The Devil's Cage Chapter 783

Chapter 783 Something's Wrong


Kieran looked at the middle-aged man, while his gaze had a sense of surprise.

Although it was Kieran’s initial plan to get more information from him, he never thought the man would know Herbert’s location.

One needed to know, Kieran didn’t even get Herbert’s information from the pursuer’s leader, Rayhart, that was under his control and it’s obvious that Rayhart had a higher rank than the man.

“If I talk, can you spare my life?” The blinded man crawled on the floor pitifully begging for his life.

“Fine.” Kieran nodded. He didn’t mind the condition the man stated though because the greatest value from the man was the information he knew and it would be much more valuable than his petty life.

“I trust your words and also please uphold your promise! Sir Herbert is in the Carlhart military camp! I accidentally got the news from the conversation between his lordship and the secretary. That lord is Rayhart’s direct superior, the captain of the special operation, Carlhart!”

The man reminded Kieran a bit before spilling out everything he knew.

Then, he lowered his head without further struggling as if he had accepted his fate but the expected death didn’t happen.

There weren’t further questions from Kieran or he being locked up, neither was there the merciless fallout because of the broken promise.

When a series of footsteps sounded from the outside, the man only noticed Kieran and co. were long gone.

All of a sudden, the man crawling on the floor jumped up.

“Here! I’m right over here!”

His voice attracted the attention of the soldiers and even attracted some extra personnel as well.

The extra personnel were wearing the same black uniform like Rayhart and shared the cool expression as well.

If it wasn’t for their different facial features, they were exactly like models printed from the same mold, especially their ruthless means.


After an exactly same comment, a gunshot was fired.

Without Kieran’s intentional protection, the middle-aged man was shot in between his eyes and fell to the ground.

“Search the area!”

The one who fired the shot didn’t even glance at the dead body when he waved his hand at the others as if he had committed an insignificant matter of killing the man.

Right away, everyone who heard the command moved out.

The area around instantly plunged into hubbub and panicked state, yet despite all the efforts, the soldiers got nothing.

“Expand the search area!”

Another command sounded and the entire wealthy district was livened up.

The influential figures who was already awoken by the gunshots further raised their voices of discontent by the search.

Each of the soldiers who carried out the search was threatened but every one of them was unmoved by such threats and carried out their orders.

They didn’t even mind resolving the matter with violence, though it wouldn’t be firing a gunshot but smacking the wealthy people down with the buttstock was possible.

Influential figures were smacked to the ground one after another, it made the noise of resistance smaller and smaller and eventually vanishing without a trace.

Though the rage and grudge in the people’s eyes had gotten denser.

Kieran who saw everything from the shadows quietly turned around and headed to the slums.

Inside a shelter somewhere in the slums, filthy water filled the whole place.

Pelby the bodyguard who was once dominated by Kieran was opening the door with a dark face and shabby clothes.

“My lord!”

Pelby instantly bowed down when Kieran entered the room.

After seeing how Pelby applied makeup to his face, Kieran had once again gained a more direct perception of [Mesly Ring]’s power. Originally, he thought the phrase, “After you leave the dungeon world, the target will continue living in his own way”, was that after he left, the dominated targets will live their lives in a reasonable manner.

However, to Kieran’s surprise, the so-called “living in his own way” would lean towards his favor.

The easiest example was Pelby in front of him. Kieran once gave the order to “protect the convoy” and Pelby carried it out continuously and when he failed, he too continued to protect the people within the convoy as his priority.

While praising the power of the [Mesly Ring], Kieran nodded at Pelby and saw him walk beside the corner of the house, standing side-by-side with the new Rayhart.

Kieran then turned his eyes at Harold, Joanna, and Cohen.

Cohen was still unconscious and Pierre was on guard outside.

Harold and Joanna were looking at Rayhart with a doubtful and anxious gaze.

Both of them weren’t that forgetful to forget who Rayhart was after a while.

Rayhart was the leader of the pursuers from before but now he was standing on their side.

No, to be more precise, Rayhart was complying to Kieran’s orders.

“Is he one of the spies that you arranged beforehand?” Harold asked after hesitating for a while.

“Nope, it’s just one of my powers.” Kieran shook his head and said.

He didn’t go into details about the [Mesly Ring] nor further the explanations because somethings were not explainable.

So, Kieran directly shifted the topic, “I know where Herbert is.”

“Really?!” The two youngsters stood up in excitement.

“Yup. He should be in Carlhart’s military camp. I need you both to gather up everyone else and after I’ve rescued Herbert, we will leave Langdon at once.” Kieran nodded and said.

“Okay, I’ll go contact everyone else!” Harold quickly moved out.

Joanna was taking care of the unconscious Cohen while looking at Kieran who was leaning back on the wall with one side of her face.

Unconsciously, the young lady recalled the “less than pleasant” conversation again.

Once she thought about the phrase “If you want to die, don’t burden others!”, Joanna’s eyes couldn’t help but look odd.

It was rage!

Initially, it was real rage she felt but when she truly calmed down, she realized she was being scared after the event.

It was the fear when she faced death!

While having a heart of gratitude and feeling grateful toward her savior, Joanna indeed had other feelings for Kieran too, especially how Kieran utilized his special means to communicate with her, it allowed Joanna to discover something different about him.

Kieran seemed young but powerful in terms of strength.

He was cool and calm but never an arrogant person.

He didn’t only keep his promise but also never feared danger.

As she recalled the images of Kieran in her mind, Joanna’s curiosity towards Kieran was unconsciously raised.

She was curious why would Kieran have such a character and power.

Though, looking at Kieran who obviously in deep thought, the young lady didn’t disturb him, instead, she quietly looked at him, seeing how Kieran frowned.

“Is he thinking about how to rescue teacher? Carlhart military camp The place where Langdon strongest soldiers were born, even 2567 felt it was a difficult situation to handle right? Otherwise, why would he frown?” The young lady wondered.

Though, Joanna’s guesses and the thoughts running through Kieran’s mind at the moment were polar opposites.

Kieran sat down and was recalling every scene that happened since his return to the dungeon, his brows automatically furrowed together as he went on.

In his heart, a single voice was repeating the same phrase, over and over again.

“Something’s wrong!”

“Something’s wrong!!”

“Something’s wrong!!!”