The Devil's Cage Chapter 806

Chapter 806 Ritual

Holy Knight, the existence that people treated as legends or fabricated characters in tales.

However, as one of the heirs to the Witches, Alinda Krely knew Holy Knights did exist!

Those knights weren’t just powerful but also excelled in virtue.

They were once praised as heroes until one of the Holy Knights left his chivalrous order and headed to a certain barren land to establish an extremely small country.

After that, the Holy Knights’ numbers started to decrease and since there weren’t many of them to begin with, in the end, the group vanished without a trace in the long river of history.

However, that small, inconspicuous country started to prosper and grew and it truly grew into a dynasty! The Neegor Dynasty!

That’s right, the small country that the Holy Knight established was the Neegor Dynasty.

Likewise, he was also the Emperor of his empire.

The Emperor of the Neegor Dynasty came from the chivalrous order, it was one of the biggest secrets that the Witches held!

Although the Emperor never once showed his knightly powers, the secret was kept by the Witches and it was only natural that Alinda Krely went through the secret scrolls that held the secrets.

Though she treated the records as a joke when she read them. Alinda Krely who had in-depth knowledge about certain things about her own organization didn’t really think the Witches kind could “watch” all reality.

The Witches weren’t those old fashion historians, how could they record every truth with zero mistakes?

So, Alinda Krely didn’t believe the records, she was more willing to believe another one.

After all, the Emperor’s history of loving and leaving a certain Witch was much authentic than that.

Now, however, Alinda Krely’s brain was reaching its boiling point as she saw Kieran bathing in holy light.

Her mind was in such disarray that she couldn’t even think straight.

“Ho…How is this possible?”

Alinda Krely muttered gibberish from her mouth but the movements of her hands weren’t slow at all.

Until now, she didn’t know how Kieran got the power of the Holy Knights, neither could she theorize what kind of relationship he had with the Emperor but she knew if she didn’t destroy the traps she laid down for him as soon as possible, she would die on the spot!

After witnessing how the ‘holy sword’ broke through the mountain walls, Alinda Krely would be sorry to take on such a hit.

Wung, Wung Wung!

After few gestures from Alinda Krely’s hand, the runes and words on the walls surrounding her started to buzz and then swiftly withered down.

The positive energy that filled the entire room was decreasing at a speed visible to the naked eyes, so did the buffs for [Dawn Sword].

But, the restricted Eyes of Chimeras and devil energy quickly came back online.

Alinda Krely clearly sensed that too but she wasn’t too bothered by it.

From her point of view, It wasn’t a hard choice to decide which one she wanted to face off against, the Holy Knight or the origin of evil.

Perhaps the King Beast was strong or maybe the devil transformation was powerful, but both of them would not be as terrifying as the Holy Knight!

Going through Herbert’s memories, Alinda Krely assumed that she had quite the understanding of Kieran but she has far underestimated the hidden trump cards that Kieran held.

Or in a more precise term, she has underestimated Kieran’s speed of growth.

She went through Herbert’s memories and understood Kieran’s latest power level and capabilities but that was a few dungeons back!

She could never know what Kieran had been through within such a short period of time. Likewise, she could also never know what kind of dazzling light would burst out from his desire to survive and stubborn character.

The light quickly faded off and was followed by blazing flames blasting through the sky.

Giant wings formed pure flames, spiral horns that could pierce the heavens grew from the devil’s head and the extreme temperatures from the scorching magma body distorted the space around.

A moment ago Kieran was a knight bathed in holy light and at the next moment, he transformed into a devil bathed in fire.

A deafening roar sounded and a fiery blastwave was released. A second and a third wave quickly followed.

Everything within a 130 angle and 40m range in front of Devil Kieran was instantly engulfed in Extreme level flames. Not only were the flames were at the Extreme level but the blastwave as well.

Alinda Krely felt something was wrong when Kieran fired out the first wave of [Flame Blast II] but all she could do against the blastwave that was instantly fired to her face was defend.

As the owner of both Witch and Emperor’s bloodline, that alluring black purplish hair grew frantically and formed a shield or an armor, covering herself up.

But before she truly covered herself up, the first wave of [Flame Blast II] arrived.

As the blast of flames exploded, it didn’t just tear her black purplish hair shield apart, it even burned all her hair altogether.

The long hair that was strong enough to block even a cannon strike, it may be immune to common fire either but against the fire of the devil, it was a different story.

The Devil Flame burned her defensive hair like its natural bane, turning everything into cinders.

Her powers were clamped down once again!

The black purplish long hair that kept growing relentlessly was burned off by the Devil Flame like cancer spreading in the human body, it broke into her final line of defense.


Due to the scorching temperature, the excruciating burn made Alinda Krely cry out in pain restlessly.

Upon the first impact, Kieran further flapped his devil wings without giving her a window to breathe, firing a second and third [Flame Blast II].

A moment later, Alinda Krely had sunk into the sea of flames, even her excruciating screams were silent.

It seemed like Alinda Krely has been burned to cinders by the scorching flames but Devil Kieran could clearly sense that she was hurt but not fatally.

A greatsword forged entirely out of flames appeared in Kieran’s hand from thin air.

Although it was formed with Powerful rank flames, the Extreme rank sharpness allowed Kieran to produce a heavy whistle that tore the air apart as he swung it out.

With [Beheader Flaming Sword II], as long as Kieran could hit Alinda Krely, a single blow would be enough to end the battle right away. He was confident in himself not only because of the Strength buffs from his devil form but also the skill that he recently mastered, [Sharp Weapon, Heavy Arms].

But he missed!

No, more precisely, Alinda Krely vanished without a trace. She vanished completely from the sea of burning flames.

Devil Kieran lifted his head up instantly and his enhanced Intuition allowed him to locate her within the shortest time possible.

Alinda Krely’s hair was burned and had burned wounds all over her body. The beauty that she showed during the first meeting was absent, all that was left was an ugly look.

Alinda Krely looked down at Kieran, the hatred in her eyes felt real.

Then, her left hand started to disintegrate slowly as if her hand was being chewed off by some invisible lifeform.

Followed by her right hand, and finally her legs!

When Kieran located Alinda Krely, he wanted to continue his attack but a huge, invisible force pinned his body down on the spot, immobilizing him.

Kieran didn’t just get pinned down, a sense of danger rose up from his heart as well.

Following the vanishing limbs of Alinda Krely, the sense of danger grew denser and denser and in the end, the sense of danger turned into the coldness that he was familiar with.

It was the presence of death!

His heart was almost frozen by it! It wasn’t an illusion, it wasn’t a metaphor but a cold, hard fact!