The Devil's Cage Chapter 785

Chapter 785 Mix

In the morning, the servants were sending the doctor out.

Smithton who was leaning on the couch after finishing his treatment was still feeling the hidden pain from his shoulder.

The rage in his heart burned like a raging fire. He couldn’t imagine that he could receive such treatment from the soldiers.

“Some bloody soldiers dared beat me! That bastard rascal! Damn it!”

When he thought about the rageful act, Smithton smacked the arm of his sofa but immediately he gasped heavily because his enraged actions seemed to have hurt his injuries.

“‘Your bones fractured! You’ll need to rest quietly to recuperate for a while and in order not to leave any sequelae behind, it would be best to let the servants take care of you the first few days.'”

The doctor’s reminder echoed in Smithton ears.

Immediately, Smithton gasped heavily and rushed as if fuel was added to a burning fire.

“Damn it! Damn it! DAMN IT! I will make him pay for what he did! I. eh?!”

As Smithton was growling loudly, he stood up and prepared himself to do something but suddenly he noticed there was a letter on the tea table beside the sofa that appeared unknowingly.

Smithton curiously picked up the letter.

The letter wasn’t named but inside the letter was familiar handwriting, filling the paper full of words.

When he read through the content of the letters, Smithton couldn’t help but widen his eyes, beads of sweats even appeared on his forehead.

Then, he stared straight at the address written at the end of the letter and his face looked conflicted.

Not only Smithton though, a lot more shared the same expression as well, including Lander who wrote the letter.

“Will this work? This plan?”

Harold was tapping his feet anxiously in the room, he then turned to Kieran and asked again.

“Sure it will.” Kieran gave the same answer.

“We are wanted because of Professor Herbert and they know it, there are not stupid though, I think it’s hard for us to gain their support,” Harold expressed his own opinion.

“We are wanted because of Herbert, that’s right but it is just what people saw on the outside. In fact, we are all wanted because someone is eyeing your father’s wealth! And, it is not only your father, everyone in Herl City who shares similar levels of wealth to your father are being watched. The act of violence last night was just a despicable attempt, any resistance would be sanctioned with the harshest of punishments, then they would nibble up their wealth step by step. If they don’t want to end up like your father, they must stand united,” Kieran said slowly.

“What if someone uses other ways to resist? Once there isn’t any reaction, our efforts will be wasted,” Harold said in a worrisome tone.

“Believe me, Harold, they won’t. Even if they really wanted to at first but after reading your father’s letter, most of them won’t. All humans fear death. Even if some of them do not fear death, they will only prove to others that what your father wrote was correct with their actions.”

“The guy who wanted to lure me to the Carlhart Military Camp is definitely not someone merciful. If they wanted to carry out the plans smoothly, he will surely destroy those who dare resist with lightning fast methods,” Kieran explained without any changes to his tone.

After realizing someone was trying to fish for profit between him and the military camp, Kieran had thought about the idea of using the guy’s arrangements to gain himself some allies.

Who would be more fitting than the wealthy people who were beaten and smacked to the ground last night?

They harbored resentment and possessed abilities to take revenge.

By giving them a sense of danger, these wealthy people would spring up in unison.

Kieran understood their mental state clearly, similar to the time where he had gotten his first piece of cake, he kept it away carefully, being afraid that someone else would try to take a bite at the cake.

During that particular time, he would assume anyone he saw was there to steal his cake, he was even alarmed against the kindest headmaster!

Maybe it was a little inappropriate to use the cake as an analogy but there wasn’t really much of a difference

The cake of the wealthy and the poor were the same, no one would allow others to touch them.


Harold wanted to add something but Lander was already beside him, tapping his son’s shoulder softly as he pointed outside the window.

Harold moved his head towards the half-opened window and saw a figure outside.

Even after the disguise, Harold could tell it with a single glimpse the figure was Smithton, one of his father’s best friends.

“He really came!?” Harold cried out in surprise.

Lander smiled when he saw his son’s surprised expression.

He understood how his son would grow after this incident. In fact, when Kieran explained his plan, Lander thought it was very doable, it had a very high chance of succeeding because Lander knew the others very well.

He perfectly knew how the others would react after being put through such harsh treatment.

So, after Kieran revealed his plan, Lander went along with it with full cooperation, though he didn’t think the outcome would be effective like this.

“Look there, behind Smithton, there are a few more who followed him! Seems like things are progressing smoother than we thought!” Lander pointed out to his son.

Then, Lander turned to Kieran, his eyes had admiration that he couldn’t conceal.

The plan has succeeded without a doubt!

Lander was at a loss for words on how to describe the young man who was similar of age to his son yet possessed inhuman strength together with a decent level of wisdom.

“Is he a genius?” Lander thought in his heart.

“It’s up to you now,” Kieran said to Lander when he noticed the gaze.

“Of course! Leave it to me!” Lander smiled.

“Sir, someone is here because of the incident last night”

“Send them away! Everything now should be about prioritizing the plan first!”

A soldier in uniform presented his report after entering his superior’s office but before he could finish, he was interrupted by the one inside the office.

The officer sitting in the chair shared the cool face like Rayhart and his way of carrying out matters was also identical.

“Remember, anyone who blocks the way, kill without mercy!” The officer said coldly.

“Yes, sir!” The soldier saluted before running out of the office.

Then, a large group of soldiers started to move out.

The seed of chaos was growing within Herl City.

The nervous tension was spreading at exceptional speed throughout the city.

A lot more concerned parties were like scared little animals, starting to look for shelter everywhere and shelters would form according to people’s needs.

Though, none of that mattered to Kieran for the time being.

When Lander signaled him that the first phase of the plan was complete, Kieran then headed towards the Carlhart Military Camp with Rayhart leading the way.

In order to carry out the plan smoothly, Kieran would at least need to put up a show and going to Carlhart was also part of the plan.