The Devil's Cage Chapter 803

Chapter 803 The Strongest Bloodline

The colorful radiance that came out from Zakar Krely’s right eye was like a storm brewing in front of Herbert.

Veins popped up on Herbert’s swollen face as his features became twisted and ugly, he felt pain!

“How does it feel, having your brain boil? I’ve said it before, you are useless now and I won’t show mercy to useless trash!” he shouted continuously.

Zakar Krely covered his left eye and allowed his radiating right eye to shine on Herbert.

He had neglected the so-called plan and didn’t want to think about the consequences of his actions, all he wanted at that moment was Herbert’s death but his little desire was destined to never come true.


Kieran landed a kick on Zakar Krely’s neck.

The unreserved force sent Zakar Krely flying away with all the bones in his body cracking.

After he crashed into the wall, Zakar Krely fell off like a rubber ball with his face down, large amounts of blood gushed out from his mouth.

Kieran’s unreserved kick didn’t only break Zakar Krely’s spine, the overflowing force even crushed all the bones in his body at the same time, causing immense damage to his internal organs.

As a matter of fact, Zakar Krely had to thank his exceptional constitution for not dying under that full-blown kick from Kieran.

The green veins on Herbert’s face swiftly faded but the swelling was still there, he was freed from the pain and his ugly state.

“Thank you! I really thought I am going to die there! Luckily you arrived just in time!”

Herbert said with a bitter smile when he saw Kieran appear before his eyes.

“How are you feeling?” Kieran asked Herbert.

“Still manageable Although I am a little dizzy, I still remember the incantations to open the Emperor’s Legacy. But I think you’ll have to help me up for the rest of the journey,” Herbert nodded.

“No problem!” Kieran walked over, reaching his hand out to help Herbert up.

Herbert too reached out his arm at Kieran.

Everything looked so normal If Herbert’s other arm didn’t hold on to a potion tube.


The cork on the tube fell off with a clear sound and the solutions inside the tube were splashed towards Kieran by Herbert.

However, Kieran who should have been defenseless took a step away before the solution splashed on him, dodging it completely.

Not only that, but Kieran’s right hand grabbed “Herbert”‘s other arm.

He swung “Herbert”‘s arm like he was dragging a giant hammer, smashing him down on the ground.


The sturdy ground suffered many cracks upon impact, then a ball of fire was pounded onto “Herbert”, further extending the cracks outwards.

“How did you realize I wasn’t Herbert?”

The devil flame was burning fiercely on “Herbert”‘s body but he looked like he couldn’t feel the burning pain and questioned Kieran.

Kieran continued with a stomp from his foot. He never had the habit of replying his enemies’ doubts as he preferred to strike first to secure the advantage.


“Herbert”‘s head exploded.

Kieran’s face turned cold as he looked at the burning body.

He trailed Zakar Krely all the way there using the cover of the shadows with his above Transcendence [Undercover].

Kieran captured every single performance by Zakar Krely.

The inferior feeling that he had for himself, the arrogance, the hot temper as he acted on impulse.

No matter how Kieran looked at him, such a character didn’t strike him as the mastermind behind the scenes who would think of snatching Herbert beforehand and was able to arrange and dispatch so many men to attack the camp.

Zakar Krely looked more like a pawn that would storm and shatter the enemies’ formation.

The doubts in Kieran’s heart added an extra layer of cautiousness on him.

Even though based on all possible explanations, the “Herbert” before him should be the real one, who else could truly guarantee that?

Now the fact proved that being extra careful and vigilant was the correct way but the matters at hand were far from over.

The charred body suddenly trembled, a pair of pure white palms burst out from the chest, extending out from the body. Then, a tall slender woman emerged into Kieran’s sight while the charred body shriveled quickly.

The whole process looked like a butterfly bursting out from its cocoon but the woman before Kieran was ten thousand times more dangerous than a butterfly.

The woman lifted her hand up to lift her black purplish long hair and clearly revealed her eyes that had the same color with her hair; she had delicate beautiful facial features.

Naked, she looked at Kieran with that eerie pair of eyes, those black eyes without any whites in them.

She didn’t feel any shame, instead, her purplish black eyes had shown interest in Kieran.

“Cold, merciless and suspicious! Should I say you are really the Royal who wishes to inherit the Emperor’s Legacy? You behave exactly like the Emperor stated in the records, just that you are slightly dumb! Which is also the exact same trait as your ancestor!”

She pointed at Kieran.

Immediately, a later of complicated and obscure markings appeared on the walls around them.

As the layer of markings appeared, a burning, dense, and sharp white light suddenly burst into the small space.


Countless radiating spots came in and turned into a myriad of short swords of light. Kieran was surrounded, he was seized on the spot with all the sword tips aimed at his body.

Even without truly touching the light swords, Kieran felt the radiating light sword was hurting his skin.

The familiar stinging sensation reminded him of the unpleasant scene in [The Shaman’s Partner] where he entered the Sanctuary.

The light before him was a similar force to the Sanctuary Force, specialized in restricting his powers.

Kieran couldn’t help but frown.

“How could I not prepare myself since I’ve wanted to make a move against you?”

“This place! That’s right, this place is where your legendary ancestors buried the legacy, I’ve already set up traps here and each of them is specifically targeted at your, your kinds of Royalty!”

“Unfortunately, the scene of “brothers killing each other” that I hoped for the most didn’t show. Edgar, Zakar were all massive disappointments! But trash can always be recycled!”

The woman gave a series of charming laughs when she saw Kieran’s frowning expression.

She raised her hand again and Zakar Krely who was lying on the ground with his face down was flipped upwards.

His breath was weak and his conscious was getting blurry as well.


Zakar Krely uttered softly when she saw the dark purplish hair woman.

“Yes, it’s me your sister!”

Out of Kieran’s expectation, the woman admitted it without a second thought and similar to Zakar Krely’s right eye, her right eye too was emanating a colorful brilliance.

Obviously, it was the symbol of the Royals from the Neegor Dynasty but she was a bit different from her brother though. Her left eye that looked nothing normal felt like an abysmal dark lake with a deep presence in it.

“He…Help me, sister…” Zakar Krely’s voice grew weaker.

“No can do my brother, you are also one of the keys to open the legacy!”

The woman shook her head in pity and raised her hand again.


Zakar Krely’s head fell off just like that as if it was decapitated by an invisible scythe.

The cut on the neck was neat and the blood gushed out, spraying directly onto the spiral stairs leading underground.

Right after that, the ground slightly trembled.

“One can only see the real entrance after drinking the descendant’s blood. Tsk tsk tsk, what a cruel ancestor. They wanted you all to kill each other for it long ago,” the woman said in a mocking tone.

“Then, what about you?” Kieran who was surrounded by the light swords squinted his eyes at the woman.

“Me? Of course, I am different from you all. I have inherited the Emperor and the Witch’s bloodline together, the strongest descendant! Compared to you bunch of crippled trash whose sole purpose was to spill blood, the differences between you and I are deep down in the roots! I, Alinda Krely will reign over the world!” she emphasized.