The Devil's Cage Chapter 793

Chapter 793 The Fated Battle

“Yeah, it is been a while!” Kieran answered.

Then, he noticed Contly was looking at him with an unusual gaze.

It was a curious yet angry gaze with a slight sense of reverence.

When Contly caught Kieran’s gaze, the self-proclaimed bounty hunter but actually the new generation of guardian of Isogu City grunted before turning away.

“Eat! Eat!”

Becker the big guy was stuffing the desserts on the tray into his mouth, muttering in an unclear voice.

“Lady Contly, can you bring Becker to find more food? This little bit will not be enough to satisfy him,” The elderly scholar said.

“Very well, Sir Herbert.” Contly nodded respectfully and led the big guy outside.

Using food as temptation, the big guy left without the slightest complaint.

After that, the reception parlor was left with two people.

Kieran and Herbert.

“You are a Royal? That is really surprising!” Herbert said.

“To be honest, when I found out my own identity, it felt surprised as well.”

Kieran shrugged and the wicked aura on him swiftly faded away, returning to his normal self.

The cardinal sins were not pleased by Kieran’s suppression but after Kieran’s Spirit attribute reached the Advance Ranks, they were pressed down without the slightest resistance.

“Still, it felt more comfortable with your old self. Your manner just now was too scary, Contly was obviously frightened. Did I mention there are only a few things in this world that could frighten Contly and event in Carderweld’s place, she showed off quite a heroic manner, causing much trouble for the man.” Herbert gave a kind laugh.

“Can you tell me in detail what actually happened?” Kieran asked.

“Of course! After your battle with Edgar and you temporary left with your injuries, everything then unfolded just as you expected, the Langdon military appeared and they’ve always known of the existence of the Night and Mutant races. Other than that, they had a quite close relationship with both races, just like this Carlhart Military Camp.”

“But human hearts are hardly satisfied with what they have. While the military acquired powerful soldiers, some individuals within hoped to get more “assets” and Carderweld was one of the representatives. He thinks he should control everything, not only the Nights and Mutants but also the Emperor’s Legacy!”

“While I am the pawn piece that sees this through and maybe the most unexpected one. Since you’ve joined me, not only you’ve taken out Bartos, but also Benz, Morzorc and Edgar, the Nights and Mutants that Carderweld felt that could hold him back. So after that, he thought this was the chance and he would not hide anymore.” Up to that point, the elderly scholar smiled bitterly.

No one was willing to be a pawn, Herbert was no exception. Especially when this pawn could have been “controlled” anytime.

As the elderly scholar spoke, his finger was writing on the tea table, spelling “I’ve been forced to drink down some poison and my body has been implanted with a listening device.”

Kieran saw the writings and nodded.

He had seen this coming a mile ago, so he said, “But Carderweld neglected me!”

“Neglected? I don’t dare to neglect a Royal!”

Carderweld who was sitting on a sofa with both his hands laying on top of each other on a crutch spoke softly.

Carderweld was no longer in his youth or prime, his white hair and wrinkled eye corners plus his slightly bloated body pointed at the signs of his age.

Though everyone within the tent dared not neglect the elder, even though Carderweld was smiling all the time.

“My lord, shall we initiate the contingency plan?” One of his aide asked.

“Contingency plan? Do you think a piece of Aimida Flower could move Carlhart? It will only be fiercer with 2567 and what we need to do is to watch them, let them fight while we reap the benefits from the conflict Understand?”

Carderweld said as he straightened his body to go through the information regarding Kieran.

It was the latest information that came in this afternoon, it included what Kieran was eating while he stayed in the hotel, everything was precisely recorded.

The more Carderweld flipped through the pages, the more he frowned.

A powerful opponent wasn’t scary but this opponent was not only powerful but vigilant as well.

Fortunately, there was still Carlhart to tangle with such a powerful existence, sparing Carderweld the direct confrontation at the moment.

Then, a series of footsteps disrupted Carderweld’s thinking.

He lifted his head up in a slightly displeasing manner and saw the messenger aide who he sent forth ran in.

The aide’s uniform had dirt stains and most of it was ripped apart. His face had cuts as well, leaving bloody stains over his face.

“The Royal’s temper isn’t that good I see?” Carderweld said with a smile.

When he sent his own aide to deliver the message to Kieran, Carderweld had expected what his aide might encounter, he even had the preparations to recruit another aide to fill the spot in the adviser group.

“My lord, Carlhart is dead!” The aide said with a pale face.

In fact, the aide has been bleached white the whole time when he knew the news and the details of Carlhart’s death.

“WHAT?! Tell me everything you know, right now!”

Carderweld stood up from the sofa right away, yelling.

The aide immediately spilled all the information he had gotten honestly.

Everyone within the tent suffered multiple expression changes as they listened to the story.

“He didn’t make a move himself! All the Royal did was summon his beast spirits to kill Carlhart!”

Carderweld’s face was still as water.

Following the recon soldiers who brought back affirmative news, Carderweld didn’t hesitate anymore and gave a direct order, “Return to the old base! Right now!”

When the emphasized order was given, the groups of soldiers who were hiding around a dozen kilometers away from Carlhart Military Camp swiftly made their move.

There wasn’t a single pause throughout the process and all of them started to move towards a single direction after confirmation.

Inside a specialized wagon, Carderweld took out a wooden carved ring from his hidden pocket.

He softly rubbed the markings on the ring and when he triggered the key point of the markings, the wooden ring swiftly burned up and was burnt to cinders within a breath’s time.

Looking at the last piece of ash falling down, Carderweld’s face was reflecting his heartache.

He thought he wouldn’t have to use that power again for the rest of his life but now

“2567! 2567!” Carderweld muttered heavily.

Though right of the bat, a sudden thought struck his mind and he quickly laughed by taking pleasure in the misfortune.

The fated battle would be very anticipating.