The Devil's Cage Chapter 787

Chapter 787 Pathfinding Pawn

The feeling of being watched vanished from Kieran’s heart.

Kieran wasn’t really bothered by it though.

He didn’t conceal his identity when he entered Carlhart, so it was natural that the Mutants noticed him.

If the Mutant who meticulously ran Carlhart didn’t even notice him in such circumstances, Kieran would have to re-evaluate the real goal of the person behind the scene who tried to provoke him into fighting the Mutants.

Fortunately, such things didn’t happen and everything was unfolding according to his expectations.

Through the sharp eyes of the Fire Raven, Kieran clearly saw the slight changes in the center of Carlhart; after many more armed men appeared, a wagon left the center and headed straight to the hotel that he was staying.

“Rayhart, go welcome our guest!” Kieran ordered.

When Rayhart left, Kieran squinted his eyes. He knew he would have to depend on his “performance” to determine whether the upcoming plans could work.

It wasn’t an easy task for Kieran though because he had never encountered such a character before, he didn’t even have a figure to imitate or take reference from.

He had to act as Royalty! The Royalty of the vanished dynasty, Neegor!

“Proud? Or reserved? Or should I maintain my pride?”

Thoughts appeared after one another in Kieran’s mind but were rejected one by one.

In the end, when Kieran saw Retsu, his squinted eyes shone brightly.

That’s right! He didn’t know how a Royal from a dynasty that had gotten replaced would behave or pose but he knew how the Emperor who pushed the dynasty to its peak would behave and act!

With Herbert’s explanation and Kieran’s own research and readings, he was very familiar with that Emperor. The scene just now where he presented himself as an unreasonable person in order to hasten the meeting suddenly coincided naturally with the bits and pieces of that Emperor.

Kieran started to adjust his emotions as deep down inside his heart, he was making up his mind. The cardinal sins instantly became eager for action but this time around, Kieran didn’t overly suppress them.

Truth be told, since he understood the meaning of “better dredge than block”, Kieran had sufficient experience in allowing himself to succumb to the power of Eye of Chimera and Devil’s Heart.

A small amount of wicked aura appeared on Kieran and instantly, his face had the most direct changes. The wickedly charming and arrogant aura turned the barely handsome face into a breathtaking sight.

Especially his eyes! They were lit up with layers of colorful brilliance and anyone would easily avoid directly staring into his eyes.

The first one who saw the changes on Kieran was Retsu who had just been dominated.

Retsu, who originally showed utmost reverence for Kieran because of [Mesly Ring, Dominate], directly kneeled down with one knee, even when Rayhart brought the guest in, Retsu didn’t stand up. Rayhart even joined him in kneeling down.

When Rayhart kneeled down without any hesitation, Eander who followed Rayhart to the room felt his back sweating.

Eander, the lobbyist who had quite a high reputation within Carlhart became very unsettled as he saw Kieran sitting there. He was also a Mutant but because of his bloodline problem, he wasn’t the strongest one but still enjoyed an outstanding position within the camp.

Not only because Eander could talk but also because of his ability to inspect other Mutants.

Regardless of how a Mutant concealed himself, he could not escape Eander’s senses.

The reason Eander came to Kieran was that “someone” had objections about Kieran’s “identity”, but Eander eagerly wanted to spit on those who objected at that particular moment.

Although before he departed, Eander had his own doubts and worries, at that moment in his senses, other than the mighty majestic aura of Royalty that made him kneel, there was nothing else.

Kieran was a Royal without question, an extremely powerful one!

The last bit of doubts was discarded from Eander’s mind.

“Your Highness!” Eander performed an ancient salutation from the Neegor Dynasty respectfully.

“Hmph!” Kieran pretended to be indignant with a cold grunt.

The wicked aura from his body had grown denser more than once.

Eander’s senses were very subtle but it didn’t escape Kieran’s Intuition.

Kieran knew what Eander was trying to achieve without even thinking, so he was ready to seize his target and vent his thoughts.

Before Kieran arrived at the Carlhart Military camp, he had thought about all the possible aspects, including the matter about his “identity”.

Though, Kieran was quite confident, not only because of the conversation between Benz and Edgar but also because of Eye of Chimera!

The shards of the artifact that was closely related to the Neegor Dynasty was inside his body, perfectly fused up with his heart. It was sufficient for him to mix the spurious with the genuine.

After all, from the bits and pieces of Edgar’s words and Herbert’s explanation, Kieran knew the Eye of Chimera was almost the symbol of the Emperor of Neegor Dynasty in a certain period.

If the Neegor Dynasty had just collapsed, he wouldn’t dare risk it, but now?

Neegor Dynasty has been gone for over 1,500 years!

All that remained of the legendary dynasty were bits and pieces, even some of the secretive forces wouldn’t know as much, even the so-called “bloodline inheritors” as well!

Just look at Eander’s reaction!

After sensing the overwhelming power of Kieran’s aura, Eander immediately mimicked Retsu and Rayhart, kneeling down with one knee and saying humbly, “Please forgive my impoliteness, Your Highness! I do not possess any disrespect for you but because of a certain matter, we are forced to be vigilant”

“Enough, where is Herbert?”

Kieran was looking impatient when he waved his hand, as though he didn’t want to listen to Eander’s explanation and only wanted to ask the things that interest him.

Helpless and unreasonable! But Eander didn’t feel any displeasure because he knew from his own intel, all the Royals behaved like that.

Everything the Royals did honored the Emperor, including learning the Emperor’s character and temper.

“Herbert? The scholar who studied our history?” Eander dared not hesitate as he pressed the question with more details.

“Yes, where is he?” Kieran’s tone sounded more and more impatient.

“He isn’t here! You Please spare me, Your Highness! I didn’t lie to you! Herbert really isn’t here!”

Eander replied but as he opened his mouth, he quickly noticed a ball of fire was burning on Kieran’s hand. The scorching flames were filled with a sulphuric smell, the signs were telling Eander the ball of fire was uncommon but the most horrific thing was the chaotic and rampant aura.

He felt like he saw the burning hell and Kieran was sitting on the throne in hell, judging him with the ability to determine whether he lived or died!

Those secret rumors and legends that Eander heard since he was young immediately came afloat in his heart. Without further hesitation, his switched his kneeling to both knees, Eander then crawled on the floor, crying out loud, “I swear I didn’t lie to you! I swear! I swear on my own bloodline!”

A series of vows came out from Eander’s mouth.

“But someone told me that Herbert was here!”

Kieran lowered his head and looked down at Eander, spilling each and every word precisely.

“Who is it! Please let me know! The others and I will prove that the person is lying!”

Eander lifted his head and cried out in an indignant manner.