The Devil's Cage Chapter 777

Chapter 777 Enter. Changes

Lawless quickly left when Rachel started to question him but in the following hours, Kieran’s PM tab was flooded with messages non-stop.

A quick glance over the messages and noticed they were all “blames” from Lawless, Kieran didn’t care much about it and replied a “Wine on me” to quiet everything down.

Kieran laughed softly before turning his attention to the Points and Skill Points tab.

[Points: 101,000; Skill Points: 15; Golden Skill Points: 0; Golden Attribute Point: 5]

Through selling his equipment and his honor kills, Kieran’s points had swiftly returned to 100K and more together with 15 Skill Points.

Although Golden Skill Points were still at 0, the existing points would be enough for Kieran to level up some basic skills.

Naturally, Kieran turned his attention to the two new special skills.

[Sharp Weapon, Dual Wield Heavy Arms (Basic)] and [Sharp Weapon, Special Heavy Arms (Basic)]

As for what the choice would be, it was obvious.

[Sharp Weapon, Dual Wield Heavy Arms]!

Otherwise, Kieran wouldn’t have sold [Calga’s Crush].

[Sharp Weapon, Dual Wield Heavy Arms, Basic to Grand Master, cost 80,000 Points, 10 Skill Points. Yes/No?]

[Name: Sharp Weapon, Dual Wield Heavy Arms (Grand Master)]

[Related Attributes: Strength, Agility, Constitution]

[Skill Type: Offense]

[Effect: You know how to wield two heavy arms together, Stamina consumption +110%, Agility -2.0]

[Special Effect: Agility Compensation (Through relentless training over the years, you’ve compensated yourself with more speed and nimbleness, when dual wielding heavy arms, Agility +0.6)]

[Consume: Stamina]

[Prerequisite: Sharp Weapon, Heavy Arms (Pro)]

[Remark: Fiercer attacks will consume more stamina]

After leveling up [Sharp Weapon, Dual Wield Heavy Arms] to its limit that didn’t require any Golden Skill Points, Kieran was feeling the process of the knowledge transfer and synchronization.

Kieran instinctively moved his arms and when he grabbed [Arrogant Word] and [Elmerius Sword] in both hands, he swung them around fiercely.

While the two greatswords may look huge, extravagant, and completely unusable from other people’s perspective, Kieran wielded both of them like normal longswords.

Not only fast but fierce as well!

Wung! Wung! Wung!

It sounded like the howling of the north wind during winter as two greatswords were swung around in the broken garage, whipping up a violent wind.

Dust was swirled up and the books Kieran placed aside were fluttering non-stop.


After a flurry of swings, the two greatswords came to a sudden halt.

A sudden pleasant buzz came from the greatsword’s body, causing Kieran to nod his head in satisfaction.

Although dual wielding might seem to drag down Kieran’s Agility, the technique of wielding two heavy arms at once made his attack even more powerful and fierce.

Even though he wouldn’t consider his technique to have the ability to double the attack power of two greatswords, at least he was confident in dealing with battles while dual wielding.

It was enough for Kieran, at least for now.

Then he turned his gaze to [Sharp Weapon, Special Heavy Arms].

After slight pondering, he decided to level it up as well.

Since he couldn’t predict what kinds of situations he would encounter in the future, it was always right to pay attention in every aspect and despite doing so increasing his costs and burdens, it was better than being unable to cope with a situation, hence losing his life.

[Sharp Weapon, Special Heavy Arms, Basic to Master, cost 15,000 Points, 3 Skill Points. Yes/No?]

[Name: Sharp Weapon, Special Heavy Arms (Master)]

[Related Attributes: Strength, Agility, Constitution]

[Skill Type: Offence]

[Effect: You know how to use special heavy arms such as a Morningstar mace in battle, increase destructive power by 30%]

[Special Effect: Extra Enhance ( +1 Strength when wielding special heavy arms)]

[Consume: Stamina]

[Prerequisite: Sharp Weapon, Heavy Arms (Entry)]

[Remark: You only know the basics of welding!]

Being different than the common [Sharp Weapon, Heavy Arms], [Sharp Weapon, Special Heavy Arms] didn’t provide the Master option but instead, it increased the buff to Strength.

“Going after a single attribute to its limits?”

Kieran couldn’t hold back his comment as he recalled the feeling with he wielded the Morningstar mace.

The methods may look similar to Mayer’s choices but it was destined not to be Kieran’s. Kieran would at most use it for emergencies.

He then turned his eyes back to his points tab.

[Points: 6000; Skill Points: 2; Golden Skill Points: 0; Golden Attribute Points: 5]

Considering the possible usage of the [Fantos Manuscript], Kieran decided to save the remaining points.

Then he finally turned his attention to the special dungeon, [Primordial Invasion II]

Compared to other special dungeons, it was a special one indeed for Kieran because the last time he left the dungeon, he had laid down some arrangements.

“I hope everything is fine…”

Kieran muttered to himself before arranging the information regarding [Primordial Invasion II]

Until the single player dungeon cooldown reset, Kieran didn’t step out of his game room at all.

Throughout the period, Lawless had invited Kieran for drinks countless times and even requested to pay a visit but Kieran rejected all of it.

He perfectly knew how nagging his friend could be at times, so when the cooldown was reset and everything was prepared, Kieran went in.

[Entering Single Player Special Dungeon!]

[Difficulty: Fifth Dungeon]

[Primordial Invasion II: Benefiting from your reminder, Herbert is currently under the surveillance of the government, pretending he has amnesia. He is waiting patiently for your return! And because of your reminder, something was brewing in the darkness, enemies hiding in the deep are always watching]

[Main Mission: Open or destroy the Emperor’s Legacy in 60 days, 0/60]

[Temporary language pack, Disappears upon exiting the dungeon.]

[Clothing, backpack, weapons, and other items remain unchanged, Temporarily altered appearance, Returns to normal upon exiting the dungeon]

[Detected firearms and grenades not matching dungeon’s time period, firepower decreased by 50%, handgun reloading speed +1 second, sniper reloading speed +30 seconds]

[Note: This is a special mission and because you have achieved I rank, you cannot fail the main mission. Once you fail the main mission, you will fail the game!]

“Failing the main mission means failing the game?”

Kieran frowned when he saw the note at the bottom.

Though he soon recovered from it because before he entered the dungeon, he had guesses about the changes that might occur following him advancing to the Advance Rank but he never thought the changes would be so drastic.

What does failing the game means?


There won’t be spare grounds to deduct points and attributes but more directive punishment.

Huuu! Huuu!

Kieran swiftly took in multiple breaths before facing the threat of death. After cooling himself down rapidly, he started to size up where he was.