The Devil's Cage Chapter 833

Chapter 833 Horse Wagon

“St. Paolo Church? Well, around a thousand years ago, it was the first church that the Goddess of Dawn descended into and performed her godly miracles!”

Sister Moni was caught off guard at first but she explained right away instinctively.

“I know all of this, what I need is something a bit more detailed, like when the Goddess of Dawn descended to perform her miracles, whose church was it back then? Or, what kind of miracles did the Goddess of Dawn perform?” Kieran changed his question.

“The Goddess of Dawn descended to bestow her miracles and saved those who were tortured by sickness. While the church was previously a nameless, relatively unknown church and a God that wasn’t recognized by most of the people. Pardon me, 2567, these are just what I’ve gotten from the ancient codex. As for the truth I myself don’t even know. Even though I am now the saintess of Church of Dawn, back then I didn’t have the authority to go through the real codex and by the time I had them, the war had destroyed many of the codexes.”

Sister Moni was bearing a faint sorrowful look.

Although the Church of Dawn was past tense now, Sister Moni’s age also allowed her to realize the reality but human always had the nature of recalling the past, causing the elderly sister to fall into an inevitable sadness.

“No, no, it’s enough. It’s better than me knowing nothing at all.” Kieran waved his hands while his heart was muttering non-stop.

“The cure that was labeled as a godly miracle? It certainly wasn’t a feat one or two men could achieve! The cure should be of quite some scale! And this nameless God” Kieran couldn’t help but shake his head.

History was written by the victors, it was necessary to purposely diminish certain facts.

In simple words, that nameless God might be a divine being with quite the influence back then.

“The resonance that I had before was related to this nameless God?” Kieran wondered.

Though when he saw that the elderly sister was still sinking in her own memories, Kieran diverted the topic.

“Sister Moni, how do you view Cyan?” Kieran asked.

“Cyan? His character is a little harsh but he is serious, responsible and still knowledgeable.”

Kieran smiled when he heard the elderly sister’s euphemistic words.

Given the elderly sister’s character, if she could utter terms like “a little harsh” and “still knowledgeable”, it was enough to judge Cyan’s normal performance.

Of course, Kieran didn’t care how Cyan behaved at other times, he was just laying the groundwork for the upcoming topic.

“Sister Moni, Cyan is a traitor. Not only did he fail to live up to your trust but he will return your kindness with ingratitude.”

Kieran tried to explain what happened before with the simplest words possible.

Instantly, the elderly sister’s face changed, she looked pained and helpless after being betrayed by the teacher.

There wasn’t rage though, even the pain and helplessness faded soon enough.

Seeing how Sister Moni’s emotions went through a roller coaster ride, Kieran uttered praise from the bottom of his heart again.

Kieran once exclaimed at the sister’s character during the first time he heard she wanted to transform St. Paolo Church into a school and was willing to open the collection of books from the Church of Dawn to the public.

This time, he had a deeper understanding of the elderly sister’s generosity in her heart, it could even be considered as kind.

Kieran was sure if it was someone else who was betrayed, the person would burst out in anger, scolding and cursing from the bottom of their heart at the traitor.

“Oh merciful Bernadette, please forgive the ones seduced by desires and temptations.”

“2567, what should we do now?” Sister Moni looked at Kieran after a word of prayer.

After acknowledging Kieran’s identity as God’s Child and as she originally a member of the Church of Dawn, while Guntherson the guardian knight was absent and the saintess had the intentions to delegate power, the God’s Child would have to step up to maintain the situation.

“Please leave it to me,” Kieran said with a smile.

The elderly sister nodded with a smile too, she stood up and headed towards the small chapel.

Looking at Sister Moni’s back, Kieran’s mouth stuttered a while but he ultimately decided to keep quiet and followed behind her.

Standing in the shadows of the small chapel, Kieran stared at the statue in front of Sister Moni when she was praying, he used a delicate gaze to size up every small detail of the chapel.

Unfortunately, until the sky started to brighten up, he got nothing. Everything that happened was as normal as it could get but outside the school, the situation has gotten stranger.

A black wagon with two horses in front was slowly approaching the school during the first light of dawn.

On the top right side of the carriage, the oil lamp was burning brightly but other than shedding bits of light over its trail, there was no warmth from the vehicle at all.

When the sky got brighter, everyone would be able to see the driver-less wagon moving forward with only the horses.

Ding Dong, Ding Dong!

The bells hung over the horses’ neck was emanating a clear chime as they moved forward but the police officer on duty at the police box acted like he didn’t see the wagon and turned a deaf ear at the chime.

“Huh? Why is there a wagon here?”

One of the patrolling security members of the school noticed the wagon parked in front of the school gate.

His face was baffled with questions because with the police box in front of the school, St. Paolo forbade any wagons to be parked in front of the gate, even the rich and wealthy student parents stopped their wagon at the police box and walked towards the gate to receive their children from school.

With questions lingering in his head, the security member went up to the wagon.

“Sorry, but this place is EH?!”

The security member lifted his head up while he spoke and suddenly he realized the Wagoner was not around.

“Umm, Hello?” He frowned but maintained his manners, knocking at the carriage door.

Then, the security member didn’t move anymore as he froze in that position of knocking.

“Where’s Ecker?”

“Isn’t his shift due now?”

“Don’t tell me that guy is slacking off again!”

“Damn it, the captain just went off a while ago and he starts slacking off, what a Eh? Where did this wagon come from?”

Another security member was walking towards the dorm grunting, wanting to wake up his lazy colleague until he saw the wagon parked in front of the school gate with a glance.

The oil lamp on the wagon was too obvious, as long as one wasn’t blind, one could easily spot it.

This security member walked forward out of curiosity and when he saw that the wagon was absent of its Wagoner, he instinctively wanted to knock on the carriage door as well.

However, he was stopped just in time. A palm was laid on his shoulder.

At the same time on the street outside the school, a group of people was swarming over.

Dozens of wagons were sprinting with the Wagoners driving, yet the Wagoners wished they could sprint faster since they had ordered.

Pak, Pak Pak!

They weren’t stingy in swinging their whips at the horses and with the pain from the whips, the horses sprinted even faster.

It only took almost 15 seconds to reach the school gate from the street entrance.

When the wagons stopped, a bunch of intimidating people gushed down from the carriage.