The Devil's Cage Chapter 804

Chapter 804 Break

Reign over the world!

When those four words were uttered, Alinda Krely’s eyes were shining brightly.

The colorful radiance intertwined with the dark, deep energy, forming a faint mirage over the hybrid of the Emperor and Witch’s bloodline descendant.

The mirage was a five-headed snake that was bathing under the moonlight.

The moonlight was sacredly white, gloomy and cold.

Each of the snakeheads had a different color of luster yet had unparalleled viciousness, their fangs were as sharp as daggers, their dark purplish tongues were hissing nonstop.

Five pairs of narrow snake eyes were overflowing with Greed, Gluttony, Sloth, Wrath, and Envy, feeling almost identical with the cardinal sins’ aura but it was slightly sluggish and lacked the liveliness and agility.

Though, Alinda Krely wasn’t bothered by it. She raised her arms high as if she was receiving the arrival of her era.

The ground went along with her motion, trembling non-stop.

The bottomless spiral stairs that led underground swiftly crumbled under the trembles and opened up an almost thousand-meter long in diameter crater on the ground.

Because of the shifting, the spot where Kieran was standing and surrounded by the light swords became the edge of the giant crater.

Then, a gigantic shadow rose up from the beneath the huge crater and was approaching the surface with exponential speed.

Kieran who was pinned down by myriads of light swords slightly frowned when he saw that gigantic shadow.

The distance and darkness didn’t block his sight and he could clearly see what the shadow belonged tothe Creature of Desire! In the gigantic size of almost a thousand meters in width!

However, the gigantic Creature of Desire didn’t have any signs of life anymore, all that was left was an empty carapace without energy. In other worse,a carcass.

Though even with just a carcass, the remaining presence was enough to cause the five-headed snake mirage above Alinda Krely to become restless. It was even giving out a slight sense of fear.

Alinda Krely gave a dissatisfied grunt when she felt the changes.

Right away, the dreadfully white and gloomy cold moonlight shone brightly.

The five-headed snake mirage quieted down after that.

“Your ancestor was always like this, even after death, he just won’t die in peace! It’s just a bit of legacy!” Alinda Krely said in a mocking tone.

The Emperor sounded worthless from her words but Kieran saw the burning greed that filled her eyes. It seemed like she was not as unconcerned about the Emperor’s Legacy like she said and likewise, Kieran too would not neglect the legacy.

He sized up the light swords around him, spinning the gears in his mind rapidly.

“It’s best if you don’t try anything stupid. The traps laid here are all specifically targeted towards you, your Royal bloodline, and powers. Since your powers are all sealed, you are just slightly stronger than a common man, a mere touch on the light swords and I’m afraid you’ll die without an intact body.”

“Be a good boy! At least you can live longer.”

Alinda Krely couldn’t help but laugh softly when she thought she knew what Kieran was attempting. She sounded like she was dissuading him but it sounded very firm.

Alinda Krely understood a lot about these Royals.

Not only Kieran, Edgar and her brother Zakar, but she had also even contacted other older Royals.

Maybe some of them were sneaky, some of them were hot-tempered and some of them were suspicious in terms of character but in terms of the true essence of their nature, they weren’t any different, all of them were selfish, arrogant, and only cared about their own lives while neglecting others.

So, when Alinda Krely saw Kieran charging out as he neglected the myriad of light swords, she was completely astonished.

Though, she quickly showed a mocking laugh at Kieran, “Since you have a death wish, I’ll grant Emm?!”

She was stunned again when she saw Kieran raise his arms up, covering his weak points as he immersed himself into his forward dash.

Alinda Krely was further astonished, she attacked with the light swords created from the mystical formations in the area and easily perforated [Crow’s Black Feather] but when it hit [Armor of Excellence] with the Extreme defense rank, it was less effective.

Pang, Pang Pang!

The light swords shattered into light spots like glass upon contact.

The light spots floated around Kieran and as he was moving forward rapidly, they landed on Kieran’s skin irresistibly.

They ignited like fire sparks, burning Kieran’s skin upon contact but that was it.

It was still far from what Alinda Krely had imagined, the excruciating pain that he wouldn’t be able to endure.


Alinda Krely had estimated the sturdiness of Kieran’s armor, she expected the light swords to not pierce his defense, so it didn’t really bother her because the true power of the light swords was the shattered light spots.

Every single spot was like a vial of lethal poison to the Royals.

She had tried it on a certain Royal before, all it took was two to three spots to completely crumble her subject and a few more would take away all lifeforce.

However, there were almost dozens to hundreds that had touched Kieran during his dash, why he was unharmed?

Maybe a will of steel could endure the pain and resist it but what about the damage inflicted?

No matter how strong a Royal was because of their body, they couldn’t have endured such damage!

Instinctively, Alinda Krely started to regulate the powers of the mystic formation. The light swords burst out and poured down on Kieran from every direction like a heavy storm but it was still ineffective against him.

Even though the light spots kept burning Kieran’s skin that was exposed restlessly, it didn’t stop him from dashing towards Alinda Krely.

Step after step…

The distance between both of them was shortening quickly.

Alinda Krely’s face changed when she saw that Kieran was coming closer.

She didn’t panic or dread it, all she felt was rage. She felt her pride was being challenged.

Unforgivable! Anyone who challenged her shall be ripped to million pieces!


The moon above Alinda Krely radiated once more. It was still dreadfully white and possessed a gloomy cold yet it had an extra sense of blinding quality.

The other thing that changed drastically was the five-headed snake!

The illusory mirage was replaced by realistic texture as it slowly “swam” out from Alinde Krely’s spot like a dancing piece of cotton that engorged as it moved against the wind.

Within a breath’s time, the monster grew to a size similar to Kieran’s serpent spirit.

The five-headed snake looked down on Kieran from up above, then it too ignored the light sword’s power, throwing itself at Kieran.

No further technique was required as one of the snakeheads opened its mouth, swallowing Kieran who was surrounded by light spots with a single mouth.

After swallowing Kieran, the five-headed snake curled up into a heap, it’s five different heads were shining in their own distinguished radiance.

Greed, Gluttony, Sloth, Wrath, and Envy. The five different kinds of wicked auras blasted out from their heads like a raging storm and assaulted Kieran who had fallen into the stomach.

“How can you fight the King Beast’s power since you can no longer regulate the King Beast yourself? Oh right, this isn’t just the King Beast’s power but also the Witch’s! Should I say it is the strongest King Beast since it was catalyzed by the Witch’s power?”

Alinda Krely said with utmost confidence as she looked at her own five-headed King Beast.

When her voice subsided, she turned around to the “legacy” without further concern about Kieran.

The legacy was her true concern and Kieran was certainly dead.

Alinda Krely certain but the moment she turned around


A huge explosion went off, blasting out a violent wind mixing with a mild and unyielding aura as it swept across the area.

Light! Soft, white brilliance of light!

It appeared softly without being dazzling or blinding, like the first light of dawn during daybreak.

It was known as the first line of light that broke the darkest time that had ever descended on earth.

It symbolized a new beginning.

It was treated as a new hope.

Its name was