The Devil's Cage Chapter 847

Chapter 847 Notebook

Sister Moni went silent after the changes of expression.

Kieran looked at the sister in shock. Her expression told him she knew something about the ‘Ancilanco Codex’ but her silence

“You are worried about something, sister?” Kieran asked.

Sister Moni shook her head with a hesitant look before walking away.

Kieran didn’t stop her, he furrowed his brows instead. He knew something was hidden behind the term and at the same time, he knew Gateli knew the story.

However, it was different than other matters, Gateli would surely add his comments in a speculative and groundless manner, in order to deepen the misunderstanding of Kieran to Sister Moni.

In fact, if Kieran didn’t see through what tricks he was playing, Kieran would be heavily suspicious right now and not think about the matter calmly.

“The sister went silent after I mentioned the ‘Ancilanco Codex Which means she could not tell me the story regarding this codex by herself! Or she couldn’t answer the ones who asked about the codex. If she does, certain circumstances will befall not just one person but two, the one asking and the one that answers!”

Factoring the elderly sister’s character, Kieran soon came to a conclusion.

If she was the only one who will be hurt, she wouldn’t worry that much but if someone else was involved, it was a different story then.

“Ancilanco Codex eh?”

As Kieran muttered to himself, he pushed open the door to the rest of the captives in the other interrogation room. He hoped to get more information about this Revival Society from their mouth.

However, the outcome was disappointing. None of them even knew the so-called Revival Society, even from the sorcerer’s mouth, the information Kieran had gotten wasn’t that detailed.

To sum it up, he only got 3 points.

One, the Revival Society was a secret organization formed 20 years ago.

Two, the Revival Society was hostile to any other churches that existed, they deemed the churches worthless, useless and it was the reason they ended up in such a poor position.

Three, the Revival Society would absorb the scattered mystics around the realm, providing them with necessary aid but the contacting method was one-sided or even unknown.

Just like that sorcerer, all he could do was to wait for his superior’s orders through the [Communication Painting].

As for the Communication Magic Circle, the sorcerer didn’t know about it either.

“A secretive organization with a strict structure!” Kieran commented on Revival Society.

He was very curious about the way the society addressed the so-called New Gods but he didn’t contact Gateli immediately because it was too much of a rush.

With the vigilance that he displayed, Kieran had to at least go through the process of “testing” the elderly sister and not getting satisfying results, hence leading him into another option.

So before that, he has to wait and Kieran didn’t plan on waiting around while wasting time.

Carefully reading through Guntherson’s notes was the best option to kill time.

[Carefully read through related notes, Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art leveling cost decreased by 100 Points]

[Carefully read through related notes, Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art leveling cost decreased by 100 Points]

[Precisely read through related notes, Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art leveling cost decreased by 1000 Points]

Compared to the Points gained during the resonance with the small chapel, such reading methods to decrease the leveling cost were no doubt tiresome and time-consuming but Kieran didn’t mind, he even enjoyed the bitter process as a pleasant one.

Through the bits and pieces of Guntherson’s notes, he realized the skills related to [Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art] weren’t just limited to [Barsical Kick] or [Seal of Dawn], there was also [Dark Movement Technique], [(Smeared out) Sword Skill], [(Smeared out) Throwing Technique], [(Smeared out) Strangling Technique], [(Smeared out) Mindsight] and more surprisingly, the Church of Dawn even had [Tamer Skills]!

Although all the secret techniques had scribbles over them, especially the that prefixes were smeared out black, Kieran even widened his eyes yet he still couldn’t see what was smeared out. Based on the bits that he saw, he already knew how powerful and well-rounded the Church of Dawn was back in the days.

Though, the note only mentioned the techniques and skills, not the ways to train them. It made Kieran sigh uncontrollably.

Of course, the other more concerning point was that the notes didn’t mention anything about [Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art]’s advanced skill, not even a name.

“Is it passed through word of mouth? Or trials?” Kieran wondered.

Then, Kieran swiftly adjusted his emotions and went through the notes again.

Although the Point cost decreases would go down gradually through repeated readings, it was better than doing nothing at all and with the reminders from the notes, Kieran tried his best in practicing Dawn Force while reading.

“Make it your instinct!”

The phrase was mentioned more than once in the notes and Guntherson’s teaching had no lack of such reminders as well but it was not easy for Kieran, even though he had Musou [Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art].

If he wasn’t doing anything else, Kieran could form a fully automatic operation of Dawn Force like it was second nature but if he were to be distracted or spare extra attention to other matters, the process would fall short.

Dawn Force might get too fast or too slow. To sum it up, it messed up his body tempo, interrupting its perfect operation.

For the next two days, other than asking Sister Moni for more information, Kieran spent his time trying to split his attention up.

When the [Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art] was discounted down to 80,000 Points and 18.5 Golden Skill Points, Kieran temporarily gave up.

Going through the notes no longer provide him with Point decreases, more importantly, he had completely imprinted the entirety of the notes into his mind, he could even recite it backwards fluently and Dawn Force was operating normally but he knew it wasn’t what he sought after.

In simple words, if he changed another book to read while practicing, the tempo would be messed up again.

“I need more time?” Kieran took a long breath and walked out of the wooden hut.

Time for the commoners was not really a matter but for Kieran, it was a luxury he didn’t have.

If it was possible, he didn’t mind spending more Points and Skill Points in exchange for the time to stay longer in this dungeon world. Unfortunately, he didn’t have a second [Emerder’s Deal].

Kieran temporarily put aside the thoughts of splitting his attention in training the [Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art], he walked through the fields and headed outside the school.

It was time for him to seek answers from Gateli and of course, he wanted Gateli to pay the overdue cost.

Provoked and weakness exploited, would Kieran allow Gateli to roam free after this?

Well, Kieran wasn’t a guy with such generosity.

Though when he reached the school’s entrance, he raised a brow at what he saw.

A big group of people gathered in front of the school holding stretchers with them.

They didn’t harbor any malicious intents, quite the opposite each of their faces looked fluttered.

Some of them donned black outfits with crow masks, carrying medicine boxes, shuttling through the crowd.

Among them was the elderly sister. She was different than the others, she didn’t have a crow mask on her but her own nun outfit, looking at the people on the stretchers with a merciful look.

Acker and the other school security members were beside her and when Acker saw Kieran came out, he went up with a heavy face.

“Sir 2567, a plague has broke out in the city!”

Before Keiran could ask any question, Acker bowed and continued…