The Devil's Cage Chapter 832

Chapter 832 Suck

The teachers went back when they got a satisfying answer from Sister Moni.

Most of them returned to the dorm the school provided, some of them returned to their homes in the city.

As the representative teacher during the conversation, Cyan was supposed to stay in the school dorms but around a week ago, he inherited the wealth of one of his cousins and moved out of the school.

After saying goodbye to a couple of familiar teachers, Cyan took a wagon and went back to his “house” on the border of the wealthy district.

It was a twohouse with an independent garden outside.

Such an expensive house would seem unattainable for Cyan around a week ago.

His initial dream was just to have his own house on the better street of the common district, so when someone traded this house for petty favor, Cyan readily agreed.

As for the possible damage that it might cause?

From Cyan’s point of view, it was nothing compared to what he could get.

The elderly sister did treat him well but could the sister gave him an expensive house?


“What a nice house!”

When a couple of teachers hurried to Cyan’s place, each of them showed admiration on their faces.

“Come in!” Cyan wasn’t stingy in showing his hospitality, especially when he saw his colleagues’ envious gazes, he felt absolutely pleasant.

The last bit of guilt in his heart flew away.

“His lordship has stated very clearly, as long as we move according to his orders, you all can get the rewards like I did,” Cyan said inside his living hall.

“Rewards as in a house like this?” One of the other teachers asked to confirm.

“That’s right!” Cyan nodded.

Right of the bat, the few of them felt excited.

“So, what does his lordship want us to do?”

“Yeah!” What do we need to do?”

They asked eagerly.

“When Principal Moni provides us with an answer in the morning, we will eventually know. All we need to do is go along with his lordship’s arrangements,” said Cyan.

“What kind of arrangement is that?” One of them asked out of curiosity.

“You will know when the time comes. It’s late, I need to rest early in order to better show my cooperation to his lordship.”

Cyan then stood up, acting like he was sending off his guests.

The few of them walked out of Cyan’s house and the teacher who asked the last question took an unwilling gaze at the house behind him.

He muttered softly, “That damn bastard stepping on dog sh*t luck! If it was me who gets his lordship’s favor, this house would be mine! I to bet Cyan doesn’t even know what his lordship’s plan is! He is just a low-level dog!”

“Yeah right!”

“How dare he act high and mighty in front of us?”

“Let’s wait for tomorrow. When tomorrow comes, all we need to do is know who that lord is and with our abilities, we’ll surely catch up from behind!”

“Yes! We will!”

The conversation between the teachers perfectly displayed the hideous side of human nature.

Likewise, they also provided more information to Kieran who was hiding in the shadows.

However, compared to the few teachers who were not even lap dogs, that low-level dog seemed to know more.

In fact, it was.

After sending off his colleagues, Cyan welcomed another new guest, or rather, because of this guest, Cyan brushed away his colleagues in a hurry.

It was a woman with decent looks yet dressed in a raffish way.

The low tube top and the short skirt showed off her figure and fair white thighs. Usually, these kind women were not uncommon in the red light district.

Though, Cyan faced the woman with a face full of respect.

“I’ve prepared everything, now I’m just waiting for his lordship’s arrangements in the morning! So what is his lordship’s plan?” Cyan asked.

Just like his colleagues had speculated, Cyan didn’t know either.

“Ask what you should ask, don’t ask about those you shouldn’t.”

The raffish woman said in an impatient tone.

“Yes, yes! Then, of what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?”

Cyan nodded and bowed slightly, showing a stopping manner in reply to the woman’s impatient words.

“Of course to make sure his lordship’s plan to progress smoother” Then, the woman revealed a seductive smile.

Cyan was stunned when he saw the smile, he was infatuated with her from the look of his eyes.

“Madam, you” Cyan asked as if he held certain anticipation in his mind but before he finished, the woman went into his arms.

The sudden scene made Cyan close his arms on the woman like he was bewitched by the loving glance.

Though at the next moment, Cyan’s arms froze in mid-air.

The woman’s long index finger poked into Cyan’s head between the eyebrows just like that and when she removed her finger, her neatly cut nail was tainted red and white.

The woman stuck her tongue out and licked the brains off her finger, enjoying the taste.

Then, she held Cyan’s head up and placed her mouth onto the hole.

Sucking sounds sounded ceaselessly after that and a while later, Cyan’s head was left with bones wrapped with skin, his eyes and the meat on his cheeks were sucked into the woman’s stomach.

After a fulfilling burp, the woman carefully used her fingers to rip apart Cyan’s skin, and tore it off his body completely.

She then took off her clothes and wore the skin, getting dressed like a common woman going to work but when she was done, the woman that she was a moment ago vanished.

What replaced her was an entirely new “Cyan”.

“Cyan” looked at Cyan’s body remains, she didn’t plan to let it go to waste. She picked up the body with ease and headed to the kitchen.

Kieran who was in the shadows slightly squinted his eyes and when he heard cutting and mincing noise from the kitchen, his heart spun swiftly and gave up the intention of interrogating the monster.

Not only because Kieran’s entry-level interrogation skills would be completely useless against such a monster who sucked people’s brains and flesh like that but he also had a general idea about what these people’s plans were.

“If that’s the case”

Kieran silently left the room but he didn’t leave the house immediatly.

He waited to make sure there wasn’t anyone else showing up and also made sure the monster didn’t notice him before he truly left the premises.

Back at St. Paolo School, the elderly sister had been waiting for quite a while.

“2567, is there a problem with Cyan?”

Sister Moni asked when she saw Kieran walking into her office.

The elderly sister wasn’t stupid either, and it was obvious she noticed Cyan’s unusual behavior as well.

“Yup! Cyan was a very big problem but first, Sister Moni, can you explain to me in details about St. Paolo Church?” Kieran asked.