The Devil's Cage Chapter 831

Chapter 831 Seal Of Dawn

Compared to the resonance of Dawn Force and the [Seal of Dawn, Outer Seal], the resonance from the chapel behind Kieran was much stronger.

The most direct proof was the system notification.

[Energy resonance, Musou Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art acquired a decent amount of experience, leveling cost decreased by 1000]

[Energy resonance, Musou Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art acquired a decent amount of experience, leveling cost decreased by 10,000]

The first one was from the [Seal of Dawn, Outer Seal] and the second was from inside the chapel. The moment the resonance started from the first notification, the [Seal of Dawn] was completed.

[Name: Seal of Dawn (Unable to level)]

[Skill Type: Ancillary]

[Effect: 1. Inner Seal, 2. Outer Seal]

[Special Effect: None]

[Consume: Stamina]

[Prerequisite: Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art (Master)]

[Remark: The sole existence of the seal is to support Dawn Force]

[Inner Seal: Steer Dawn Force to operate faster through movements, it will increase Dawn Force’s recovery and increase the speed of training Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art]

[Outer Seal: Using a specific simple drawing to slightly enhance Dawn Force. Within the duration of the drawing, it is treated as an offensive magic brand with the lowest (Weak) and highest (Powerful) attack. The magic brand is effective against any being within a 10-meter radius. (Attack rank +1 automatically against negative energy beings)]

[Note: The higher the level Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art is, the better the Seal of Dawn’s effect]

Kieran already had a clear idea of the possible attributes of the [Seal of Dawn] during the lesson with Sister Moni, the really surprising thing was the chapel before his eyes.

‘St. Paolo School, it was transformed from St. Paolo Church 50 years ago and it is the place where the Goddess of Dawn first had shown her godly miracles!’

The description of Sister Moni unconsciously came afloat in Kieran’s mind.

“Godly miracles?” Kieran muttered softly.

He then walked into the chapel with a careful manner.

To Kieran, he could never be too careful against things that were related to divine beings, especially when he was passing himself off as a “God’s Child”, who knew what would happen?

Standing in front of the door of the chapel that was already opened, Kieran’s eyes saw through the door and tried to inspect the interior.

There was nothing different than what he remembered, including that Bernadette’s statue that was very concerning.

Her look and gaze under the moonlight was still merciful, other than the resonance feeling, nothing was unusual.

However, the more normal it looked, the more vigilant Kieran was from the bottom of his heart.

Kieran’s mind then spun rapidly.

“The resonance triggered by the [Seal of Dawn, Outer Seal] and Dawn Force In the current Church of Dawn, Sister Moni and Guntherson can achieve this as well but they didn’t tell me! This shouldn’t happen! Unless They couldn’t resonate with this energy? The real believers of the Church of Dawn couldn’t trigger a resonance but I can?”

Kieran squinted his eyes unconsciously.

He just stood at the entrance of the chapel, looking at the system notifications that popped up one after another and until the resonance feeling faded off, he didn’t step into the church.

Kieran counted all the notifications, a total of 10 to be exact.

Including the first notification that resonated with the chapel, the first 5 notifications decreased the required points by 10,000 and the last 5 notifications changed to 5000, showing a rapid plummet.

Though the benefits of the notifications were self-explanatory to Kieran.

He has acquired a hefty 75,000 Points in a short period of time and even for Kieran, it wasn’t a small number.

Looking at the required leveling cost to Transcendence which still had a hefty 96,000 Points and 18.5 Golden Skill Points even after the Origin Force discount, Kieran didn’t further blindly trigger the resonance anymore.

He turned around and headed towards the office building of the school. He wanted to ask the elderly sister about the chapel.

Sister Moni’s office was still bright. A fierce discussion came from inside without stop.

Even without further guesses, Kieran was certain the discussion was about the students who left the school.

“Principal Moni, we need to bring back the students!”

“Otherwise, our school image will sweep the floor!”

“That’s right Principal Moni, our school is preparing to expand and without the students, it will become the joke of all the other schools in the city!”

“Please Principal Moni, please ask for the parents’ forgiveness as soon as possible, bring the students back!”

“Ya! We can’t stay in a school without students!”

Obviously, the ones who said such things weren’t the school security members that Kieran always saw. From their address of at Sister Moni, they should be the teachers responsible in different subjects.

St. Paolo School was huge and has almost a hundred students, it wouldn’t be possible for Sister Moni to teach all of them alone, it was just natural to hire other teachers.


The teacher’s attitude sounded a little aggressive, weren’t they?

They didn’t bear the attitude of a hired teacher and instead spoke like the higher authority pointing people around.

Kieran who was in the shadow inspected the middle-aged male teacher in the middle of the crowd who obviously was the one who led them to this argument.

Kieran’s gaze turned judgemental at the teacher. The man had a common look and a long face, slightly bald and his temperament was almost identical to the others around him but his outfit was surely different.

The other teachers around him could only be considered as neatly dressed but the man in the middle was a little luxurious in terms of dressing.

Aside from the shirts that was obviously well sewn, the fact that one of his fingers had platinum rings embedded with emerald and a gold ring with a ruby told that it wasn’t something a teacher could own.

Although Kieran didn’t ask how much the salary of a teacher in St. Paolo was earning a month, Kieran was sure in the current dungeon world, a proper working gentleman would only earn around 30 to 40 local currency a month.

That two rings combined would cost around 500. The young officer Carl grunted at him more than once, complaining how expensive a gold ring was and it would cost him almost a year worth of salary; Carl’s annual income was around 200.

Regardless how high this male teacher’s salary was, it was not possible for him to reach several times Carl’s salary.

Even more so, did the male teacher stop eating and drinking?

“Did he make an unexpected profit from somewhere or something? Or did he promise someone to put the elderly sister in a difficult situation at this time, not to just earn a tidy sum but also to secure a better working opportunity?”

Only that could explain his attitude towards the elderly sister.

Who else would further put the elderly sister in a difficult position?

The ones who bore ill-intentions!

It was very normal for them to bribe one or two people in St. Paolo for their purposes. Then they would use the opportunity to take action against the elderly sister, forcing Guntherson out of hiding and making him set foot into another trap.

Once the thought came into his mind, Kieran silently appeared behind these teachers and signaled the elderly sister who was going to open her mouth with his hand.

“Very well, I shall take your opinions into serious consideration! I will provide you all with an answer tomorrow morning!”

The elderly sister altered the words that she had prepared when she saw the signs.