The Devil's Cage Chapter 801

Chapter 801 Can You Walk?

The scarlet red devil flame was fired through his hand, falling on the panzer like a meteor strike.


The fireball filled with devil energy exploded upon contact.

The armor that could easily resist common flintlock rifles and ignore Mutant’s fire was destroyed to bits with the explosion.

The soldiers inside the panzer couldn’t even utter an agonizing cry before turning into ash, the entire panzer even collapsed with a single blow.

Looking at the destroyed panzer, Naiyer and the few traitorous Mutants finally woke up.

Each of their faces was pale and their eyes filled with shock.


“Impossible! How is this possible?!”

The Mutant who held the white flag high with his prideful manner started to utter words that didn’t sound coherent.

The other Mutants around him were trembling in fear and shivering non-stop.

Since they were young, the thing that was instilled into their mind as legends and absurdity turned out to be real, the shock that followed was more than what they could imagine.

Especially when they were standing right in front of it, the fear could instantly devour them.

Naiyer was shivering also. As a hybrid of a Mutant and a human, he too knew the legends of the Emperor because he too sang the rhyme before but he didn’t think it was real.

He even mocked and sneered at the other Mutants and hybrids that embraced that ridiculous thought.

But now

When he saw the figure on the black red-eyed warhorse, Naiyer shivered uncontrollably.

It was obvious that he felt a clear sense of killing intent but he didn’t want to die.

He had many more ambitious dreams that he hadn’t yet realized, how could he die just like that?

No! I will not die like this! The one who will die is you!

The thought sprung up in his mind, his face muscles were twitching as he yelled loudly “Fire! Fire at that man!”

His roar spread far in the battlefield but no reaction was given.

Naiyer raised his head up in shock.

He suddenly realized the monster that climbed out of the void was giving out an unusual wicked aura.

[Creature of Desire II]!

Lust, Greed, Gluttony, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, and Pride!

The wicked aura poured down like a waterfall from the sky, splashing down hard into the soldiers’ hearts beneath it.

No matter how strong the will of the soldiers was, they started to lose themselves under the heavy impact.

They were like puppets with strings attached or zombies without consciousness, their hearts were filled with their deepest desires as they started to scold their comrades beside them.

“Why is your post higher than mine?”

“Why do I have to listen to your commands?”

“Why did I get the least spoils of war from last time?”

“It’s you! You!”

“It’s you people who blocked my path for promotion!’

Amidst the vicious scolding, their rage and grudges accumulated endlessly.

Especially those hybrids who had the bloodline of the Mutants, they pulled their pistols and swords out directly and struck down one of their own.

The soldiers who were attacked didn’t sit back quietly either.

Right away, the entire battlefield plunged into chaos, Naiyer could only stare blankly at the situation.

Then, he realized out of panic that he too seemed to have been affected. The most terrifying thing was, the other Mutants who were shivering a moment ago started to show malicious intent against him.

“Damn it! Snap out of it you bastards!”

As Naiyer scolded, he made a move first.

He knew deeply how terrifying the King Beast was and once affected, it would mean his demise.


Amid the roar comparable to a fierce beast’s, Naiyer’s bloated body started to expand rapidly like an expanding balloon.

He rapidly grew twice his size, sharp teeth sprung out of his mouth and sharp horns grew out of his forehead, even his skin turned bluish green.

If Naiyer was ugly before, now he was hideous. His twisted facial features were clamped together on his big face, looking like an abomination but its strength multiplied a few times and was still growing.

Bang Bang Bang!

It slammed its fists on the ground, crushing those affected Mutants into meat paste.

The blood of his fellow Mutants stimulated Naiyer’s bloodline power.

Not only did it allow it to break free from Creature of Desire’s influence, but it also made it stronger.

Lines of veins and muscles started to pop up under its bluish-green skin, its huge body started to grow again!

The second growth made Naiyer’s height as tall as the destroyed panzer on the battlefield.

10 meters!

Naiyer looked like a giant with a gigantic body, its body also had surging power from its unusual growth. When he saw Kieran charging at it, it realized how tiny Kieran was.


It roared and Naiyer too threw himself at Kieran.

Dong, Dong, Dong, Dong!

Its gigantic body shook the ground with each step, its movement even whipped up a violent wind that roared past the Mutants and humans behind the defensive line.

However, none of the Mutants and humans were affected.

They kneeled down with one knee, maintaining their posture when Kieran appeared.

They chanted so loud that the rhyme was carved into their bones and intonations branded into their souls.

They believed Kieran was the one that they were waiting for.

His Majesty, The Emperor!

Paralyzed by the poison, Eander was the one who believed it the most.

He fell into a trance when he saw Kieran on horseback and the Creature of Desire from the void. It felt like he had returned to the era where the land was conquered by the Neegor Dynasty.

“Your Majesty!” Eander muttered softly.

Although he was muttering it softly, the assault team members heard what he said clearly.

None of them felt it was inappropriate or unnecessary because they too thought as so.

So right away, they followed.

“Your Majesty!” The assault team member called out loudly.

Their call instantly infected the other Mutants and humans around the defensive line and they too felt the needs to chant the name.

“Your Majesty!”

“Your Majesty!”

“Your Majesty!”

Countless voices converged into one, flooding into all direction like the tide.

At that moment, Kieran and Naiyer were closing in on each other.

Naiyer lifted his fist, as big as a millstone, for a punch.

Huuhaa! Huuhaa!

Naiyer breathed heavily, he wanted to gather all the strength of this body into his fist, smashing Kieran like how he did with a couple of Mutants before.


Naiyer launched his punch after the charge up, the tremendous wind that followed blew Kieran’s coat and caused it to flutter loudly.

Kieran lifted his head slightly and both of them exchanged a gaze.


A loud bang later, Naiyer’s head exploded directly.

The calls from the crowd paused for a moment but exploded once more in a never before heard louder voice after that.

“Your Majesty!”

“Your Majesty!”

“Your Majesty!”

The calls were no longer the tides that flooded all direction but a tidal wave! It almost broke the sky as they chanted the name.

“Let’s go!”

A certain someone in the shadow turned away and wanted to leave when he saw the scene.

But did he?

At the very next moment, the sharp neigh of the warhorse sounded behind the mysterious figure.