The Devil's Cage Chapter 782

Chapter 782 Boom With The Head

That’s right, reinforcements!

Kieran didn’t only just notice some elite soldiers on the streets that he shuttled before, he’d even located a few more hiding deeper from sight.

Although those individuals had techniques to conceal their figures, they didn’t possess the techniques to conceal their malicious gazes.

Even when Kieran was in battle, he felt prickles on his back when the malicious gazes swept over him.

Kieran grabbed the unconscious middle-aged man slapping him twice and headed outside the door.

Harold, Joanna, and Pierre looked at each other with confused looks before following quickly.

When Kieran pushed open the door of the main hall, the trio suddenly realized there were three more men standing in the garden without their knowledge.

The men wore the same soldier uniforms but slightly different. Their outfits were pure black!

Not only their uniforms but the shoulder straps, buttons and etc, everything was black.

It made one frown hard with just a look at them, plus the cool and dullish expression on the three men’s faces were very unsettling.


The leader among the three coldly grunted at the middle-aged man who Kieran was holding in his hand.

The one behind the leader quickly drew a pistol from his waist and fired a shot at the middle-aged man.


The man’s movement was sudden and exceptionally fast yet his shot missed the target.

As though Kieran had predicted this, he took a step aside a moment before the shot was fired.

The iron pellet grazed the middle-aged man’s ear and sunk into the dirt beside.

The middle-aged man felt the burning sensation on his ears and his body couldn’t help but shiver.

“Don’t kill me! I didn’t spill anything!” The middle-aged man cried out repeatedly.

The scene made the man who fired the shot frown hard. He drew out a second gun and fired again with no hesitation.


This time, the man utilized a certain technique in the shot.

The trajectory of the iron pellet should have been straight but instead, it arched suddenly.

Still, he missed his target, again.

Kieran easily dodged the second gun with the middle-aged man in his hand.

It wasn’t any dodging technique though, just a pure combination of SS+ Intuition and SS- Agility but the scene that everyone else saw didn’t perceive it as such.

“Bullets Perception?!” The term escaped Pierre’s mouth.

Harold and Joanna were further astonished beyond words.

The two youngsters didn’t know what it was but the pursuers knew.

“Bullets Perception? So you are one of those monsters eh?”

The leader of the pursuers gave a disgusting look on his cool face, and the other two behind him wanted to attack again with the least courtesy but Kieran was faster!

Kieran certainly wasn’t Mr. Nice Guy who would stay still after being provoked.

If he didn’t wish to gain more information and understand the situation, Kieran wouldn’t even spare the chance for the three pursuers to talk but following the relentless attacks, it changed Kieran’s mind of trying to capture all of them alive.

The red ruby light swirled high from [Half-dead’s Gaze] and [Deadman’s Gaze] was activated.

The two pursuers raised their hand and wanted to fire but when their eyes saw Kieran’s gaze, their sight was tainted with black.

The black was even darker than the night they were in.

The two of them sized up the new surroundings in a daze but before both of them could react, they’d noticed ghosts springing out from the darkness one after another.

When the two of them saw the faces of the ghosts, they trembled in fear.

It was very familiar! Too familiar to be exact!

All of the ghosts that rose before them were the ones they killed with their own hands!

The cool expression on their faces was instantly smeared with fear.

Instinctively, they tried to repel the ghosts with methods they had learned before but it was useless.

The ghosts didn’t feel obstructed at all and threw themselves on to the two pursuers, starting to chew on their flesh.


A sharp cry causing goosebumps came from the two pursuers, then

Bang Bang!

Two loud bangs later, the heads of the two exploded just like that, as if they were hit by bullets.

The two headless bodies plunged to the ground, the air with the bloody stench grew stagnate right away.

The leader of the pursuers couldn’t keep his cool expression anymore.

Horrified, unbelievable fear!

From the leader of the pursuer’s point of view, Kieran only looked at his men with a single glance and their heads exploded just like that.

He had never seen something like this before.

Other than the leader of the pursuers, Harold, Joanna, and Pierre also quivered when they saw the scene.

It was unbelievable! None of them could understand the scene before their eyes!

Harold’s mouth was opened up like a fish on land, opening, and closing, yet he couldn’t utter a single word.

Joanna was stunned for a while but soon her eyes were filled with gazes of unrecognized admiration.

As for Pierre, the old scholar’s butler and ex-mercenary, he mumbled repeatedly.

“The legendary lineage! The legendary lineage!”

The three of them had different thoughts.

The leader of the pursuer didn’t want to stay any longer, he turned around to make a run for it but the moment the man turned around, he was stunned completely.

Kieran appeared before him silently and was still holding the unconscious middle-aged man.


The leader of the pursuers stuttered hard due to fear.

Kieran looked at his terrified face and delivered a direct punch on his stomach.

Kieran, of course, wouldn’t explain the scene just now, it wasn’t entirely his own power but the power of the ring [Half-Dead’s Gaze].

Truth be told, Kieran felt a slight astonishment too about the ring that completely relied on its wearer’s Spirit to deliver its powers.

He knew as his Spirit has entered Advance Rank, using [Deadman’s Gaze] as a starter and followed by [Fear Illusions], the process would surely change but he never would have thought the mental impact delivered could directly explode one’s head.

Kieran conveniently grabbed the collar of the pursuers’ leader who was panting hard because of the pain in his stomach and turned to Harold.

“Do we still have another hiding place?” Kieran asked.

Gunshots and agonizing screams spread far in the night. A moment later, the place would be filled with soldiers.

“Yes! We have a few hideouts!” Harold answered immediately.

Then, the three of them moved out right away while Kieran grabbed the collar of the pursuer’s leader up, raising the man up to his eye level.

At the next moment, [Mesly Ring] was giving out an unusual shine.

The struggling man was instantly tamed with a gaze.

When the [Dominate] effect was in play, the leader showed his respect and compliance to Kieran with utmost efforts.

“Rayhart at your service!” The leader straightened his body and gave a military salutation.

The middle-aged man who had just woken up from his unconsciousness heard the phrase first.

He unconsciously thought he was still out cold and everything he felt was a dream but following Rayhart’s honest answers to Kieran’s questions, the middle-aged man quickly made clear of his mind.

“My lord! My lord! I know where Sir Herbert is!” The man cried out repeatedly.