The Devil's Cage Chapter 786

Chapter 786 Grilled Fish And Lemon Slice

Carlhart Military Camp, it was a camp in name but actually, it had already developed into a town of quite some scale.

There were thick walls surrounding the town, a commercial street that filled with shops and other than a forbidden area in the middle that granted no access to the soldiers, the other places really looked no different than other towns in Langdon that Kieran knew off, even some other towns weren’t as flourishing as Carlhart.

Why though?

Kieran saw squad after squad of patrols that looked like soldiers and police, he instantly knew what was going on.

Since Kieran stepped into the Carlhart Military Camp, he didn’t see any gang members similar to other towns, let alone the local rascals.

Everything was very peaceful.

Kieran eventually used that term to describe the Carlhart that he saw.

It seemed like the Mutants were running this town with delicate measures but

How much of the town was real? How much of it was false?

Or was everything Kieran saw nothing but a performance?

Kieran couldn’t tell since he had just arrived at the place.

“Sir, the rooms were reserved!” Rayhart said as he walked out of the hotel.

“Mm.” Kieran nodded and went in.

The hotel was Rayhart’s recommendation.

It wasn’t luxurious by any means but it was clean, tidy, and most importantly the cooking maiden had superb culinary skills.

Inside a small suite that was mainly white, one side of the half-round windows were opened up, allowing the sun to shine through, making the floor look radiating and enchanting.

The speckles of dust were tumbling and jumping under the light, the faint scent of lemon made the tumbling scene a little more cheerful and light-hearted.

Kieran picked up the perfectly cut lemon slice and carefully squeezed it over the grilled fish in front of him, allowing all the sour juices to simmer into the meat.

The fork in his hand skillfully moved from the fish back and as he exerted his strength, a small slice of fish meat slid off smoothly.

Kieran didn’t put the meat directly in his mouth but he took the plate from aside which was filled with a dipping sauce made up of honey, white vinegar, rosemary, and coarse salt.

The honey has the biggest portion in the dip followed by white vinegar, rosemary, and eventually the coarse salt as if it was just to embellish the dip.

Though, only after dipping the fish into the sauce would one realize the freshness of the rosemary and the importance of the coarse salt. Between the sweet and sour, the salt acted as the balance and after the freshness was elevated, the lemon juice that was mixed with the fish didn’t only just remove the fishiness of the meat but also brought the softness of the meat to its maximum.

Kieran was eating with the utmost pleasure, especially after the cooking maiden served some home cooked desserts, Kieran’s smile on his face widened.

The desserts weren’t something sophisticated but they didn’t spare the ingredients in making it.

Milk, eggs, butter, everything was sufficient. Plus the effort spent on decorations really made it a pleasant after meal dessert.

Kieran picked up the cup of tea and slowly gulped it down his throat. After he had washed away the complex texture of the fish, only then did he start to taste the desserts.

Kieran’s attention felt like it was placed completely on the desserts as his mouth was giving away clear crunches while his nasal voice spoke of satisfaction and praise.

As if he didn’t even notice there was another person that appeared outside the window.

The sun was blocked out without his knowledge as the black shadow stood outside the window of the second floor in mid-air.

In fact, the black shadow had appeared 30 seconds ago yet he kept quiet, but after he saw Kieran picked up another piece of dessert, his patience ran out.

However, the figure didn’t speak any actual words, he gave a series of cold laughs before raising his left hand, revealing the unconscious Rayhart that he grabbed like a little chick.

The figure’s less-than-youthful face saw Kieran still wasn’t moved by his action, so he immediately showed sneering and mocking expression.


The wind appeared! It blew gently and slowly, caressing Kieran’s skin and face as it slowly circulated around Kieran.

When a soft breeze caressed one’s face, it should be a pleasant feeling yet this one was concealing killing intent behind it.

The malicious intent was like a rising tide, beating at Kieran with the force of strong waves.

Even the Spirit authentications appeared twice in his vision but still, Kieran looked like he didn’t feel anything, he gobbled down the desserts and drank another gulp of tea before turning his eyes at the figure.

At that moment, the dining table and chairs in front Kieran had suffered thousands of cuts, especially the tablecloth which turned into threads, as though everything was sliced by knives.

“2567? You”

“Will obey me!”

Before the figure finished his words, Kieran interrupted with his sonorous voice and directive manner.

It made Kieran look extremely savage and unreasonable.

The man’s face twitched a little. Rage was brewing in his heart and just when he was prepared to show Kieran how fierce he was, he suddenly noticed Kieran was slightly different as he was sitting in his spot.

Kieran’s face and outfit didn’t change but he seemed a lot bigger! Even if he was just sitting there.

A mountain peak?

No, no mountain peak in the world was comparable to Kieran’s size in the man’s eyes.

What about the sea?

The widest sea was also no equal to Kieran’s mighty figure!

Especially when the men looked into Kieran’s eyes again, he thought he saw the sun!

In its splendor, the man felt like he saw a towering palace among the summit and clouds.

He saw a man kneeling down and praying to the divine statue inside the palace

Wasn’t that statue Kieran? And wasn’t the man, him?

As if a bolt of lightly struck his mind, he floated in through the window and laid Rayhart on the floor as he kneeled down to a kowtow.

“My lord!” the man struck his forehead on the floor and called out loudly.


All the other Mutants who saw this scene backed off in succession as though their minds exploded.

“A Royal!?”

“Royal Lineage!?”

“The heir to Neegor Dynasty?!”


Countless voices sounded from a certain corner within the military camp.

Some were surprised, some were hesitant and some, felt fear!

Countless Mutants acted differently because they saw the scene.

While Kieran acted like he didn’t feel anything, he ordered the Mutant named Retsu to wake Rayhart up before giving him further orders. “The food here is really not bad, let the maiden make me another meal. Oh right, and change the tables, chairs and the tablecloths as well.”

“Yes, my lord!” Retsu answered immediately.

At the same time, he gave Rayhart an apologetic gaze and Rayhart replied him with an aggrieved glare.

Of course, it wasn’t because Retsu knocked him out before but because Retsu had beaten him to answer Kieran’s order, making him feel like he neglected his duty.

It was unforgivable for Rayhart though. So, he quickly ran out of the suite room and moved in new tables and chairs and set up the new tablecloth.

The Mutants that didn’t move their gaze saw the scene and every one of them gasped coldly.

The secret legend started to come afloat in their minds.

The fear in their hearts became denser, likewise, other kinds of emotions followed as well.