The Devil's Cage Chapter 812

Chapter 812 Cruel Kill

Broker will never stop that easily.

Kieran knew when he decided to open those players’ rooms that he Honor Killed.

So, Kieran would never hold back or show mercy.

Starting from the four Chosen Ones under Black Robe’s command to a few other highly valuable killer player rooms, Kieran used above Transcendence [Undercover] to kill each and every one of the veterans under Broker’s command, those newbie players who stood on the defensive positions didn’t escape their fate either.

Kieran didn’t feel sorry at all. Since both sides started off in different factions, it had decided everything long ago.

As for showing mercy and empathy to his enemies, stop joking!

If Kieran showed mercy to his enemies, would his enemies do the same to him?

After swiftly raking in all the items in the room, Kieran was overjoyed as he looked at the fully stuffed [Crimson Ghost Stomach].

The items in the four Chosen One’s room fit their identity as Chosen Ones and the few other more valuable player rooms, which he judged based on how much their Honor Kill Points and Skill Points contributed, didn’t disappoint him either, though there was one thing that surprised Kieran.

“Did Broker go so far as to place men in every room that I picked or did he do it with all of the rooms? Or did Broker know how much these players are worth?” Kieran started to think deeply in his heart.

Whichever it was, it wasn’t any good news for him.

The former was enough to tell Kieran that Broker had much more men than he thought and the latter told him Broker or one of Broker’s men had some special ability that could clearly judge how much a player was worth.

It wasn’t done through controlling the market to make estimations though since not every single player would buy or sell their items at Broker’s secret bazaar.

Kieran was certain the four Chosen Ones of Black Robe were exactly those deviants because if the equipment of the four Chosen Ones would appear in the secret bazaar, it would definitely not go unheard of like this. Three Rares and one Legendary equipment that perfectly supported each other were found in the rooms and if they’d appeared together in the bazaar, it would shake the entire big city.

Though the four pieces of equipment belonged to Kieran now and of course, if Kieran were to try and sell them off safely, he would have to go through some hurdles.

Kieran saw the ten-man squad closing in from far.

Their menacing bearing and eyes filled with killer intent were enough for Kieran to strike first.

A spider net descended down from the sky.

The 8-meter radius with extreme stickiness and poison spider web captured the ten-man squad underneath.

The spider web with Powerful and above defense plus the A- Strength authentication to break free from the stickiness proved too much even for the ten well-equipped elites. They should have decent power to free themselves completely, but it did not happen.

Only two of the men who were experts in Strength tried to fight their way out. The others who prioritized Agility, Constitution, and Intuition were completely trapped under the spider web.

The ones who prioritized Constitution were still fine but the ones who prioritized Agility and Intuition was assaulted by the heavy toxin within a breath’s time.

Each of them trembled and fell to the ground, limping weakly.

Then a blazing flame rose up high to the sky.

A 3-meter fireball appeared on Kieran’s palm, it was burning violently and its heatwave was rumbling fiercely.

He raised the fireball up like a king of fire, dashing towards the assault squad members captured by [Mardos Arm]’s webbing.

The assault squad members’ struggle became even fiercer.

One of the two Strength-prioritizing members went over to help and the other one stood in front of Kieran’s path blocking him in a fearless manner, trying to buy his comrades enough time but it was useless.

Even the ground trembled under Kieran’s dash, the most primitive force of nature from [Wild Soul] was imbued into Kieran’s body, changing his body slightly for the better.

He was faster, stronger, sturdier, and more violent!


The member who put up a cross-armed defensive stance was struck by Kieran precisely on the crossing point of his arms.

Kieran lowered his shoulder forward and performed an upper lift when he hit the guy, similar to a rhino lifting its prey up during its dash but the guy wasn’t lifted over but instead, he was lifted up in the air, flying away.

His Strength that he thought he excelled in became insignificant in front of Kieran’s dash. The player had his feet thrown off the ground upon impact and he didn’t even put up the slightest resistance before his body fell into a series of cracks.

Under the powerful impact, all of the bones in the guy’s body were crushed together with all the organs, and the more terrifying thing was the most primitive force of nature burst out from Kieran’s body and ravaged the player’s body.


Another loud bang later, the player’s body exploded in mid-air.

Blood drizzled down from the sky and sounded like a fierce roar from a rhino.

Though, those assault squad members with the threatening manner didn’t care about all this.

Facing against the fireball that Kieran hurled out, each of them struggled with all their might, the other Strength-prioritizing member even chose to run away.

Formless barriers, shields with different shapes and two to three weird looking puppets were placed in front to block the fireball but regardless of what they did, it was useless.

The fire had surpassed their expectations, it was a power they had never come across before.


When the fireball touched the defensive barriers, it exploded instantly.

A dozen-meter tall and over 10 meters in diameter fire pillar blasted out from the ground.

The defensive barriers shattered after the bang and the other two shields and puppets were burned to ashes, followed by the members, including the guy who ran away. He didn’t even make a grunt and was blasted to pieces by the explosion, leaving only a few meters deep crater on the spot.

[Killed a dozen more players]

[Detected as an initiated attack!]

[Categorized as Cruel Kill!]

[You will receive all the Points and Skill Points of the players]

[Total: 100,000 Points and 17 Skill Points]

[Received the player’s room key]

[Granted the right to use the player’s room]

[All the player’s belongings are returned to their room]

[Cruel Kill Count: 177]

[Points: 535,000; Skill Points: 105; Golden Skill Points: 1; Golden Attribute Points: 6]

The system notifications piled up in Kieran’s vision and without him even realizing, the repair fee for [Emerder’s Deal] had accumulated to more than half.

Though Kieran only spared a glance at the points before the putting it away because an opponent that was worthy of his attention had arrived.

At the shadowed spot of the street corner not far away, a figure was slowly walking out.

The intertwining sunlight and shadow made the figure’s body look like it was cut in half, his upper body was bathed in sunlight while his lower body plunged into darkness.

The face was blurred out by the system but it didn’t hide the fact about both his hands were sharp as claws, causing one to shudder without the cold.

“Advance Rank flames eh? What fearsome power and potential! No wonder Broker would spend so much to hire me. But such power might have some limits to it right? And it might also consume a lot of Stamina.”

The figure said as he moved closer.

When the figure was around 10 meters away from Kieran, he stopped and asked with a mocking tone, “Now, how many times more can you use that kind of fire?”