The Devil's Cage Chapter 800

Chapter 800 Flag Of Darkness

The boiling [Lionheart] was emanating a loud buzz.

The golden lion’s mirage leaped out suddenly.

It was very different than its lazy self, waking up from its slumbering older look, now the golden lion was not only fiercely mighty but looked very real.

It shook its body, waving its golden mane and let out a heavy, mighty roar at the Carlhart Military Camp’s direction.

Right away, the enhanced notifications spammed Kieran’s vision like a reverse waterfall.

[Detected corresponding energy, Lionheart, King’s Trait temporary conversion enhanced!]

[King’s Step initiated]

[Insufficient energy, King’s Praise not yet initiated]

[Insufficient energy, King’s Dignity not yet initiated]

[Insufficient energy, King’s Fury not yet initiated]

[Insufficient energy, King’s Slaughter note yet initiated]

“Temporary conversion enhanced?”

“King’s Step!”

Shaken by [Lionheart]’s new changes, Kieran was captivated by the new attribute that popped up in the medallion, looking through the description, Kieran activated it without a second thought.

Right away, the golden lion transformed into a ball of golden light, engulfing Kieran.

Then the ball of golden light vanished into the night together with the sprinting Night Owl.

Carlhart Military Camp.

The battle was still going on.

After the rhyme-like poem or a war song was chanted, the fierce onslaught of the attackers was beaten back once again by the Mutants using firearms and their own unique abilities.

Looking at the defeated soldiers and listening to the ever loudening chants, Naiyer who was commanding the attack finally lost his patience.

“Bring forth the panzer!”

Naiyer with the extremely bloated body and meaty face ordered loudly.

“Yes, sir!” One of the aides bowed to Naiyer’s command and ran outside.

A moment later, the ground started to tremble lightly.

Amidst the roaring of the steam engine, a panzer made up of the sturdiest wood and iron with the size of over 20 four-wheeled horse wagons lined up together and had the height of 10 meters entered the battlefield.

“What is that?” Eander looked with frightened eyes at the never before seen panzer.

His gaze then immediately turned sluggish.

On top of the panzer, fire cannons were extended out of the firing slot one after another, aiming down at the defensive structure of the camp in an overwhelming manner.




The blaze on the cannon tower flashed non-stop, iron pellets landed on the Mutant’s defensive structures one after another.

Still, it wasn’t the end. After the cannons were retracted, many more thick pipes replaced them in the firing slots, spraying fire at the heavily bombarded defensive structures.

The defenseless Mutants suffered severe damage within an instant by the continuous onslaught.

“Retreat! Retreat!”

“Assault team! On me!”

Eander yelled and lead the elite Mutants beside him, dashing out of the defensive line.

He knew if he allowed the monstrous mobile cannon tower to continue forth, they wouldn’t last much longer.

They must destroy that thing!

With the thoughts in their mind, Eander and the assault team laid down a fierce attack on the panzer.

There were countless flintlock pistols firing and also the blazing attack from their bloodline powers but

None of them were of any use!

The iron pellets from their pistols couldn’t even scratch the armor of the panzer. The blazing fire that should have burnt it to ash was quickly extinguished after coming in contact with the armor as well.

On the contrary, the panzer’s counterattack put Eander and his assault team into a difficult situation. Not only were the blazing flames from the pipes on top was a threat, but the lower section had flintlock rifles extended out from the opening also!

Bang Bang Bang!

The concentrated iron pellets poured down on them like a storm.

One-third of the assault team was instantly shot to the ground, dying a bloody death.

Eander growled angrily but it was useless.

The second wave of attack from the panzer was ready. Eander and the rest of the assault team were forced back to the defensive line.

While feeling the trembles from the bombardment, Eander glanced through all the faces of the assault team. He spotted unwillingness, depression and even despair!

Eander was panting heavily as he was surrounded by all sorts of negative emotions. He looked like a wounded beast licking its wounds, trying to store up its energy again.

The moral of the assault team around Eander were all low.

Before this onslaught started, the Mutants who were chosen for the assault team felt it was a recognition of their strength.

If the enemies were common soldiers, even fully armed, each of them was confident in killing at least 10 on their own or more.

However, they were rendered useless before the mobile cannon tower.

The sturdy and strong exterior armor that obviously went through special treatment plus the tiny rifle opening robbed their ways around it.

The only visible weak point of the mobile tower was the firing slot of the cannons but the 10-meter height and the non-stop blazing fiery hell was hard for them to even get near.

Dak Dak Dak Dak!

The rapidly approaching footsteps lifted Eander’s head.

He saw the few remaining high-rank Mutants of the camp that shared his own “rank” appear before him.

They were different from the disordered Mutants, they didn’t suffer a single scratch, their bodies were clean from top to bottom and their face looked like they were casually walking around their backyard.

“Eander! This bullsh*t of yours should end now! Now let us take over Carlhart Camp!” The leader of the Mutants said without any courtesy.

“You bastards taking over? A bunch of cowards that fled to the underground defensive structure right after the fight started talking about taking over to me? You guys really speak too lightly of surrendering!”

Eander’s cold laughs exposed their real purpose.

The assault team members were shocked for a while and their eyes at the bunch of Mutants started to turn hostile.

“Surrender? No, no, no! It’s another team up! Working even more closely than before when Carlhart was alive That lord has given me a promise! Of course, you don’t need to promise me anything, I am just here to notify you,” The Mutant leader said.

His words ignited the raging fire in the assault team’s heart. They almost died from the onslaught, many more comrades had fallen on the battlefield and they wanted to exchange all of that for a truce?!


One of the assault team members wanted to curse angrily but the moment he opened his mouth, he fell to the ground. Not only him but the rest of the assault team including Eander fell as well.

More importantly, many more force field barriers on the defensive structure vanished at that moment too.

“You bastard! Are you not afraid of being punished by his Highness when he’s back?” Eander stared angrily at the leader after realizing what just happened.

“His Highness? How can a childish boy deserve such a title? Besides, he might have died at the castle.”

The leader laughed without being concerned and picked up a flintlock rifle beside him, hung a white flag on top, raised it up over his head and slowly walked out of the defensive line.

“Don’t shoot! Lord Naiyer, we’ve come forth with the sincerity of working together!” The leader yelled loudly.

The bombarding cannons on the battlefield paused for a while, only the loud chants from the hall behind the leader sounded.

The few traitor Mutants who raised the white flag high were very eye-catching under the loud chants.




The remaining Mutants and humans behind the defensive line saw the scene and each of them started to voice out their anger.

Whether was it Mutants or humans, none of them could accept the betrayal.

Though the few high-rank Mutants that betrayed them didn’t feel any pain or itch from the scolding. Each of them walked forth with heads up and wide steps, bloated with pride as they walked towards where Naiyer was.

“You guys are really slow!” Naiyer said without courtesy when he saw the few Mutants walking towards him.

“As long as we don’t delay his lordship’s matter, all will be well,” The Mutant who held the white flag smiled and said.

“Mmm!” Naiyer nodded without commenting further, then his brows suddenly furrowed.

He looked in the direction where the hall was and shouted loudly, “This is really annoying! What era are we in now, why are they still believing all those bullsh*t? If that’s the case, I’ll grant your idiotic wishes! Cannoneers, target that hall and blast it to bits!”

Amidst his shouts, Naiyer’s face turned vicious.

The several Mutants stood beside and watched as though the situation didn’t matter to them at all.

The cannons on the panzer were being adjusted swiftly, targeting the hall in front of it.

All of the injured and survivors in the hall saw that scene, they started to chant the rhyme with even louder voices, as if their chants were their counterattack.

“Idiots!” Naiyer laughed while sneering.

He raised his hand up, ready to give the firing order but a sudden blinding golden radiance exploded before their eyes.

The Mutants and human’s eyes automatically turned to the blinding radiance.

They saw a black red-eyed warhorse dash out from the shadows and saw the feather mantle of the rider on the horseback waving like a war flag under the night wind.

They also saw a giant monster crawling out from the void and saw the blazing Devil Flame burning hot on the rider’s hand.