The Devil's Cage Chapter 788

Chapter 788 Unusual Look

“Who? Well, it’s a middle-aged officer in Herl City.” Kieran replied like that.

“Please inform me of his name, I shall bring the men forth to confront him!” Eander said with his ever indignant mood.

“Are you sure you want to confront him?” Kieran showed a ridicule smile on his face.

Right away, Eander shivered from the bottom of his heart.

“No…No need then! Your Highness, please wait! I’m just a pitiful messenger, not the person-in-charge of the camp Please allow me to pass the message to the highest authority within Carlhart!” Eander said with a frightened tone after he understood what Kieran meant.

“One chance! I’ll give you that much! If”

Kieran prolonged his tone and Eander quickly expressed his gratitude with a sob, saying, “I very much appreciate the chance! Thank you for your mercy!”

Kieran then killed off the ball of devil’s flame on his hand and shooed Eander away.

Eander left instantly as though he was being pardoned.

Though he didn’t stand up and leave but crawled backward slowly until he left the room. Only then did the messenger dare to stand up.

He wiped the sweat away from his forehead and swiftly boarded the wagon outside the hotel. He then ordered the wagoner to quickly return as his facial expression instantly turned heavy.

Eander knew it was that “guy”, who started to grow restless again.

The wagon smoothly returned to the core location of Carlhart. It was a practice field as big as a soccer field with a three-story building and an independent hall.

The wagon stopped in front of the hall as Eander walked in with quick steps.

Right now, the hall that could fit five to six hundred men only had 10 Mutants sitting around, it looked extremely spacious and quiet.

Eander’s footsteps then echoed in the hall and when he stopped, the 10 other Mutants threw their questioning gaze at him.

“That is a real Royal!” Eander said.

Instantly, the faces of the 10 Mutants underwent different changes.

Some were relieved, some were nervous. One of them asked directly, “Then why is His Highness here? What is his purpose?”

“Herbert! That human scholar that has been studying our history. Our old rivals purposely leaked the information and lured His Highness here, hoping that we Eh!”

Before Eander finished talking, the Mutants present already knew what was going on.

After all, since they took over Carlhart Military Camp, both sides had been fighting using both open and secretive means.

“Damn it!”

“That bastard!”


Similar words of cursing sounded repeatedly.


A fairly low voice sounded.

Following the voice, the cursing in the hall ceased and all the other Mutants threw their gazes at the Mutant sitting right in the middle.

He was an extremely strong Mutant with a body of tightened muscles that was full of scars.

Although he was sitting, his height was even taller than a common man, especially his breathing, it sounded like a clap of thunder with every breath he took.

“Carlhart, what should we do?” One of the Mutant asked.

Carlhart, the name that the member every generation that possessed the highest authority the camp would choose. After the Mutants took over, they preserved the traditions as well.

It wasn’t any respectful means but it was only just a mere promise made in the beginning.

“Prepare a feast to welcome His Highness!” Carlhart said.

Right away, half of the Mutants showed joy on their face, only two to three were left with worries.

The remaining one or two didn’t show any expression at all as if the matter didn’t even concern them.

“Carlhart, don’t forget the promise we made with the high ranks of Langdon before! We are different than Edgar’s bunch.” One of the Mutants reminded.

“Mm. We are different but it doesn’t mean others will think so. Send our men to bring the images of His Highness from the Record Crystal to that bastard. He will know what mistakes he has committed. How dare he provoke a real Royal!”

Carlhart nodded and didn’t refute his comrade’s word but likewise, he didn’t want to change his mind.

There were only slight alterations but not all of the Mutants present could accept it.

“Carlhart, I suggest we don’t proceed like this! That Highness’s temper is less than pleasant, if you do, you will only get on his bad side!” Eander said.

“Which Highness ever has a good temper before? Yet didn’t we here at Carlhart survive until now? Temper will be suppressed by strength and now, what we need is a place for us to live on and grow. Don’t forget that the dynasty is gone,” Carlhart said slowly.

His words caused changes on the other Mutants’ face but none of them dared to add any more because it was a fact.

They too need to live and multiply, thus the decision to reach an accord with the high ranks of Langdon: taking over the military camp to train the most elite soldiers in Langdon in order to exchange for precious resources.

Mutants might look like humans from the outside but both were entirely different.

The so-called live and multiply wasn’t something simple like sufficient food and a good environment for them to live. In order to prevent and overcome their stages of exhaustion, they needed a ton of resources and it definitely wasn’t something mere manpower could solve.

“What about Herbert? Rumor has it the scholar has grasped the location of His Majesty the Emperor’s Legacy.” One of the Mutant suddenly spoke.

The hall plunged into silence for a while. All the Mutants present revealed the shine of greed from their eyes, including Carlhart.

But soon enough, Carlhart kept away his own greed.

“In order to gain His Majesty Emperor’s Legacy, one must have the bloodline of a Royal and it is definitely not something that we can take part in!” Carlhart then stood up and headed back after he finished.

Leaving only Eander standing on his spot with his facial expression changing non-stop.

He clearly felt the unusual looks on the high-ranked Mutants when Carlhart uttered his last words.

Although they concealed it very well, they couldn’t fool Eander’s eyes and senses.

He was clear what were the high ranked Mutants were plotting and after all, it was quite rare for them to encounter a lonesome Royal but

It was also rare to encounter such a powerful one as well!

“Maybe I should do something!”

As Eander’s heart was turning towards a certain thought, he turned around and left the hall.

The day quickly faded and night arrived as promised.

However, it was destined that that particular night in the Carlhart Military Camp would be different.

A group of riders with waving banners and flags donning full military outfits was split up in two lines.

They arrived in front of the hotel’s door in an absolute organized pace.

A bright red carpet was laid down early on and a couple of decent looking maidens were following behind Eander as they walked into the hotel.