The Devil's Cage Chapter 784

Chapter 784 Intentional

Everything was more reasonable than it ought to be!

No, it was not reasonable but intentional!

Kieran took a deep breath and the gears in his mind were spinning rapidly.

“Since my return to this dungeon, I was ambushed immediately and the soldiers that appeared shows that the enemies had grasped my whereabouts. Likewise, the enemies also have quite the understanding about my powers and yet given the circumstances, they still sent out a single group of soldiers. Even though the soldiers were elites to commoners but to me, they are very lacking and the enemies couldn’t have not known this. This is the first suspicion point.”

“Secondly, Cohen who was being escorted. It might seem to purposely lure out Harold and Pierre but according to when it actually occurred… the timing fits my leaving from the hotel after being ambushed and even if I didn’t head to the station I would have noticed the unusual occurrence, since the battle location and the hotel weren’t that far away.”

“Third, the location where someone as important as Herbert was escorted to, would it just casually slip through some random conversation? It seems like the particular someone purposely allowed the middle-aged man to know and wanted him to deliver the location Carlhart Military Camp to me.”

“So, only then the middle-aged man was tasked to escort Cohen. From the beginning to the end, the enemies wanted me to know about Carlhart Military Camp in a reasonable and natural way but it is too intentional!”

Kieran was recalling the scenes and reordering the sequence to everything that he had just been through.

The middle-aged man was killed off without hesitation and the soldiers didn’t even care about the wealthy and famous people in Herl City, smacking them down violently.

Kieran didn’t believe the soldiers had the guts to offend the wealthy people without a particular someone’s order.

“Carlhart Military Camp?” Kieran muttered the name in his heart before turning his head to Joanna.

Joanna was startled by Kieran’s sudden turn and she too turned away looking slightly panic, pretending to check on Cohen’s injuries.

“Joanna, do you know anything about Carlhart Military Camp?”

Kieran didn’t care about the young lady’s unusual behavior since his curiosity was pointed towards the military camp.

A particular someone went through so much effort just to inform him of their location, there must be something that surpassed the common there. Whether was it a trap or others.

Then, the young lady’s words proved Kieran right.

The place where Langdon strongest soldiers were born!

There were over ten thousand men who trained there annually but only a dozen to a maximum of a hundred that graduated.

A special military camp that housed the official and private militias of the country!

Kieran had gotten such information from Joanna but it wasn’t sufficient.

There was still some key information that he lacked.

Kieran then naturally turned to Rayhart.

“Rayhart, did you graduate from Carlhart?” Kieran asked.

“No, sir! I’ve only received eight weeks of training there but was disqualified because my results are less than ideal.” Rayhart shook his head and answered honestly.

Even when Rayhart was being controlled, his face was smeared with shameful expression but he couldn’t conceal them before Kieran.

[Dominate]’s power was enough to make Rayhart die for Kieran, let alone a bit of shameful experience.

“What kind of levels would one require to graduate there? Or should I say, what kind of level can be considered as great?” Kieran continued.

Various ranks and grades existed anywhere, anytime, and Kieran believed even the alleged Carlhart Military Camp’s graduates were no exception.

“The graduates there are chosen from the beginning! The rest including myself are the so-called participants there, even if we completed the twenty-one weeks of training, we don’t have the qualifications to graduate. There are some decent ones among the graduates but we’ve never seen them before.” Rayhart spilled everything honestly.

“The graduates are chosen from the beginning then what is so special about those graduates?” Kieran sharp senses noticed something.

“Yes, sir! Those graduates are labeled as potential Nobles and Carlhart Military Camp is the place to transform them into the real Nobles!” Rayhart nodded.

“Nobles? Neegor Dynasty?” Kieran raised a brow.

“Yes, sir!” Rayhart nodded again.

“This is interesting! An official training camp of Langdon was established specifically for the Mutants How long has this training camp been established?”

Kieran muttered to himself before asking again.

“It existed a long time ago, but transforming graduates to Nobles started around three years back,” Rayhart answered.

“Three years which means there are at least a hundred of Mutants out there? That would form a formidable force with powerful battle capabilities,” Kieran muttered to himself.

There were differences in strength between the Mutants.

The stronger ones were like Morzork, Thaad, Benz, and Edgar.

Though the weaker ones were only slightly stronger than a normal human and they were no match for the slightly stronger Nights.

So, those decent graduates, what kind of level would they be?

Of course, it wasn’t the main point here.

The main point was, why would the enemies want to inform Kieran about the Carlhart Military Camp in such a sneaky way?

If the enemies really wanted to use Herbert to set a trap for him, there were many other direct and simple ways to do it, it wasn’t necessary for them to make such extensive effort.


The enemies behind wanted to pick a war between Kieran and Carlhart Military Camp.

Herbert might not even be there!

Everything was a scheme that specifically targeted at him and the Carlhart Military Camp!

The enemies wanted to profit from the conflict!

“If that’s the case”

Kieran squinted his eyes, turning on his gaze sharp and brewed his overflowing coldness.

No one liked to be used, Kieran was no exception either.

So he planned to teach them a lesson.

The fire in the fireplace was growing more vigorous as firewood was added into it, the room was instantly filled with warmth.

A ragged blanket was used to seal off the wooden walls, not only blocking the light leaking outside but also kept the warmth a little longer in the room.

Lander, Joanna’s parents, and several more family bodyguards who had just rushed here from other places were relieved in a pleasant way after they entered the room.

When the few of them saw Kieran beside the fireplace, their expressions turned relaxed.

Everyone recognized Kieran’s strength and with such an existence around them at desperate times, it was something to be grateful for.

“Sir 2567, you are finally back! I’ve never been as desperate to see you as I am right now!”

Lander, Harold’s father greeted Kieran with half a joking manner.

“Trust me, I hoped to see you as well, especially after what just happened,” Kieran replied to Lander with a smile.

“Are we saving Herbert? Don’t worry, I’ll give it my best!” Lander was being direct.

“No, no! I need you to write a letter, starting from your point of view after being forced by some Langdon high rankings and described in detail how miserable your current condition is. The more miserable, the better! Best if you can write with a story of tears and blood.”

Kieran shook his head and stated his request.

Lander was instantly stunned, he never thought Kieran would’ve requested such favor from him.