The Devil's Cage Chapter 837

Chapter 837 Forgotten

The crowd dispersed soon.

Compared to the intimidating manner when they arrived, the parents left with utmost courtesies and respect.

Especially the respect they showed Kieran from the bottom of their hearts, it made Sister Moni feel like she had returned to the past for a second there.

Only during the era where the Church of Dawn thrived would the people show such expressions to the members of Dawn but when even the school security members showed similar respect to Kieran, it told the sister it wasn’t an illusion.

The school security member who looked on with Sister Moni from the side were utterly overwhelmed by within a short time by the mysterious and powerful manner that Kieran displayed.

“The charms of a God’s Child?” Sister Moni muttered softly.

Inside the codexes of the Church of Dawn, Sister Moni did previously read the records stating the unique charms of a God’s Child would make others follow him unconsciously.

Sister Moni who wasn’t a simple-minded girl anymore knew the exaggeration of the stories but now after seeing Kieran’s performance, her stance on the matter couldn’t help but tremble.

“If all the God’s Children were similar to Kieran, then it might be possible!”

The thoughts appeared in Sister Moni’s heart uncontrollably.

Kieran who was standing almost side by side with the sister wouldn’t have missed her soft mutter.

He nodded quietly by himself after he heard what the sister muttered.

Kieran knew his own matters better than anyone, he didn’t have the so-called “God’s Child charms”. All he did was used his own power at the right time, right place, and fortunately, the effect was not half bad!

With a bunch of wealthy and noble parents acting as his eyes and ears, Kieran wasn’t a one-man army anymore.

The enemies that were hiding in the dark corners of the city would soon be exposed.

Kieran was sure of that when he slightly knew the identities of the students’parents.

The students’ parents were the big faction of the common people who covered the entire city and no matter how powerful the mystical realm was, they would still need supplies from the commoners. Not just rare materials for experimental use but also the important food and life necessities.

In simple words, the mystical was built on the common, like a big tree where the roots were the common side and with enough nutrients and supplies, the trunk, the mystical, could grow strong and flourish.

Of course, there were also exceptions. There were some in the mystical realm who didn’t need food or other kinds of supplies but Kieran was sure the two to three parties involved in this dungeon world needed the commoners’ supplies and one of them had required quite the amount.

The one who placed the woodpile into the field of the school must be a strong man. The man would have to be tall, strong and big and in order to maintain his energy, he would need a lot of food and some special recipes as well.

Well finding the man would need some time and in the meantime, Kieran didn’t plan to waste time. He had a captive in his hand, didn’t he?

“Sister Moni, do you have a quieter room?” Kieran asked.

“You want to interrogate her, 2567?” Sister Moni took a glance at the unconscious imposter after Kieran asked.

“Although I don’t put much hope into it, I still want to try,” Kieran spoke his mind. He wouldn’t try to hide his incompetency if he wasn’t 100% sure.

“If it is possible, I hope that I can carry out the interrogation!”

The elderly sister uttered a request that shocked Kieran to the bones.

No matter how he looked at it, the elderly sister wasn’t a person that one would relate with interrogations and torture, so why did she request it

“Something is wrong with her?” Kieran asked after immediately realized what the sister meant.

“Em. She said “snake” before this and I hope I am overthinking, otherwise, the enemies we are about to face will be much more powerful than we imagined!” Sister Moni said with a worried tone.

“Is it the same as the Church of Dawn? Or?” Kieran continued.

“I am not sure at the moment, I need to question with her to confirm my thoughts,” she shook her head.

Then, the elderly sister handed a palm-sized notebook to Kieran.

“This is?” Kieran took it and asked.

“Guntherson’s training notes! I figured this might help you a little. If the legacy codex of Dawn is still around, it might provide much bigger help but” The elderly sister shook her head again.

“This is enough for me! Do you need me to come along in order to question her?” Kieran asked as he was overwhelmed with joy after flipping a few pages of the notes because when he flipped through it, the system notifications already popped up.

[Went through related notes, leveling cost of Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art decreased by 10]

When he truly finished reading the notes, he would certainly get a much bigger reward without a doubt but of course, he didn’t forget the matters at hand.

“Do you think my old dying body can’t lift her?”

The elderly sister joked as she felt the atmosphere before was too depressing.

“You age is something admirable because it gave you experience and wisdom that far surpass anyone,” Kieran replied with a smile.

“Time is always more cunning than you think. It provides you with enough experience and wisdom but it will also silently take your youth, health, and energy away. It still will force you to drag your body to worry and be busy with much morecomplicated things.”

Sister Moni sighed softly.

Kieran looked at the elderly sister from the side and saw her snow-white temples and wrinkled cheeks. He didn’t say anything else because he was unable to share the feeling but he caught the weight of her words.

“I hoped to be more relaxed at first but who would have thought things had gotten heavier. Since my youth, I always have this bad habit and a lot of people mocked me back then. “Melancholic little nun” and “philosopher wannabe nun” were some of my nicknames back then.”

The elderly sister was telling the interesting stories of her youth.

“Well, they would never have thought you would eventually be the saintess of Dawn.” Kieran went along with her tempo.

“Yes, but not only them, it even caught me by surprise! I didn’t even expect myself to be the saintess! Fate is always mysterious, I guess even her Majesty Bernadette could not see through fate itself.” The elderly sister nodded and showed a smile.

Yet soon enough, the smile became complicated.

“Who knows?” Kieran shrugged.

“Yes, who knows is right.’ The elderly sister sighed once more and hastened her steps.

She realized she really wasn’t suitable at initiating casual chit-chat because no matter what she talked about, it would ultimately end in sighs.

“Is it because of my age?” The elderly sister thought in her heart.

Though when they reached the quiet room, Sister Moni quickly adjusted her emotions.

After getting a nod from Sister Moni, the imposter was woken up by Kieran, not by any tender means though.

A pail of cold water poured down on her head, causing the imposter to shiver.

When the imposter saw the elderly sister before her eyes, she screeched, “The monster forgotten by time itself!”