The Devil's Cage Chapter 818

Chapter 818 Unusual

[Extra dungeon entry scroll: After use, enables player to enter the dungeon that hasn’t opened a special dungeon]

[Note 1: Because it is an extra entry, the dungeon world will not have missions and ratings]

[Note 2: Player can stay no longer than 12 weeks]

[Note 3: Player cannot acquire equipment through the orthodox way]

[Note 4: The number of equipment and items that player can bring depends on the dungeon]

[Note 5: Player’s companion has to stay back in the game room]

[Note 6: Able to enter anytime, unaffected by dungeon cooldowns and likewise will not be calculated towards dungeon entry count]

As Kieran grabbed the scroll, the details started to pop up.

All the restrictions didn’t exceed Kieran’s expectation though, how could it be similar to a normal dungeon entry since it was entering through special means?

It was similar to an official entry and illegal entry of a country, both were two different concepts.

Though as long as he could return to [The Failed Great Detective], everything would be worth it.

He didn’t forget in that dungeon world, there wasn’t just the [Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art] but also the Church of Dawn’s legacy and inheritance.

Once the thought struck him, Kieran’s heart was pumped and excited but the excitement didn’t make him lose his cool.

“Back then in the dungeon world where I learned [Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art] and [Barsical Kick] from Guntherson, they consumed Golden Skill Points and Skill Points, if it’s an advanced skill of the [Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art] or other kinds of mystical skills, the cost will be high also, but now”

Kieran looked at his points tab as he was thinking deeply.

[Points: 35,000; Skill Points: 215; Golden Skill Points: 1; Golden Attribute Points: 2]

Because of the repair fees for [Emerder’s Deal], his points had returned to normal.

Skill Points were extremely sufficient though but he had to take into consideration the appraisal and embedding cost of the [Thunder Fall Stone].

The most important thing was Golden Skill Points of which he had only 1!

It wasn’t good news for Kieran who wished to learn the advanced skill of the [Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art] and while Golden Attributes Points were used to raised his Constitution to SSS rank to fit the prerequisite of leveling up [Charles’ Fire], he was left with 2.

Although it cost him 4 Golden Attribute Points, the benefits he reaped from it were worth his while.

[Name: Charles’ Fire (Transcendence)]

[Related Attribute: None]

[Skill Type: Offense]

[Effect: Create an Extreme attack devil flame on your left hand, able to burn continuously. Common water and sand are unable to extinguish the flame. Has the special ability to burn souls and devour life energy.]

[Special Effect: Devil Flame (Your bloodline has the element of fire. It is your gift and also proof of your identity. You ignite the devil flame with an attack from None, Feeble, Weak, Average, Powerful and Extreme at will. After charging for 4 seconds, attack of the flame +1, has greater chance to trigger Flame Burst effect on enemies.]

[Transcendence option: Rapid Accumulation (Charging time decreased by 2 seconds)]

[Consume: Stamina]

[Prerequisite: Constitution SSS]

[Remark: This is a spell without incantations, casting gesture and casting time. A skill created by the alchemy master fusing ancient hidden knowledge together!]

[Note: You have acquired this skill through learning, not through a Skill Book. Therefore, you cannot upgrade it with Points and Skill Points. If you want to level it up, you will need to continue learning or acquire a Skill Book!]

[Note 2: This skill has reached its limit!]

After the charged up Extreme rank Devil Flame was boosted to Advance Rank, plus his devil’s bloodline [Fiery Sulphur] that had the +1 extra buff on firepower, it became the determining factor that made the battle against the high-rankers so easy and allowed him to emerge the victor.

After all, with the buff from [Fiery Sulphur], the initial fireball was already at the Advance Rank and once he charged it up

Even those high-rankers would find it hard to fight Kieran face to face and even when he encountered some higher ranked players, Kieran had the confidence to toy around with them as well.

Unfortunately, [Charles’ Fire] had only 1 Transcendence option, if there was an option to increase his firepower by 1, he would definitely go with that option.

Kieran didn’t think Rank I was the limit, after the Roman number of I, there would be II and III close behind.

Though, all of that was temporarily sidelined by Kieran as he focused his attention on the [Extra dungeon entry scroll].

“If I want to maximize my gains, I would at least need 5 or more Golden Skill Points. Even more so, considering the requirement of the advanced skills, [Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art] would have to reach Transcendence as well which means I can’t go back go back with now.”

Kieran muttered to himself.

Then, he sighed.

Even though he was eager to head back to [The Failed Great Detective] dungeon world right away, his logic and rationality told him what was right for him.

Regret and eagerness intertwined in Kieran’s heart, making him feel a little bit rash.

He knew he had to divert his attention for now.

2567: I need to appraise and embed a gemstone.

Kieran opened up the PM tab and sent the [Thunder Fall Stone] and [Brutal Lightning Hand] to Blacksmith. Blacksmith replied right away but when he saw the content, he couldn’t help but widened his eyes.

Blacksmith: Appraisal fee 10K, Embedding Fee 300K, both items have similar compatibility, extra fee 200K.

2567: Similar compatibility?

2567: What’s that?

After acquiring the [Thunder Fall Stone] and although he didn’t truly appraise it, based on Kieran’s previous experience, it enabled him to have a general grasp the attributes of the gemstone, so he had made the decision to embed the obvious lightning attribute gemstone into [Brutal Lightning Hand] which also had a similar one.

When similar powers were overlaid together, it would definitely increase. Kieran was certain of that.

Though Blacksmith’s extra fee told him that placing similar powers together was not just a plain increment.

Blacksmith: Gemstone embedding into equipment with the same power will greatly increase the equipment’s rank.

Blacksmith: And there is also a small chance of having a special attribute.

Blacksmith: Of course the chances of failing will increase as well.

2567: So 200K extra points is to increase the success rate?

Blacksmith: Is to make sure it doesn’t fail.

Looking at Blacksmith’s emphasizing on her words, Kieran started to trade Skill Points for Points without a second thought.

170 Skill Points nabbed Kieran 510K of Points and after trading it to Blacksmith, both of them didn’t converse further and ended the conversation.

Although because of the previous message, the relationship between both of them was a little closer, Blacksmith’s intentional coldness swiftly dragged the distance between them back to its original state.

As for Kieran taking the initiative to shorten the distance?

Well, sorry, Kieran had no concerns over these things right now.

After the conversation with Blacksmith ended, the PM tab kept on ringing.

It was Allen, the boss of Blood Alliance.

Allen: No problem, I am near Wallway Street, I’ll go to your place?

2567: Sure.

Allen: I’ll be right there!

2567: C ya later!

Allen didn’t reject the meeting with him and coincidentally, Allen was near where his game room was.

“What a coincidence eh,” Kieran muttered softly.