The Devil's Cage Chapter 821

Chapter 821 Box

Chief Officer John obviously ran indirectly from outside the school.

His forehead wasn’t just filled with sweat, he was drenched in it; he was panting heavily.

He saw Sister Moni in front of the gravestone and went over to her.

“I’m sorry Sister Moni, for interrupting your prayers to Kieran. There was a sudden incident, so please come with me.”

While John spoke, he habitually straightened his back and made his already buff body even stiffer, but it wasn’t pressuring and instead, it added another layer of respect to his manner.

“What’s wrong John?” The elderly sister looked at the chief officer.

“Hmm I think it’s better you come with me. I really don’t know how to explain.” His rugged face showed a bitter smile.

“Very well.” The elderly sister nodded and with the chief officer’s help, they walked towards the wagon parked beside the police box outside the school.

“Sister, do you need me to go with you?”

Before the sister went up to the wagon, the security team captain came over to ask.

“It’s fine Reed, John’s here.” The sister pointed at the chief officer.

Security captain Reed was being different when he treated Kieran with utmost vigilance, he maintained quite the respect for the tall and buff chief officer.

“I’ll leave the sister in your care, chief officer!” Reed said.

“Mm.” John nodded, assuring his promise.

Kieran captured the scene before his eyes.

He slightly frowned as he remained in the shadows.

Kieran didn’t have much understanding about the security captain, Reed, but one thing was for sure, he admired Sister Moni and loved his job. However, no matter how much enthusiasm he showed for his occupation, it wouldn’t go as far as protecting the sister even outside the school’s premises.

After all, Sister Moni as the principal of St. Paolo School was respected throughout the city, under normal circumstances, no one would truly disrespect the elderly sister. Even those who lurked in the shadows would be sensible enough to avoid bringing trouble to themselves.

One needed to know, the students who studied in St. Paolo school were either rich or nobles and as the principal of the students, although she wouldn’t use anything against them, the influence she had was enough for those shady characters to understand how to treat the elderly sister.

“The influence of Duke Wayne? Guntherson might have settled it in the light but are there still some things brewing in the dark?” Kieran wondered.

It was the only thought he could come up with at the moment and with such guesses in his mind, it made him swiftly come up with specific plans.

Kieran quickly followed up when he saw that the officer was driving it slowly away.

The rain was getting heavier.

The concentrated raindrops swiftly created puddles on the road and at the same time blocking people’s sight, even for the most skilled Wagoner, they wouldn’t dare sprint with full speed under such bad weather.

Therefore, the wagon carrying the sister and chief officer wasn’t fast, allowing Kieran to easily follow behind.

Though it was just for Kieran, for the others, it wasn’t so easy.

A few figures were hiding their pants under the rain yet it was clear when it entered Kieran’s ears.

Kieran’s eyes soon locked on to two men with malicious intent.

The flintlocks and daggers armed in their hands and all the attention placed on the wagon were telling Kieran what the men were after.

Without further hesitation, Kieran approached the two of them silently, he first grabbed and covered the mouth of one man with his left hand and snatched the dagger with his right hand, slicing the neck of the other man who didn’t even react to the situation before turning the dagger back and slicing the guy’s neck who he was suffocating with his hand.

Amidst the series of rapid action, the process didn’t even take one second.

If Kieran wasn’t afraid of startling the snake which could ruin his plan, he had a simpler and faster way of making the two slightly stronger men that bore malicious intent disappear from the world.

Kieran dragged the two bodies into an alleyway, looting their daggers and flintlocks before catching up to the wagon.

This time, there weren’t any further accidents as the wagon swiftly arrived at the three-story police station that had an average front.

John held the umbrella up with one hand and helped the sister down with the other.

Both of them went into the station and headed down to the basement floor where the morgue was.

The morgue was still the same old one that occupied 1/4 of the place and it currently housed a giant box inside.

The box had a big rectangular shape, made entirely out of wood with dimensions of 1.5 meters in length, 1 meter in width, and around 70 cm in height. All four of the top edges were wrapped with copper, giving a metallic luster under the candle and oil lamp’s light.

A delicate lock with its key inserted was hanging on the buckle of the box.

One could easily tell with a quick glance that the box and lock were not something a normal family could afford, especially the key hanging there.

Judging from the luster, Kieran was quite confident that it wasn’t a copper key but a gold one!

A key made out of gold was considered extravagant and luxurious regardless of the time period but soon enough, Kieran’s attention was completely placed on the box, or more precisely the contents of the box.

The faint smell of blood with a mix of thick aroma gushed into Kieran’s nose violently.

Although it was suppressed by the perfume, the smell of fresh blood was hard to cover.

Kieran couldn’t help but squint his eyes. He was clear that in order to create the scene, there was only one possibility, which was bleeding from an excessive amount of wounds!

Only with that, even the strongest perfume couldn’t cover the stench of the blood.

Plus the size of the box

Kieran already had guessed in his heart.

The chief officer went up to the sister, reminding her, “Sister Moni, I hope you are prepared for this.”

“Don’t worry. My age has allowed me to experience much.”

The elderly sister kept her calm at first but as soon as the box was opened up, she cried out in shock.

It wasn’t frightened but unbelievable.

Inside of the box was filled with scarlet red blood, pieces of white petals that were soaked in it through a long period of time had lost their original color, including the body in it.

It wasn’t an intact body though, but it was dismembered and arranged neatly.

In order to display the dismembered body neatly, there was a rack that built inside, dividing the body, the limbs, and the torso into separate sections, as if the box was a lunchbox used in common cafeterias.


The elderly sister bent her waist and crawled up beside the box, hoping to have a good look at the head soaked in blood.

Right at that particular moment, the eyes of the head opened up suddenly.

Its glare was red and dazzling!