The Devil's Cage Chapter 805

Chapter 805 Courageous Advance

Everything were just as Alinda Krely said, the traps she had laid all over the place were specifically targeted at the Neegor Dynasty’s Royalty.

When the secretive runes and markings lit up and formed the mystical formation, the part with [Summon Desire] in Kieran’s [Fusion Heart] had turned gray and was inaccessible to him.

Even [Transform Devil] was lingering between a usable and unusable state.

[Saint Thorn] didn’t undergo any changes but Kieran too felt the delays energy.

Within an instant, three Origin Forces in his body were suppressed down to their minimum and that wasn’t the end of Alinda Krely’s trap.

The summon skills of equipment like [Serpent Spirit] and [Spirit of the White Wolf] also suffered restrictions but the only one that reacted correspondingly was [Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art], it was behaving extra lively.

In a breath’s time, Kieran felt like Dawn Force was about to overflow from his body and it wasn’t his own excessive thinking.

The notifications from the system that popped up in his vision had stated clearly.

[High density positive energy field detected, authentication starts]

[Detected player talent, The Warden]

[The Warden, Weak Spots Immune has higher authentication than detected positive energy!]

[Player receives non-lethal damage!]

[High-density positive energy field detected, Dawn Force power +1]

[High-density positive energy field detected, Dawn Force power +1]

[Dawn Sword attack increased to I rank!]

[Dawn Sword charge-up duration lifted, immediate fire possible!]

[Dawn Sword Stamina consumption lowered by 150%!]

[Dawn Sword] which originally required a 3-second charge time, consumption of 600 Stamina, to fire out a 15 meter long, Extreme attack rank light sword went through drastic changes.

The brilliant light sword that combined tenderness and unyielding presence yet contained one-of-a-kind sharpness broke out without a sign.

The five-headed King Beast that had Greed, Gluttony, Sloth, Wrath, and Envy’s wicked auras instantly got its stomach ripped apart.

There wasn’t any obstruction or sluggish feeling, it felt like a hot butter knife sliced through a chunk of butter.

Even after that, the light sword’s sharpness didn’t stop and it was pointed directly at the dreadfully white and gloomy cold crescent moon.

The crescent moon shook repeatedly as darkness clouded the area like the night was descending again, but it didn’t even last for a second before it faded away.

Or rather, the darkness shattered!

It was facing against dawn itself! The dawn that represent the light of day from the sun that would shower the earth with its shine!

The darkness was restrained, like a cat being the bane of mice.

The crescent moon shook a few times before rapidly turning gloomy and yet the brilliant light sword moved forward!

Dawn might be weaker and less dazzling but it was brilliant enough because it would advance forward courageously!

Alinda Krely’s heart had a sense of danger that she had never felt before. She didn’t even try to turn around anymore but instinctively activated her secret skills.


The light sword’s edge slashed over Alinda Krely with unrivaled and overwhelming power

However, at the next moment, Alinda Krely who should have been slashed in half transformed into the five-headed snake.

Her five-headed snake which had its stomach was ripped apart earlier was sliced in half instead.


The five-headed snake hissed in agony, its torn body was rolling on the ground uncontrollably.

[Dawn Sword]’s edge was still thrusting forward until it drove itself into the opposite wall.

The secret room was built within a mountain.

Once it was a tall mountain however as time passed, it slowly toned down into a smaller hill and yet it didn’t affect the thickness of the wall and because of the passing of time, many specially-assigned personnel took care of the room over the years, causing many more rocks and mud had accumulated on the wall, it became even thicker than when it was still a mountain.

However, the thick mountain walls still suffered a smooth cut grimly upon contact with the light sword.

The slight breeze of the night blew in from the breach and dimmed stars were flickering lively.

It went through! The light sword perforated the wall and the mountain altogether!

Alinda Krely managed to escaped instant death, her face then turned sour when she saw the cut on the wall.

It wasn’t just her pride being challenged anymore, the changes in her expression stated that her life was being threatened.

In fact, not only Alinda Krely was overwhelmed by shock, even Kieran who fired out the light sword had unparalleled astonishment in his heart as well.

[Dawn Sword], which originally had a limited firing range, exceeded the so-called ‘firing range’ this time, it flew out like the fiercest sword aura and the sharpest edge.

This kind of power was…

“The power of rank I? No, I think it’s more than that, close to the next rank right?”

Kieran wondered in his heart when he faintly saw the night sky outside.

Then, he felt his body weakening rapidly, it was the after effect of the rapid consumption of Stamina.

Kieran panted heavily a few times and eased his weakened state.

It was very uncomfortable for him but compared to the exploding power of the light sword, the Stamina consumption was insignificant.

Kieran lifted his head up and saw Alinda Krely further away, she was looking at him with utmost alarm. He raised his leg up without the slightest courtesy and stepped on the five-headed snake upper body that rolled over to him.


Half of the five-headed snake body, which was almost 10 meters long or more, was stomped into a big crater. The powerful stomp plunged the snake further into the Creature of Desire’s corpse which was floating up quickly.

Blood was splashing everywhere and the snake hisses sounded relentlessly.

“How? How can you channel such powers?”

Alinda Krely glared Kieran, her words were filled with confusion. It was not an act, she was truly baffled by the unknown.

If she didn’t see it for herself, she would never think a Royal could utilize powers that contrasted his identity so much.

Of course, it was only natural that she would try to counterattack after that.

After witnessing the enhanced version of [Dawn Sword], Alinda Krely had treated Kieran as her mortal enemy. She further utilized her other secret skills.

The fingers on her palm that she hid behind her back started to wriggle.

A tiny bit of invisible, odorless powder started to float in the air and at the same time, Alinda Krely’s face showed nervousness and confusion, as though she was anxiously waiting for Kieran to react.

However, at the next moment, the expression on her face and the fingers behind her back froze altogether.

What did she see?

White brilliance shone from Kieran’s palm, it wasn’t a terrifying blast of the sword but something else that she dreaded even more because under the white brilliance, the colorless, odorless toxin that she released was clear to the eyes.

Then, Kieran raised his palm again, the toxins in the air were rapidly repelled.

Another raise of palm later, the warm brilliance landed on Kieran’s body. The small cuts that the light spots inflicted were quickly healed at exponential speed, visible even to the naked eye.

Alinda Krely’s eyes widened uncontrollably, her face looked like she saw a devil climbing out from the abyss and a while later, transform into an angel.

She was breathing rapidly and heavily, her chest was moving vigorously, groans sounded from her throat as though she had choked on something.

Two to three seconds later, she said, “Ho…Holy Knight!”