The Devil's Cage Chapter 841

Chapter 841 Purpose Of Arrival

Back at Guntherson’s wooden hut, Kieran thanked Acker for delivering the food.

Kieran sent Acker off before taking out the piece of paper again.

“The words are tidy and had its own style. This paper isn’t just a random piece either, it’s specially prepared, so the scene of leaving in a hurry from the living hall was an act? They purposely sent Lisa to Sister Moni, allowing me to know where they were just to deliver this piece of paper to me? So I can wait for them here?” Kieran wondered silently.

The answer was before his eyes and it wasn’t that hard to know.

Though the baffling thing was, why would they do what they did? Or, what gains would they get out of this?


Other than losing a subordinate, there were no benefits at all.

“Compared to losing a subordinate, they would rather have a meeting with me Interesting!” Kieran commented in his heart.

He then started to tidy up the wooden hut.

After all, since “School, wooden hut” was written on the paper, it might be the meeting place or something might be hidden here.

After placing the vegetables, dried meat and buns in the cabinet, Kieran started to tidy up the wooden hut bit by bit.

Almost an hour later, he had gone through all the spots that could possibly hide things yet he got nothing at all. Kieran sat back down on Guntherson’s simple bed.

The whole bed was made out of rocks and a wooden plank on top of them. The mattress on top was a thin one and it suited Guntheron’s identity as the knight.

Kieran didn’t complain, he laid back and waited patiently.

Of course, he wouldn’t just wait there and do nothing, Kieran still has Guntherson’s notes to read. While he was reading, his eyes would glance through the window, looking at the small chapel further away from time to time.

Sister Moni was praying inside. Kieran’s sharp Intuition allowed him to hear the sister’s prayers.

As for the paper left behind by a stranger that he never met before, Kieran will never fully believe the contents.

If they were trying to arrange a deceptive array to fool him, the time Kieran spent in the wooden hut would be the best opportunity for them to strike.

Seconds turned into minutes, minutes into hours.

The sun rose and set as the time arrived on the evening of the next day.

The prayers inside the small chapel took a pause and according to the time, it was time for dinner. Sister Moni would move towards the dorms belonging to the teachers and admins and have dinner with the off duty school security members.

Originally, Sister Moni would have her dinner in her own room but under Kieran’s strong request, there were people around the elderly sister throughout most of the day.

Many of the school security members also realized that dinner time was considered as one of the few resting hours that Kieran had; it was also Kieran’s dinner time.

The fire place in the wooden hut was burning fiercely, boiling the iron pot on top.

The pot with the rice soup was already boiling, Kieran used his dagger and sliced or cubed the dried meat, veggies and carrots into the pot.

He covered the lid again and allowed the soup to boil further.

Steam was erupting ceaselessly from the seams of the lid, emanating a unique sound but what came to Kieran first was the aroma of the roasted potatoes.

The potatoes that were stuffed under the burning wood softened by the heat.

Kieran’s hands moved as fast as lightning, ignoring the burning fire and pulled out two pieces of charred potatoes, with sparks and steam emanating, from the burning wood.

He blew off the ashes on the potatoes and peeled off the skin, allowing the hot steam to gush out in an instant, the yellowish edible flesh inside was instantly revealed.

Kieran wasn’t extremely particular of the flavor, he tore away the charred potato skin and sprinkled salt, cinnamon powder and chili flakes on top before stuffing it into his mouth.

It was hot but the combination of the saltiness of the spice and the tenderness of the potato made the texture enjoyable, especially when the cinnamon and spicy flavor were locked down by the salt and intertwined on his tongue, a variety of tastes exploded in his mouth. Kieran couldn’t help but squinted his eyes pleasantly.

Two… three rounds of chewing and thepotato was gobbled down.

As for the other potato, he wasn’t in a hurry to taste it, he took the wooden bowl and scooped out the soup from the pot. The peeled potato was then soaked into the bowl of soup.

Instantly, the thick rice soup became more creamy because of the potato and with a slight stir of the spoon, it looked like corn stew with its stickiness but the meat, veggies, and carrot produced a mixture of aromas that was far better than a single-flavored corn stew.

When the soft rice and potato were mixed together, the texture was elevated to the next level.

Since Kieran has gobbled down a roast potato just now, the thick soup he was drinking now was much more aromatic and pleasant.

Of course, if he could have his dinner in peace without any people interrupting him, it would be better.

A figure closed up on the wooden hut. The figure was dodgy along the way and soon reached the entrance of the hut.

The door wasn’t closed yet the figure knocked slightly on the side, signaling his visit and swiftly washing away the suspicious manner that he arrived in.

“Good evening, Sir 2567.” The man said. His voice was heavy and stern, giving a good feeling to whoever listen to his voice.

Then, the man unhooded himself, revealing a young face but what concerned Kieran more was the name: the man called him “2567”!

2567, not Guntherson!

Kieran carefully sized up the man and the man replied Kieran’s gaze with a smile.

“Please to meet you, Gateli is my name. It’s really hard for me to see you in person, so please forgive me in choosing the most reckless way possible but please, believe me, I was forced to do this,” Gateli introduced himself and explained.

Though the simple explanation couldn’t buy Kieran’s trust at all,he stayed quiet.

He looked at Gateli with a calm gaze. Since Gateli had appeared before him and left the hidden corner that no one could find, he believed Gateli must have came prepared.

However, Kieran’s senses didn’t locate a second person, Gateli indeed came alone, so Kieran was much more interested about what he was going to say.

“We don’t have much time. The sister will return to the small chapel after dinner and without full preparation, I really don’t want to meet her in person After all, our own memories are quite important aren’t they?” His words had a subtle meaning pointing at someone.

“What do you mean?” Kieran raised a brow.

“I’m talking about the memories! Which also means that thesister isn’t as kind as you think. Do you want to know what was she doing when you and Sir Guntherson went off to protect the legacy of the Church of Dawn?” Gateli asked.

Then, before Kieran could answer, “She came to Wayne Manor to look for me, asking for a collaboration! And it is also because of this collaboration, it made me, the direct heir to Duke Wayne, choose to vanish completely out of sight. I was threatened and I need your help, Sir 2567!”

Gateli then kneeled down on one knee.