallen on the floor.

Truth be told, Lawless was also wobbling and if the powerful aura didn’t just flashover, he would be in no better a state than Starbeck.

So, when Lawless saw Kieran throw a smile at him, he instinctively asked, “Just now…Uhh Do you want to celebrate it at Harvest Inn?”

The moment Lawless uttered his question, he realized something was inappropriate, so he altered it to an invitation to Kieran.

“Of course!”

Kieran didn’t reject because he had something he had to ask the female owner of the inn, face to face.

So, the two of them turned their gaze to Starbeck.

“Wanna come along?” Kieran asked.

“Mm!” Starbeck nodded after hesitating for a moment.

The mimosa plant knew his actions would send him into unknown dangers.

If his parents outside the game knew about this, it would be another strict and harsh scolding waiting for him but while facing Kieran and Lawless, Starbeck automatically felt like he wanted to approach the two of them because he enjoyed how the two of them interacted and admired the mutual respect they had for each other.

Starbeck wasn’t an idiot, he could clearly pick up the hard shift of topic from Lawless just now, hence the respect.

“So, what are we waiting for? Let’s go!” Lawless cheered out loud and became the first to push the door outside. Starbeck then followed behind.

While Kieran who regained all his original equipment and items placed everything he had acquired from the limit break dungeon and the things he wanted to sell into [Crimson Ghost Stomach] before leaving his garage.

The moment he stepped out of his room, the warm sun above the big city’s sky made Kieran squint his eyes in pleasure. Lawless and Starbeck beside him also shared the same expression.

Then, the three of them opened their eyes, exchanging a simple gaze before laughing out together without helping it.

“The weather is so nice!” Starbeck exclaimed.

At that very moment, the last bit of hesitation inside his heart had completely vanished.