The Devil's Cage Chapter 839

Chapter 839 Abilities

The aura from the illusory figure made Kieran skip a breath but at the bottom of his heart, he didn’t feel surprised at all.

On the contrary, he sized up the illusory figure before him with a judgemental gaze.

The figure had three heads, two black snakeheads on left and right and a male head in the middle. Its body was of an aviary and it had sharp claws of an eagle but it didn’t have parts that could be considered as arms. The figure then expressed its ferocity.

Tss! Tss!

After two loud hisses, the two black snakeheads threw themselves at Sister Moni.

With the elderly sister tipping off Kieran, he appeared in front of her in a flash, blocking the two illusory black snakeheads and dishing out his own kicks.

Transcendence [Hand to hand Combat, Kick Combats] had the ability to deal damage to formless spirit beings and after he had limit broken his Character Model Template, Kieran acquired [Outstanding Strength].

Not only Dawn Force but even Devil Flame could be infused into his kicks and at that particular moment, he wouldn’t have to hesitate on which to choose.


Dawn Force shone brightly on Kieran’s legs. When the two black snakeheads were struck by Dawn Force, a sizzling sound could be head from their skin and when the tip of Kieran’s feet touched the snakehead


Both the snakeheads shattered like glassware and pieces of the heads tumbled around like dust under the sunlight, vanishing into nothing.

The remaining human head though chanted a series of unknown incantations and what followed was a layer of black mist.

The black mist rumbled around the illusory figure and a series of agonizing wails could be heard from it.

Kieran’s eyes could even see something similar to souls inside the black mist. Then, a heavy and sonorous voice came emanated from the black mist.

“Submit! Petty ants!”

It seemed like the voice could terrorize souls of the living, Kieran clearly felt all the living beings within a 20-meter area being affected greatly, even the vermins that were affected died off right away.

However, to Kieran, it was nothing. A lot of Spirit authentication notifications popped up but Kieran passed all of them.

“Submit? Petty ants?” Kieran laughed, showing a cold smile on his face.

“A mere lingering illusion what are you bluffing about?” Kieran uttered each and every word clearly.

The many dungeon experiences granted Kieran knowledge beyond common people’s imagination. Like the figure before his eyes, it was not the first time he saw it.

Back in [The Shaman’s Partner], he also encountered a similar existence before, the God of Judgement’s lingering illusion.

Now the “thing” before him should be the lingering illusion of that so-called Zaimyrander. Though the lingering illusion before him now was slightly stronger than the God of Judgement, that was it.

So, the outcome had been decided long ago.


A 15-meter long light sword thrust out from Kieran’s hand, piercing the black mist and the illusory figure together.

The black mist melted like snow under a hot sun and the illusory figure was ignited by the attack.

“Ants! Ants! Ants! You will die a horrible death! A horrible death!”

The illusory figure cursed out loud but instead it showed its helplessness and bluffs even more.

The ignition burned the figure fiercely and went off swiftly, leaving nothing behind.

All that was left was the imposter in a blank state. It felt like she had just woken up from her slumber.

When she saw Kieran and Sister Moni, she was frightened badly and it made her stagger backward until she fell on the floor, crying out loud.

“Who are you? Where am I?”

“Lisa wants daddy! Lisa wants daddy! Daddy!”

Kieran frowned and instinctively turned to Sister Moni.

Sister Moni sighed and walked towards the woman. She coaxed her like a child and held her in her arms, comforting her softly.

The elderly sister’s already slow body was a little staggered at that moment, she was no different than those with walking difficulties; she looked older than others around her age.

Kieran was sure Sister Moni got older after the figure appeared.

“What happened just now?” Kieran went up and asked.

“2567, please head to 11th Lion Street. There is a temporary base that belonged to Lisa and two other people. One of them should be Reed’s killer and the other one is a young man who covered his face. Lisa only met him once.”

The elderly sister didn’t answer Kieran directly, she diverted the topic.

But the contents of her words allowed Kieran to have more guesses.

“Memory reading? Or?”

Kieran saw Lisa peeking at him behind the elderly sister and when he laid his gaze on her, Lisa shrunk behind Sister Moni.

The look of sucking brains and eating flesh from Kieran’s memory was absent from the woman.

As thoughts ran wild in Kieran’s heart, it didn’t stop his movements.

“Sister Moni, please come with me. I don’t want people to lure the tiger out of the mountain and I don’t know how many others know about your powers, it is also hard for me to guarantee whether this Lisa here is a bait sent out by the enemies.” Kieran pointed at Lisa.

Lisa who popped her head up shrunk back behind Sister Moni again.

“Mm.” The elderly sister didn’t reject Kieran’s suggestion.

Soon, an unmarked wagon left St. Paolo School.

Kieran was quiet in the carriage.

Sister Moni comforted Lisa who was being anxious and when she crawled up on Sister Moni’s thigh and fell asleep like a child, the elderly sister only looked up to Kieran.

“Do you know why I was called a monster? It’s because of this ability that coincidentally granted to me during my birth. The moment I read through people’s memory I can also erase them.”

“Erase a part of people’s memory?” Kieran was astonished.

“Isn’t it terrifying?” Sister Moni showed a helpless, self-mocking smile.

“It is! So what she said just now, “consumed everyone’s last hope”, what was that about?”

Kieran didn’t conceal his own thoughts and at the same time, he showed his curiosity.

“Back then during the crucial time where the nobles and churches fought, all of the churches laid down their creeds and cooperated, disregarding their previous enmity. I participated as the representative from the Church of Dawn and everyone established the idea of infiltrating the noble allied forces. I was tasked to read and erase the memories of several leaders of the noble allied forces but at the last crucial moment, I hesitated because of my hesitation, the church allied forces started to lose ground steadily.

“In the end we suffered a complete loss,” the elderly sister said calmly as if she was stating something that didn’t concern her.

Though Kieran clearly saw how Sister Moni clenched her fist and it seemed like she wasn’t as calm as she looked.

Why would she hesitate though? Kieran was quite curious about that particular point but the look on Sister Moni’s face prevented him from asking further.

Then, the carriage went silent until the wagon stopped.

“Sister, we’ve arrived at 11th Lion Street!”

Acker who acted as the Wagoner knocked on the glass window.