The Devil's Cage Chapter 842

Chapter 842 Conversation

Kieran was calm when he saw Gateli kneel down on one knee with a sincere look.

His words brought shocking news to Kieran but as for the authenticity?

Kieran couldn’t tell whether was it true or false.

“Evidence! Show me evidence that can prove your words,” Kieran said.

“Evidence I don’t have any.” Gateli shook his head with a bitter laugh.

His face then turned sour and frightened.

“Do you know, until now I don’t even remember what the sister wanted to collaborate on. I was careful and didn’t let her come near me but still, a part of my memory was gone!”

“The sister was much more terrifying than the records in Wayne’s family, so I had to fake my death and escape, spreading false rumors around in hopes it would divert her attention. I guess I was lucky enough, able to meet you, a God’s Child, a real one that could possibly oppose the sister.”

Gateli spat out a long breath with lingering fear in his heart.

“So why would I, a God’s Child, want to oppose the saintess of the same church?” Kieran asked.

“You said it yourself, the same church. What if Sister Moni is no longer the saintess of the Church of Dawn?” Gateli replied with his question.

“No longer the saintess of Dawn?” Kieran raised a brow.

“Yes, and about that, I have enough evidence to support myself. Sister Moni is no longer the kind sister that you know, she was affected by something inside the small chapel. Something is not right inside there and with your vigilance, surely you will find something unusual with some investigation.” Gateli said in an affirmative tone.

St. Paolo Church!

Kieran’s mind unconsciously recalled the scene where the [Seal of Dawn] triggered the resonance inside but his expression remained the same.

“You seem to know a lot about me, about Sister Moni and the whole St. Paolo. Not many who know my alias and those who know would never tell you, so” Kieran continued.

“What if I told you it is you who told me that?” Gateli said.

Kieran was shocked, he didn’t remember contacting Gateli at all, let alone telling him such secrets. Could it be

A bad assumption rose up in Kieran’s heart, it made his aura turn a little colder.

“It’s a joke! Don’t be nervous! The Wayne family’s surveillance of the Church of Dawn is definitely more than meets the eye. We’ve also reserved some of our secret techniques and through it, we can faintly see and hear what is going on here. But the cost of the technique was too big, if my uncle was still in power, there would be no need to do so but now, I have to in order to stay alive.”

Gateli felt the changes in Kieran’s aura, he immediately shook his hands and took out a palm-sized notebook from his coat.

Kieran checked the notebook and when he made sure it wasn’t dangerous, he took it and flipped through it.

The notebook recorded some spells of “eavesdropping” and “surveillance”, the basic spell structure wasn’t that complicated but to initiate and to convert was the one that furrowed brows.

Life! The spells needed human life to initiate!

“So the people inside 11th Lion Street were used as materials for the spell?” Kieran asked.

“I am sorry, compared to other innocent lives, I am more careful of my own!”

Gateli’s face showed a sense of regret but it vanished soon enough. “Sir 2567, we don’t have much time and I know it’s hard for you to believe me after just one meeting so there will be a next time.”

“I believe the next time we meet, you will believe me after enough investigations. Now though, I will provide you with the names of those people who were attracted by rumors of my demise. Right before that, I have another hiding spot as well, all you need to do is to leave the note “XCV” there and I will come to meet you.”

After that, Gateli told a couple of names and addresses to Kieran. Before he left in a hurry, he left the address of his temporary hiding spot.

A few minutes after Gateli left, the elderly sister brought Lisa to the wooden hut. Sister Moni brought a basket with her and it was filled with the scent of food.

“The cooking maiden of the school made some sausages, fried eggs, and toast. It’s really not bad and I bet 2567 you will like it. And there’s milk!” Sister Moni handed the basket to Kieran.

“Of course!” Kieran would never reject any kind of food.

After thanking the elderly sister, Kieran received the basket of food. The whole process was as usual but only Kieran knew that his heart was alarmed at that moment.

The elderly sister’s abilities, Gateli’s words, all of them made Kieran, a naturally dubious character, form up quite the defense around him. He tried to size up the elderly sister again subtly, in hopes of finding something but he didn’t find anything at all.

Other than the face getting older and the kindness and mercy that came with it, there were no other obvious changes.

“Sister, what are you planning to do with her?”

Kieran shifted the topic since he didn’t get anything out of it.

“She only lost the unpleasant memories, it doesn’t mean she’s lost her intellect. With her body, she will recover after one to two day’s rest. It depends on her choice then, whether to stay or leave. If she chooses to stay, St. Paolo school will have the place for her and should she leave, I won’t stop her either and I am willing to wait for her return.”

The elderly sister touched Lisa’s head kindly as she spoke and Lisa seemed like he was enjoying the pat, not only did she giggle, she even squinted her eyes pleasantly.

Looking at the scene, Kieran felt more uneasy in his heart because Sister Moni’s words made him think that, if he was the one who had his memories erased, he might recover even faster, or even returned to normal within a breath’s time but

It was only viable for Kieran at his current level, it would be different for him in the past though.

“So, were my memories erased before?”

Such thoughts appeared uncontrollably in Kieran’s heart.

He started to go through the system notifications but there wasn’t anything.

“If my memories were erased, would the system notifications disappear too?” Kieran asked himself.

The answer was… well he didn’t know.

It was the first time he encountered such abilities and there were no previous examples he could take reference from, not even the incidents of recent times.

However, someone else was traceable, like his Spirit.

According to Kieran’s judgment, the “erase memory” spell would have to go through a Spirit authentication and although Sister Moni offered her own life as cost, if Kieran increased his Spirit within a short period of time, could he break free of the restrictions?

Looking at the 2 remaining Golden Attribute Points, Kieran wanted to test it by investing into himself but right at that moment, he thought of something else suddenly