The Devil's Cage Chapter 817

Chapter 817 Gains

When he saw the special words before his eyes, Kieran heaved a long sigh of relief in his.

Because inside [Emerder’s Deal]’s description, it mentioned ‘trade items have limits on their values’, he was quite worried that items from two different dungeon worlds would not be useable but it seemed like he was overthinking.

The situation was similar to skills and items from different dungeon worlds being useable in either without special mention.

Trading was possible as well.

Kieran was clear there must be some other rules that he didn’t know off but all he needed to know was that the [Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art]’s advanced skill would be within his grasp.

Without further hesitation, he placed more spoils of war into [Emerder’s Deal].

However, the [Emerder’s Deal] before him felt like it has a stomach of a taotie, a giant bottomless hole.

Even though Kieran emptied his backpack, the special words in front of him didn’t change at all.

‘Not enough! The items you offer are not enough!’

Kieran’s forehead started to sweat.

One needed to know the items that he placed inside were no longer just the items from Black Robe’s four Chosen Ones and high-value player killer rooms, it even included Casswell’s, Dory’s and the other soon-to-be-high-ranker veteran’s items from their rooms.

There was no lacking of Rare rank items in that stash and up until that point, Kieran had only kept the Legendary rank or above for himself.

Especially Casswell’s [Dorgar’s Tear] and the set items from the four Chosen Ones.

[Name: Dorgar’s Tear]

[Type: Gloves]

[Rarity: Epic]

[Attack: Extreme]

[Defense: Extreme]

[Attribute: 1. Dorgar’s Ambush, 2. Dorga’s Extreme speed, 3. Dorgar’s Bloodthirst.]

[Effect: None]

[Prerequisite: Hand-to-hand Combat, Transcendence Hand Combat]

[Able to bring out of dungeon: Yes]

[Remark: Dorgar’s claws have always been dreaded by the hunters of the Wasteland Wooded Mountains, and having a pair of gloves made out of Dorgar’s claws is their lifelong dream!]


[Dorgar’s Ambush: Ignores light and shadow, enters a 1-minute Invisible state, 2/day]

[Dorgar’s Extreme speed: During running, gains +3 Agility buff, +4 nimbleness.]

[Dorgar’s Bloodthirst: After killing a target and recover one’s HP by sucking the life out of the target, Dorgar’s Ambush extended for 15 seconds, Dorgar’s Extreme speed, authentication increases by 1]

[Name: Heart of Compassion (Main)]

[Type: Wondrous Item]

[Rarity: Legendary]

[Attack: None]

[Defense: Extreme]

[Attribute: Light of Healing]

[Effect: 1. Extra Range, 2. Extra Counter, 3. Extra Effect]

[Prerequisite: Spirit A, Mystical Knowledge (Master)]

[Able to bring out of dungeon: Yes]

[Remark: After being shattered, Heart of Compassion was split into four pieces, this is the main part and if you can find the remaining the three subparts, new effects will be unlocked (Each subpart has different effects)]

[Extra Range: Healing range increased by 200 meters]

[Extra Counter: Increase Light damage healing counter by 3; medium damage healing counter by 2; heavy damage healing counter by 1 each day]

[Extra Effect: Healing effect +1 (Applied to all kinds of healing effects, does not include potions)]

[Dorgar’s Tear] was the pair of sharp claws from Casswell’s hand and [Heart of Compassion] was a broken angel statue.

The biggest part was tagged as the main part and the others, two broken wings, arms, and legs were the subparts.

The sub-parts had zero healing attributes and only held a low-level effect. Only when paired up with the main part could its real effect be fully utilized but it would be enough.

Kieran who saw the effect of [Heart of Compassion] with his own eyes knew how strong the effect of this set of items could be.

As long as a sufficient amount of healing scrolls or healing spells were prepared, then it was possible to create an “undying” squad.

Likewise, [Heart of Compassion] for Kieran, a lone wolf without any support, had high value as well.

If it was possible, Kieran would definitely keep [Heart of Compassion].

So, when he placed the rest of the three items from his backpack into [Emerder’s Deal], he opened his eyes wide and looked at the words formed by the glimmer.

No changes! The offer was still not enough!

Kieran clenched his teeth and placed [Dorgar’s Tear] inside as well.

The words still didn’t change.

Kieran started to breathe heavily and deeply as he stared at the lines of words.

“The more I offer, the more I get!”

“The more I offer, the more I get!”

The soft mutter even came out of Kieran’s mouth as he started to hypnotize himself.

Then, he clenched his teeth, placing [Heart of Compassion] inside as well.

But, the words remained!

Huuuhaaa, Huuuuhaaa!

This time, Kieran wasn’t taking deep breathes anymore, he started to pant heavily.

“Still not enough!? The value of [Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art] advanced mystical skills”

Kieran glared at the attribute of [Emerder’s Deal], [Equal Deal: State your request and barter it off with similar value], he then forced himself to cool down.

“My request?”

“My request!”

Kieran squinted his eyes suddenly. Right at the next moment, he said, “Change of request, I wish to acquire the methods to gain [Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art]’s advanced mystical skill!”

Right away, the glimmering words on [Emerder’s Deal] started to change.

‘Possible! Trade?’

Kieran heaved a long sigh of relief after seeing the new words appear.

Then, a sudden thought struck him and he pulled out [Heart of Compassion] but after he took out the statue, the words returned back to ‘Not enough! The offer is not enough!’.

Kieran was unwilling to give up, he placed [Heart of Compassion] back in and took out [Dorgar’s Tear].

The result was still the same.

The heart of a stingy ghost was triggered as Kieran spent the next dozen minutes taking out and placing back items tirelessly.

When he took everything out and placed everything back, making sure for a second time, Kieran suddenly realized if he wanted to complete the deal, he couldn’t leave with anything.


The word was squeezed out of the seams of Kieran’s teeth.

Seeing countless equipment and items under the light vanish from the round disk, both of Kieran’s heartswere beating non-stop.

He felt heartache and that it was hard to breathe.

So when a scroll appeared on the round disk, Kieran grabbed it fiercely without even giving any concern about the shattered [Emerder’s Deal].

He wanted to see what he got out of all those previous items.

When the system notifications popped up in his vision, Kieran couldn’t help but widen his eyes.

[Acquired Extra dungeon entry scroll!]