The Devil's Cage Chapter 802

Chapter 802 Zakar Krely

After a sharp horse neigh, what followed was a burning explosion.

The devil energy-filled flame transformed into a 4 meter tall, half meter wide blazing fire pillar that burst out from the ground, directly engulfing several of the Mutants and humans who were watching the battlefield from the shadows.

Other than the leader, all the other Mutants and humans were turned into charred corpses by the devil flame without even being able to scream in terror.

Although the leader dodged the center of the blast point, he didn’t end up well either as he was caught in the shockwave.

The continuous fire kept burning and grew even fiercer, burning his skin and flesh regardless of how hard he tumbled on the ground, it just wouldn’t go out.

It was really one of the most painful experiences when the flesh was being burned while one was alive and certainly one of the hardest things to endure for a living being.


The leader kept rolling on the floor while his mouth was screaming in agony.

Kieran who rode the Night Owl turned a deaf ear to the scream.

Showing mercy to his enemies? Kieran didn’t possess such an empathic heart. Besides, the enemy before his eyes was far more than that.

Kieran turned his attention to a shadowy spot close by.

His sharp eyes pierced through the obstructing shadow and shook the hearts of the Mutants and humans who were hiding within.

They suddenly saw a monster climbing out from the abyss!

The monster had the disguise of a human, it was getting more and more vicious.

When the monster showed its smile, its half human half beast face was as scary as a bloodthirsty demon, producing a sharp screech that sounded irritating and heart-clenching.

Then, they suddenly realized the monster appeared in front of their face, grabbing their palms and started to chew on them.

No matter how they struggled, it was useless. All they could do was watch their flesh and blood being ripped away, their bones being sucked on.

The chilling coldness was still spreading from their beating heart to every inch of their bodies.

Their bodies started to stiffen, their brains became completely useless under the mental impact.

The smell of death was assaulting their faces.

Amid a series of heavy noises, none of the Mutants and humans were able to escape the [Fear Illusions] from [Deadman’s Gaze].


These goons were not the ones Kieran was after.

He was looking for the one who plotted the battle before his eyes and the real culprit who had snatched Herbert away.

Kieran was quite certain the culprit was near.

The culprit went through that much effort to lure him away using the fake Herbert and right after Kieran’s absence, the culprit launched an onslaught on Carlhart Camp.

The urgency had proven it all.

So, where was the culprit?

Kieran scanned the entire battlefield with slightly furrowed brows.

Even with SS+ Intuition, searching for an unknown character in the messy battle was quite a difficult task even for Kieran.

Many malicious and hostile gazes kept disturbing his senses but fortunately, Kieran was not alone.

The Creature of Desire stretched its odd body once again, following Kieran in scanning the battlefield with thousands of evil eyes.

Fire Raven soared up high in the sky, locating suspicious traces on the ground.

Soon enough, Kieran relied on both of them and located his target.


The Night Owl gave out a long neigh, transforming into the night gale, sprinting towards the direction Kieran ordered.

Meanwhile inside Carlhart Military Camp central area.

Zakar Krely was helping the unconscious Herbert up and moved quickly towards the hall with the wounded.

From the looks of it, Zakar Krely was no different than the other wounded Mutants around him.

He too was chanting “Your Majesty” and had victorious joy on his face.

Even though many others walked past him, no one noticed anything unusual.

Only when one could sense the existence of his emotions, the rage and envy that he hid in his heart would be clear.

Everything! All of this should be his! Not the bastard that came out from nowhere in the middle of the process!

“Soon, soon I will take back everything that is mine!”

While the thought kept tumbling in his heart, Zakar Krely helped Herbert into the hall of the wounded and quietly went into a secret corridor.

The corridor lead to the rooms of the several Mutants in-charged of Carlhart Camp.

It was heavily guarded during normal times but after the big battle, Zakar Krely infiltrated it easily.

When he exited the sights of others, Zakar Krely started to accelerate, despite carrying Herbert, he was sprinting with all his might.

After turning left and right, shuttling continuously through several secret passages and rooms, he finally stopped before a flight of spiral stairs leading underground.

The room that the stairs were located in was unsophisticated and decorous, the architectural style was obviously different than the modern ones.

In fact, the architectural style had suddenly changed after Zakar Krely went through the third secret room.

Zakar Krely then woke Herbert up, not in a gentle way but with a slap to his face.

The pain made the elderly scholar wake up swiftly.

The pain on his cheeks troubled him as Herbert looked at the architectural style around him. He then looked at Zakar Krely who was alone, he lifted the corner of his mouth into a mocking smile.

The smile unintentionally stabbed Zakar Krely’s prideful inner ego.

The hot-tempered Zakar Krely replied with several more slaps on Herbert’s face without a second thought.

Blood dropped off Herbert’s mouth and a couple of teeth fell out. Though his mocking smile didn’t change, despite his face being swollen.

“You’ve failed,” the elderly scholar said like a deflated balloon.

“SHUT UP!” Zakar Krely shouted.

“I’ve said it before, my friend 2567 will not fall for your petty traps, it’s the same even if you found Murker. He and I have the same knowledge but he is he, not me. Maybe in other people’s eyes, he might look like me, but in 2567’s eyes, it’s full of flaws! Because Murker always thought he was so smart, but actually it’s not enough! Just like you!”

The elderly scholar didn’t stop, on the contrary, he had the intentions of being relentless with his comments. His tone was also loud and sturdy.

“Shut up! You think I won’t kill you? You are useless to me now!”

Zakar Krely looked at the Herbert with his gloomy and cold manner, showing off his killing intent.

Herbert laughed, a laugh full of ease.

“Well, come on then!”

Herbert opened his arms as if he welcome death but Zakar Krely didn’t make his move. His eyes had become colder and darker.

“You don’t even dare! You are not confident of yourself! You can’t be certain whether the information you’ve gotten from me is correct or not. Because you know who you really are, a hybrid Royal, unlike 2567 who is the real one! You..”

Herbert’s mocking comments were interrupted as Zakar Krely grabbed him by the collar, yelling, “I’ve had it, SHUT UP!”

As he yelled, Zakar Krely’s right eye emanated a colorful glow but slightly less variant than the rainbow colored one.