The Devil's Cage Chapter 824

Chapter 824 Murder Reappear

Kieran could clearly feel the liveliness of Dawn Force.

There was also another direct hint at his changes: the system notification.

[Energy Resonance, Musou Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art acquired a decent amount of experience, cost to level up decreased by 3000 Points]

3000 Points was like trying to put out a cartload of fire with cups of water for the 250K Points and 25 Golden Skill Points leveling cost of [Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art] to Transcendence.

However, one shouldn’t forget that was just a simple salutation! The salutation of a person that took less than a second!

It was enough for Kieran to relate it to more things.

This was just the effect of a single person, what if there was a hundred? Or a thousand?

He might not even need a whole day to level up [Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art] to Transcendence should it happen.

Of course, Kieran didn’t let the delight get the best of him, he was clear that it was nearly impossible to make that happen.

Aside from how hard was it to find natives of the likes of the elderly sister, the sole task of finding a hundred natives that could resonate with Dawn Force was already impossible.

He didn’t forget the Church of Dawn had fallen long ago.

Even through meticulous calculating and factoring in all natives that had the slightest possibility, 5 to 10 would be the maximum or even less than that, let alone finding a hundred or a thousand that could resonate with Dawn Force.

Though Kieran didn’t completely give up on the idea, instead, he temporarily buried it in the bottom of his heart and switched to an astonished tone, asking “Sister Moni what is this? I’ve felt my energy become more lively again.”

“This is the ancient salutation of the Church of Dawn, the Seal of Dawn! A method that fits the energy of Dawn Force, if Lord God’s Child desires it, I shall teach you at a later time,” the elderly sister said.

Kieran was overwhelmed with delight.

Although he knew with the base he had laid down during the early dungeon and used the identity of God’s Child, it would allow him to progress smoothly ahead, he didn’t expect it to be this smooth.

All he did was rely on simple conversation and he had gotten the chance to learn the supporting techniques for the [Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art].

All this while, although the [Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art] was one of Kieran’s core powers, most of the time he used it to increase his attributes and balance out the devil and cardinal sins’ energy. It was hard for him to find any active methods to use it, until [Dawn Sword] appeared, only then the awkward situation started to change slightly but it was also just a bit.

[Dawn Sword] required charging time before firing, it made Kieran extremely careful when he used it and it was impossible for him to use it as a common combat measure during battle.

Kieran’s tone became more respectful towards the elderly sister who had just help him solve his urgent needs.

“Please continue to address me as 2567, your age and experience have far exceeded the identity that you bear. I have a lot of things that I want to learn from you, after all, I’ve just awakened the power but I don’t have the knowledge that goes with it,” Kieran said.

“Of course! Although God’s Child is extremely gifted, someone else would still have to teach the basic knowledge, Guntherson and I wouldn’t mind in teaching you everything we know.” The elderly sister nodded with a smile.

Perhaps the Church of Dawn had completely fallen but the elderly sister who held on to countless years of church traditions and extending the inheritance of the church clearly knew what must she do when a God’s Child appeared before her.

Maybe it was impossible to revive the Church of Dawn back to its glory days but it would be enough to continue to extend the church’s legacy.

Extending the legacy of the church had slowly become the elderly sister’s last hope as her age increased while felt the life force slipping out of her body.

Back when St. Paolo Church was transformed into St. Paolo School, the elderly sister already had the thought to search for a reliable heir before the last moments of her life but following Kieran’s appearance, it changed her plans altogether.

While holding his glass, John was looking at Kieran and Sister Moni conversing but he couldn’t join in at all. The topic they were discussing was no different than listening to a fairy tale but he was very interested.

After experiencing the thrilling incident, his fear faded away slowly and what followed was the rise of heavy curiosity.

John really wanted to know what kind of secrets that people didn’t know of were hidden from the surface world he knew, especially when the conversation topic shifted to the incident earlier, John was all-ears.

“After a human dies, his or her soul is left behind but most of the time the soul will be guided towards the divine realm that they believed in. Atheist souls will fade off quickly or fall into a sorrowful realm but some exceptions will cause the souls to go through unusual changes”

“Dying of great pain will torture the soul and the soul will not go to rest peacefully, if some other special methods are used, it would be enough to change the soul, making it more violent and evil.” The elderly sister said slowly.

“So, that is why Torti was dismembered?” John asked with a sudden realization.

“Yes.” The elderly sister nodded and her expression was showing an obvious sadness.

When St. Paolo Church was turned into a school, Sister Moni had given up on the idea but her love for her students was real, whether was it Altilly Hunter or the others, the sister treated all of them equally.

“Don’t worry Sister Moni, I’ll catch that bastard!”

John said instinctively when he saw the sad look on the sister’s face and after the words escaped his mouth, the chief officer suddenly realized, the culprit this time was different than before.

Those bastards from before, no matter how vicious or evil they were, they were still human but this time, it was different!

Once the thought of the moving bodies entered his mind again, John’s body twitched unnaturally.

After going through that, it didn’t mean he was immune to the fear, quite the opposite, only after going through the scary experience would he learn to fear the supernatural.

Although John didn’t fall into a heavily frightened state, when facing against the incidents occurring in the mystical realm, his hands were tied.

When he thought about the prideful words that escaped his mouth, he was embarrassed for a brief second but Kieran immediately broke the embarrassment for him.

“I’ll deal with the incidents in the mystical realm, all you need to do is go after the common ones. The craftsmanship on that box is quite delicate, the copper that wrapped the edges were brand new as well, I’m sure it came from the hands of a popular craftsman. There was also a layer of natural latex painted inside of the box, I do remember we have a rubber estate here right? Other than that, there are also some potions that can cause hallucinations to humans, although there is the perfume and blood covering it, I won’t mistake that smell,” Kieran said in a precise tone and arranged every clue in an orderly fashion.

“Craftsman who made the box, rubber estate, and potions? Okay, leave it all to me!”

John instantaneously recalled the scenes that happened before with Kieran’s reminder.

The chief officer stood up immediately, ready to move out but at the next moment, Deputy Chief Officer Leschuder ran in.

The moment the Leschuder stepped into the office, Kieran hid back into the shadows.

The deputy chief officer looked a little hesitant when he saw the elderly sister after he came in but in the end with John’s approval, he reported, “Sir, there’s a murder that happened at St. Paolo School!”