The Devil's Cage Chapter 835

Chapter 835 As You Wish

To most of the people, the mystical powers were something foreign, something fearful.

Even for the faint white brilliance that was filled with compassion and holiness, it was the same because the scene was built on top of a dozen fallen attendants.

As the employers of the attendants, the parents knew how strong the people they hired were. Each and every one of them could casually take out 3 to 5 big hunks and 1 or 2 among them could even fight 10 at once.

However, all the allegedly strong attendants fell with the blink of an eye.

The rage from the parents was real but the scene that happened before their eyes was like a cold bucket of water poured down on them, forcing them to halt their steps.

Each of them looked at Kieran with anxiety and doubt, especially the parent who led the charge at first, the rage that lingered on his face and the newly added astonishment intertwined, showing an extremely weird look.

Looking at all those doubtful parents, “Cyan” couldn’t help but laugh coldly in her heart and at the same time showed her disdain.

The situation was expected by that lord and the reason “Cyan” was there was to handle the situation.

“Is it you who hurt my students?”

“Cyan” walked out from the crowd, looking at hooded Kieran with a stern righteous face and before Kieran could reply, she threw himself at Kieran, looking so agitated that she lost control of herself.

Seeing how “Cyan” reacted, the parents who had fear and reluctance of their foe instantly felt embarrassed but before the parents would react, an explosive horse neigh sounded off.


The two horses that were pulling the black wagon broke free of their ropes as if they went mad.

They dragged the wagon and the bodies inside with them, charging towards Kieran.




The parents of the bodies couldn’t hold back their cries, they wanted to stop the horses that went mad but it was impossible.

When a sprinting horse crashed into someone, the powerful force would be enough to crush bones and rip tendons and even for those attendants that consisted of mercenaries and bounty hunters, they could only try to stop it with a milder way.

Two agile attendants jumped up the wagon, trying to pull back the reins and stop the wagon but just as their feet landed on the wagon, their body froze and fell off.

The wheels of the wagon ran over their body and sounds of crushing bones could be heard.

Blood gushed out from the attendants’ mouths as they fell to the ground, their chests were also caved in after being run over.

Both of them will not be alive after this.

The scene changed the faces of the attendants who wanted to try and it made them swiftly move away. Their lifelong experience from their special occupation made them realize something wasn’t right.

“Move away!”

Shouts went off in the crowd.

Immediately, the crowd was split up left and right like bread sliced in half by a knife.

“Cyan” who was in front of the crowd moved away along also, she looked at Kieran further away with a soft cold laugh.

She was anticipating what would Kieran do.

Would he dodge it? Or would he face the two horses that were fed a special potion to increase their frenzied state, allowing them to even fight a bear?

Though no matter what Kieran chose, it was just an appetizer, the real main course was

“Cyan” looked at the carriage of the wagon, it was the real trump card that was arranged by that lord.

The whole carriage was soaked with poison before, anyone who went near it will be affected mentally, a simple touch will send a man to the verge of death and the poison would be activated very quickly.

As long as the horses dragged the carriage near Kieran, the outcome will be determined.

As for those parents who could simply move near and touch the carriage before, they were the ones she had paid “special” attention to.

Although even with the antidote, it was just a temporary suppression, any longer and the effect will fade completely.

“You really are the famous Guntherson, you really wanted to go head to head with the horse? It’s suicidal! If you choose to dodge it, you might last a little longer but now?”

“Cyan”‘s gaze returned to Kieran soon and when she saw Kieran was standing on the spot without the slightest budge, she slightly frowned and swiftly showed a look of contempt.

Then, it quickly turned to a look of eagerness.

Her stomach was growling of hunger, her tongue couldn’t help but lick her dry lips.

She was very eager to taste the blood and flesh of this powerful one before her eyes but


A loud shout came from the shining figure.

The two extremely violent horses took a hard break following the shout.

They were stopped by a single shout?! How was that possible?!

Everyone present looked at Kieran with a look of disbelief, hence everyone neglected that the horses were forced to a stop.

If someone was able to carefully inspect the horses, they could see the horses which were extremely violent a moment ago started to calm down. Not only did the feverish look in their eyes fade away swiftly, but their strong bodies were also trembling, as though they had met their natural enemy.

In fact, through the eyes of the horses, Kieran who was covered in brilliance was much more terrifying than the so-called natural enemy.

Under a faint sulphuric scent, the chaotic aura from the deepest part of the abyss was mixed with the most wicked and primal gaze.

The fact that the horses weren’t frightened to death on the spot was already remarkable enough. They had to thank their own strength and the potion but the people around didn’t know that.

All they saw was the rampaging horses stop after Kieran shouted.

The crowd stared blankly at Kieran who slowly walked towards the carriage after putting away his devil energy and cardinal sins’ aura.

“Cyan” who was also overwhelmed a moment ago came back to her senses.

“Even if you can terrorize the mad horses, you wouldn’t be able to resist the poison of his lordship!””Cyan” thought in her heart but the upcoming scene made her widen her eyes.

Kieran stood beside the wagon and the white brilliance on his body turned brighter and denser.

He said with a tone similar from before, “I can’t possibly feel the pain that you have suffered but I can make sure the ones who tortured you will suffer 10 times, 100 times the pain!”

“May you rest in peace.”

As Kieran utter those words, he carried the bodies of the 4 girls out and placed them down on the ground.

The whole process was slow and steady.

“Get…Get away from my daughter!” One of the ladies mustered up enough courage and stopped Kieran with her shout.

“Please don’t go near them in the meantime Their souls do not hope for their parents to be hurt again.”

“Wha.. What? Souls?!” The lady was stunned and looked at her daughter’s body, she was lost.

While that was happening, Kieran’s hand was shining in a brighter brilliance.

The crowd didn’t know whether it was the illusions from the bright light or something else, they suddenly noticed the stiff and gloomy face of the dead girls turned a lot tender and charming, it almost felt like they revealed a smile on their lips.


Lost, everyone stared blankly at Kieran.

With that many pairs of eyes staring down at him, Kieran walked towards “Cyan” slowly.

“Stirring up trouble and fooling the people, you who defiled the bodies of the girls shall be punished!” Kieran uttered each and every word loudly.

“Punished? What, you want a myriad of snakes to devour me? Do you have the abilities to do so?”

As Kieran was coming close, “Cyan”‘s heart was utterly nervous since her secret was exposed but her mouth kept attacking Kieran without showing any weakness.

As it was known to all, the “snakes” were treated as holy creatures and worshipped in some secret sects. “Snakes” delivered knowledge and also determined sanctions but the Church of Dawn who had a milder creed didn’t have such a “holy” creature.

When her words subsided, “Cyan” who was thinking about how to escape the situation lifted her head up as she felt something. It was like she felt the pondering gaze from Kieran.

“As you wish!”