The Devil's Cage Chapter 836

Chapter 836 The Beginning


Amid a series of hiss, hundreds of thousands of fat, long venomous snakes with thin horns on their heads sprung out around “Cyan” and instantly flooded the ill-intended imposter.

The people around stared at the scene blankly and unconsciously, their eyes at Kieran had a heavy sense of reverence.

Since Kieran’s sudden appearance, each move he made looked inconceivable to the people.

Shouting to stop the rampaging horses, laying the souls to rest and when one was shamelessly boasting, he used their own words to punish them.

As for him beating the attendants back in the first place, it became insignificant compared to the others.

“Uh…Uh… Sir? If I may”

One middle-aged man mustered up enough courage to ask but Kieran didn’t reply, he waved his hand and went forward to “Cyan”.

The imposter “Cyan” had completely sunken into the illusion of myriad snakes consuming him when [Sword Skill, Myriad Viper] was used, he couldn’t even free himself.

Kieran, on the other hand, would not show courtesy towards such an enemy.

He laid his finger on “Cyan”‘s neck and after a few pinches, he ripped away the layer of skin.

Right after that, the crowd who was looking at Kieran cried out in shock.

“A woman?!”

“A woman in the skin of Mr. Cyan?”

“Then What happened just now”

Although there were traces of makeup that lingered on the imposter’s face, it was easy for people to tell her gender.

Other than that, the parents weren’t stupid. Quite the contrary, if they could possess their current identity, position and wealth, they were the wise ones among the commons.

At first, it was because of their daughters’ deaths and the incitement of the imposter, hence they lost their sanity for a while.

Now, however, after they calmed down, they immediately realized something was wrong and almost instantaneously, the parents looked at the few teachers who supported “Cyan”.

When the imposter said “punish me with a myriad of snakes” and it really happened, the teachers were frightened out of their minds and after the imposter’s true identity was exposed, they were at a loss for words.

“I was lied to!”

“I’m innocent!”

“I didn’t know she wasn’t Cyan!”

The teachers started to give excuses when they were facing the hostile gazes from the parents.

However, following the parent’s signal, the few attendants with an intimidating manner walked over and before the attendants really closed upon the teachers, they started to spill the truth.

“It’s Cyan who incited us!”

“I didn’t know Cyan was not himself that time!”

“There’s someone big behind him that incited him to do this and that lord gave him quite the rewards!”

“We have nothing to do with your daughters’ deaths, we only knew what was going on when we reached the school!”

“We are just blinded by our greed temporarily! We didn’t know this matter would blow up so big!”

The teachers gave their best in defending themselves.

Although they weren’t lying at some part of the incident, no one would believe them at this time.

Just when the parents who lost their daughters were about to vent their anger on them, Kieran walked over.

When they saw Kieran walk over, the few parents stopped their conversation right away.

One of them acted as a representative and talked to Kieran, “Sir, you may bear goodwill but these bastards don’t deserve your mercy and sympathy. Such accomplices helped to fuel this fire and the subsequent tragedies, they are unforgivable!”

No doubt, few of the parents worried Kieran might stop them. After all, Kieran had the white brilliance on his body and his soft and tender tone spoke of “God” from time to time, a simple look at him would make people think he was a member of the merciful church.

Perhaps they wouldn’t mind if they were facing a common member of the church but against Kieran who was a powerful one, they didn’t dare turn a cold shoulder, let alone Kieran who had presented all sorts of wonders.

Once Kieran really stopped the parents, no matter how unwilling they were, they were helpless against his decision and the teachers felt like they saw hope before them. They begged Kieran, but right away, they fell deep into the abyss.

“People need to be responsible for the choices they made. When you all abandoned Sister Moni’s kindness, the outcome had already been decided. Even God wouldn’t accept betrayers,” Kieran said slowly.

Then, amid the despairing looks from the teachers, Kieran turned to the parents.

“Sir, you”

When the parents heard what Kieran said, they were overwhelmed with joy but when they noticed Kiera’s gaze at them, they felt uneasy instantly.

Especially when Kieran pointed at their palms only then they suddenly realized their palm has swollen and turned black without their knowing.

“Wha…What is this?” A few of the parents asked in a nervous tone.


“The wagon just now was laced with heavy poison but a few of you had come across the antidote before yet the antidote didn’t allow you to completely ignore the poison, it only delayed the spreading process.”

As Kieran explained, he emanated the brilliance from his hand with a swing.

[Repel Toxin]!

Although the poison was fierce and vicious, facing against Musou level [Repel Toxin], it faded off swiftly.

Seeing how their swollen palms subsided at exponential speed and the color return to normal, the parents lifted their heads with joy, wanting to thank Kieran.

They were very sincere with their gratitude this time. One needed to know the parents originally wanted to ask Kieran to heal them and they had the preparation to fork out a huge amount of money.

Yet who would’ve guessed before they even asked, Kieran already healed them and the more surprising thing was, after Kieran healed them, he decided to leave.

“Sir! Sir!”

Few of the parents gave chase to Kieran, calling his name when they saw Kieran pick up the imposter and head into the school.

“Anything else?” Kieran stopped, turned around and asked.

The light on Kieran became brighter and softer as he turned around, it even recovered the heavy breaths of the parents who spent quite the energy to chase up to him.

As the parents felt the changes of their body and the recovering stamina, they looked at each other in confusion, they forgot what to say.

The reason they chased up to Kieran was to express their gratitude but as they felt the energy from Kieran, the suddenly realized their “gratitude” to the likes to Kieran was totally unnecessary.

“I hope you can take charge of my daughter’s funeral and pray for her, I am willing to spend money to renovate the school!” One of the parents said after pausing a little.

No doubt the lady was a loving mother to her daughter.

“Sir, may I ask, who in the world is she? Why is she doing this?”

The love of a mother was tender and the love of a father was slightly stern but against the enemy, the father would always stand in front, taking revenge was no exception either.

When the parents heard what the father asked, their eyes turned towards Kieran.

They will not just let the woman go without avenging their daughter.

“She’s just a pawn, the person behind her is the mastermind and is also someone that you people can’t afford to cross.” Kieran tried to dissuade them.

“What about you, sir? Do you have the confidence to deal with that person?” The father asked.

“Sure.” Kieran nodded.

“Great! We can’t avenge our daughter because we are weak but you, you are different because you are strong, you can take revenge for us! Throughout the process, if you have anything you need at all or anything we can help with, please don’t hesitate to ask, I’ll do everything within my power!” The father didn’t even doubt Kieran’s words as he uttered his own quickly.

Likewise, the other parents gave their assurance too.

“Us too! If you have anything need, please ask, we will do our best to aid you as well!”

Not only the parents who lost their daughters but those who were incited to follow along gave their words as well.

Looking at the parents who had major influences over the city, Kieran went into deep thought for a few seconds before saying, “Well then, everyone please help me to locate a person that has the traits of an outsider, has mysterious whereabouts, has a vicious look or a terrifying gaze. Find him or them but don’t try to take them on your own, tell me if you do and I will deal with them properly!”