The Devil's Cage Chapter 846

Chapter 846 Codex


Kieran raised his feet and touched the sorcerer’s face lightly but the man was sent flying with his chair, crashing into the wall.

The chair was broken upon impact and the rope tying the man down couldn’t stop the crash either. The man spat out a couple of teeth and blood before crawling on the ground.

The crash just now didn’t just broke the chair, it broke his bones as well.

“Remnants of the Church of Dawn, you people will regret Aaaargh!”

His body suffered many fractured bones yet he was still arrogant but before he could finish, he interrupted himself with a scream.

Kieran’s feet were pressing on top of his finger, moving it left and right.

“I think you should address us with a much more appropriate term, not remnants! What do you think?”

Kieran spoke as he pressed down with his feet.

Soon enough, blood starting to spill under his feet, followed by bone cracking sounds.

When Kieran lifted his feet, the finger was pressed into a pile of meat.

Then, Kieran moved on to the other finger with his feet.

“Tell me what is this Revival Society of yours, and what is that thing you people are after?”

“Remnants of the Church of Dawn Aaaargh!”

The sorcerer was surprisingly unyielding, the way he called Kieran and Sister Moni didn’t change, so the pain arrived as promised.

Kieran then cut the crap after that, after the second finger was stepped on, he went straight for the next.

When all of the fingers on the man’s left hand were destroyed, Kieran went on to the right hand and it was at that moment, Sister Moni couldn’t continue watching.

“2567, I think we can go with an easier way,” Sister Moni said.

“Sister Moni, your abilities will make this simple process much more complicated and my methods might be cruel but they are direct. Can you wait for me outside for a while? I promise it will end soon.” Kieran shook his head at Sister Moni and replied with a stern answer.

The easier way that Sister Moni was referring to was known to Kieran obviously, it was nothing more than reading the man’s memory but given the elderly sister’s body condition, it couldn’t allow her to do this as freely as she once did.

According to Kieran’s estimation, if Sister Moni kept using her abilities two to three more times, her body might crumble because of the mental load.

It wasn’t something that Kieran hoped to see.

“Very well.”

The elderly sister chose to step back against Kieran’s serious look but she didn’t truly leave. She remained outside the door and prayed quietly.

“Oh merciful Bernadette, I am willing to share the sins of 2567”

The agonizing cry sounded off relentlessly, together with the sincere praying, the combination of sounds echoed through the dark corridor.

The compassionate and merciful sister prayed and tried to redeem the sins of Kieran.

The simple drawing with the mark of Dawn appeared on the ground again and following the sister’s prayers, it was shining softly but it didn’t even last two seconds

Before the light turned dark and vanished, like a candle blown out, darkness filled the corridor again, the elderly sister closed her eyes in pain.

“Even your last light has faded away?” The elderly sister choked on her sobs, muttering to herself.

With the door in between, Kieran’s senses still allowed him to clearly hear the sister’s prayers and sobs, the Dawn Force in his body even sensed the brilliance that faded in a flash.

Kieran could only shake his head helplessly against this matter. He couldn’t comfort the sister and neither did he have the appropriate position to.

After all, he was only an imposter “God’s Child”.

Though the captive that called himself Revival Society gave a cold laugh.

“Bunch of hypocrites, it is because of the people like this we lost the last war! But this time, this time it will be different! Your False God has fallen and our New God will rise, bringing us to the new era You filthy remnants, you sinners will suffer the sanction of the New God!”

The sorcerer’s voice sounded from low to high, from shouting his lungs out to chanting it fanatically.

“New God?” Kieran looked down at the frantic face of the sorcerer and his heart started to ponder upon the question.

Revival Society, New God, plus the frantic look of a hardcore believer.

When all of those things added up, it gave Kieran the thought of something.

“Following the appearance of the Church of Dawn’s treasures, everyone else has shown their face? Noble factions, new churches, independent mercenaries, and bounty hunters it’s like demons and monsters dancing in a riotous river!” Kieran commented.

Now, he had an even deeper understanding of the word “Greed”.

Likewise, he also had guesses about what Gateli would say to him during their next meeting.

The Revival Society and their so-called “New God”, or even the thing that he sought.

Gateli must be sure that Kieran would have gotten the answer that he was looking for from this seemingly frantic believer sorcerer’s mouth.

Put it in a simple way, the sorcerer who looked like a fanatic had only the looks of one.

Kieran knew what he would do against the likes of the sorcerer.

“You like roast meat? Don’t worry, I’ll feed you piece by piece!”

After the abrupt words, Kieran grabbed the sorcerer by the ankle and moved towards the brazier beside.

The man seemed like he knew what Kieran was about to do in an instant, his face instantly turned ugly.

“You damn remnants of Dawn!”

“You will die a horrible death!”

“I curse you!”

Loud cursing sounded off but it was useless, just like his struggle.

He saw his body was closing on the brazier, sweat piled up on his forehead.

“Oh mighty God, I believe in you! Please save your believer, punish this butcher before me! Please. WAIT!”

The sorcerer prayed ceaselessly, the beliefs in his heart failed to calm his heart, it also started to shake his stand, especially when he felt the burns on his calf, his beliefs were completely suppressed by fear.

Perhaps death was not as threatening to a real believer but the sorcerer here wasn’t truly a believer, no matter how frantic he presented himself, it was all front.

When he was put up against a greater fear, his mask broke off with a simple poke.

Kieran turned around and saw the man who was drenched in his own sweat. He couldn’t help but shake his head.

“I was quite anticipating the upcoming scene you know, and I’ve even prepared a Liander Snake Herder just for you. She’s fonder of the meat on your body than you yourself, especially after being roasted.”

The sorcerer shivered uncontrollably when he heard Kieran’s regretful words.

He knew about the Liander snake herder and it was because of that, he felt more scared.

Getting killed and getting eaten were two different concepts, once he thought about the “hobby” of the Snake Herders, he finally spoke.

“I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you everything you want to know! Spare my life!”

“Well, it depends on how you perform!”

Half an hour later, Kieran left the interrogation room with furrowed brows.

When he saw the elderly sister waiting for him outside, he asked her to follow him.

When they went out of the corridor and reached a small living room without anyone else, Kieran asked Sister Moni, “Sister, do you know ‘Ancilanco Codex’?”

The sister’s face instantly changed.