The Devil's Cage Chapter 827

Chapter 827 Actions

The Wayne member before Kieran’s eyes was different than the other panic-stricken ones, he was like a black goat mixing around with a bunch of white sheep and was easily locked down by Kieran.

In fact, when Kieran covered his mouth and dragged him into the shadows, the resistance from him made Kieran believe he had caught a big fish.

The guy felt like he was confused by the sudden actions but he had actually lifted his right hand with his palms up, ready for a sudden elbow strike.

When a slight air-breaking sound came from the motion of his elbow, his the tip of his elbow had landed on Kieran’s abdomen and at the moment of impact, his opened palm clenched tightly into a fist, dishing out another stronger, fiercer elbow strike.

The whole attacking process was very subtle, the man didn’t even turn his head or have any signs of movements. Until his elbow strike landed on his target, his eyes only slightly revealed a ferocious joy.

The man was sure after taking his elbow strike that could easily break bricks, Kieran would be finished.

Two consecutive strikes were enough to cause irreversible damage to Kieran’s internal organs but at the next moment, his delight was replaced by astonishment.

Pain! The bone-breaking pain came from his elbow!

The man turned his head around showing a look of disbelief, trying to confirm which part of Kieran he had hit because he felt like his elbow had landed on iron, not the body of a human being.

Though what he saw were Kieran’s cold eyes.

The deadly elbow strike was fatal to common men but to Kieran, it barely scratched him.

Even without any equipment, SSS rank Constitution enabled Kieran to ignore most of the attacks from a common man.


Dumbfounded, The Wayne family member looked at Kieran like he was looking at a monster, and was completely speechless.

However, his speechless state only lasted for a second or two before he swiftly recollected his senses.

“Who are you!? No matter who you are, you shouldn’t have done what you did! You’ve set you and your organization on a path of destruction! We will not let you roam free!”

After the guy finished his words, he was prepared to bite the poisonous capsule hidden in his tooth but Kieran was faster!

A fraction of a second before his teeth broke the poisonous capsule, Kieran’s powerful palm seized his lower jaw where his chewing muscles were. Kieran slightly used his strength through his fingers and opened the guy’s mouth, pulling the poisonous capsule together with his tooth out.

After a glance at the poisonous capsule with the shape of a perfect tooth, Kieran looked at the guy with a smile.

“Can you tell me about this “we” you are referring to?” Kieran asked slowly.

“In your dreams!” The guy answered in a relatively stern manner.

He then tried to move his mouth again, trying to kill himself by biting off his tongue.

Kieran raised a brow over his attempt and slapped him in the face.


The loud slap not only stopped his motion of biting his tongue in an attempt at suicide, it even slapped a couple of teeth out of him.

Pak Pak Pak!

Then, Kieran continued to slap him multiple times, he only stopped when he made sure all the teeth in his mouth were slapped out.

Kieran controlled his strength very well, it was able to make the guy feel enough pain yet not strong enough to cause a concussion to his brain.

Though the continuous pain from the broken teeth still made him groan heavily since he couldn’t endure all of it silently.

The nerves in the teeth were quite sensitive and weak, it was quite similar to how the 10 fingers’ nerves were connected to the heart.

Kieran grabbed the guy’s hand, he didn’t immediately snap his finger but he placed his own on top on the fingernail of the guy’s hand.

Then, he pulled!


The guy’s fingernail was pulled off just like that, exposing the pink bloody flesh underneath.

This time, the pain made the guy’s body twitch in pain but it was just the start!

Kieran lifted the fingernail with his index finger and thumb, and he stuffed his finger into the pink bloody flesh, turning hard.

The guy couldn’t hold back his voice anymore as the excruciating cry echoed in the area but the noises from the great rain and far enough distance made his cries useless.

“Now, can you tell me about is this “we” you are referring to? If you don’t say, I’ll continue our little game here. Don’t worry, I have tons of ways to play with you in mind I really need to thank the books, didn’t think the things that I read out of curiosity would be useful in this situation…” Kieran asked again.

His voice maintained a calm and steady pace and his words were obviously part true, part false.

It was true that he learned it through the books but he didn’t get enough of the “torturing”.

There are tons of books that was worth reading in Nikorei’s study room, it was quite the achievement for Kieran who wasn’t a ruthless person by nature to remember some of those techniques after a casual reading.

“I-In your dreams!” The guy said like a deflated balloon.

“Very well!” Kieran wasn’t pissed off but instead, he smiled.

It was the go-to reaction that was written in the books and the books stated his smile would cause a decent frightening effect.

A simple look at the Wayne family member’s face was able to give it all away, even though his mouth was tough, his eyes already showed fear. Especially when Kieran stabilized the guy’s head and pointed at his eyes with his index finger, slowly closing in on his eye, the guy tried to struggle as hard as he could.

“Stop! Stop it!”

He shouted loudly when Kieran’s finger touched his eye but it was useless, Kieran looked like he had forgotten his final goal and went on with his little game.


Kieran’s fingertip went into the guy’s eye! An uncontrollable scream of agony followed and when Kieran pointed his finger at the other eye, the screams stopped immediately.

“I’ll say! I’ll say!” But you must promise me I”


Another excruciating scream came from the guy.

“Death is a pardon that you don’t deserve right now. A fate worse than death is what you should experience.”

The guy shivered once more because Kieran’s finger moved towards his ear.

“We are the Blood Hand Society!” The guy screamed out the term right away.

Blood Hand Society?

Kieran was stunned, the term that sounded like a gang’s name was unheard of but it didn’t stop him from asking further.

The whole interrogation process went on for another 20 minutes.

After making sure nothing was left out, Kieran snapped the guy’s neck with a kick and headed back to St. Paolo’s school as fast as possible.

The drenched hood stuck to Kieran’s hair completely, water droplets kept dripping off his hood and slipping down his neck.

It was cold, slippery, and uncomfortable but Kieran didn’t care.

After knowing what the Blood Hand Society was doing tonight, he wasn’t bothered by these petty matters.