The Devil's Cage Chapter 848

Chapter 848 Unexpected Surprise

A plague?!

Kieran was shocked, he immediately looked towards the people on the stretchers.

All of their faces were flushed without exception, some of them were muttering in a blank state while some passed out directly.

Kieran’s face turned heavy uncontrollably. He wasn’t worried about the plague.

His SSS Constitution allowed him to be fine against even worse plague, he was worried about the timing of the plague.

In this sensitive timing where darkness was brewing out of sight, the arrival of the plague could not be just a coincidence, moreover, Kieran never believed in coincidences.

“What caused the plague? When was it discovered?” Kieran asked.

“It should be rats or blood-sucking insects that caused it. Around three days ago, there had only been one to two cases, so it didn’t really bother anyone. Until this morning when the outbreak finally happened. Fortunately, the outbreak was contained within a small area and the situation is under controlled,” Acker replied.

Then, the kind Acker continued, “Don’t worry, Sir 2567. This isn’t the first outbreak of a plague. Sister Moni and the doctors will have enough medicine to cover this and they have quite the experience as well. Of course, just to be safe, it is best for you to have this.”

Acker then passed a vial of potion with around 20 milliliters of liquid to Kieran.

[Name: Resistance Potion]

[Type: Potion]

[Rarity: Great]

[Attribute: Able to effectively treat all kinds of fevers and illnesses and help the body’s immune system to defend against the plague that was caused by this illness.]

[Prerequisite: None]

[Able to bring out of dungeon: No]

[Remark: This isn’t the passed down knowledge of Church of Dawn but the product of Sister Moni’s self-learning through her long life.]

The information about the potion popped up when Kieran took the potion over.

“Thank you.”

Although he didn’t need it, he wasn’t stingy with his gratitude.

“You should thank Sister Moni, we really did nothing here. The potion was formulated by her and the doctors also gathered here because of her, we are just here to maintain order.”

Acker shook his hands instantly and looked at the elderly sister who was busy amongst the crowd with a respectful gaze.

“Grazing pass death and yet you can stand here, fulfilling your duty is enough to state your contribution. A simple thank you is reasonably acceptable I think,” Kieran said.

Acker looked at Kieran with a surprise face.

Obviously, Acker never thought the superior God’s Child would have such an easy-going side. He felt different when Keiran saved his life, the words that Kieran just said made Acker feel the utmost respect for him.

“Hope everything is as what you’ve said”

“Greetings Lord God’s Child!”

Acker softly muttered to himself before saluting reverently and respectfully at Kieran.

It wasn’t the salute of gratitude for saving his life but the ancient salutation because of a heartfelt admiration, with the [Seal of Dawn] together of course.

[Energy resonance, Musou level Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art acquired a certain amount of experience, leveling cost decreased by 100]

Acker’s salutation didn’t have the outgoing shine like when the elderly sister did it and the Point decrease was many times smaller, still, Kieran opened his eyes wide.

He was very clear that Acker, the school security member didn’t really systematically learn [Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art] before.

All he got was bits and pieces from Guntherson, guiding him through his training days.

“Anyone who’s slightly touched the [Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art] can use the [Seal of Dawn] to create resonance?”

“Hmmm, No, that’s not right! If that’s the case, the Church of Dawn would have a batch of decent knights within a short period, they never would have to go through their fall in the first place, which means Respect?!”

Kieran tried to recall the scene a moment ago and soon he locked onto the key factor.

Likewise, the thought of “a thousand salutation will lead him into Transcendence in a day” popped up in his mind again.

Though unlike the first time, this time Kieran thought about it more but it wasn’t his current priority.

Now, he had something more important to attend to.

Kieran parted with Acker, he didn’t go up to interrupt the elderly sister during her work, instead, he went to the temporary lodging spot that Gateli mentioned before and left an “XCV” message as he promised.

He then stood aside in the shadows, waiting patiently.

Although the passersby were in a hurry, they didn’t have the panic like those before the school gate.

Of course, not everyone was like that, at least Gateli’s ‘eye’ who acted like a passerby was locked onto by Kieran the moment he appeared.

The man’s gaze had spent too much time confirming the message that Kieran left at the spot but Kieran didn’t make his move, he continued to wait patiently.

Soon enough, around several minutes later, Gateli came forth and Kieran too came out from the shadow.

“Sir 2567, please come with me.”

Gateli was looking a little panicked, he hurried into a small alley after he ushered Kieran to follow him.

Was it an act? Or the real deal?

Kieran was ruminating over the look behind Gateli. He would never underestimate this enemy who was skilled at exploiting the weaknesses of others.

Kieran followed Gateli and they soon arrived inside a small room.

The room was located below ground and to enter, one would have to go down the building through five flights of stairs.

On top of the entrance to the underground room, there were wooden stairs without handrails and it was the second entrance to the building.

‘Fresh Tongue’

The sign was hung over the entrance and a big wine glass was drawn beside it.

“What a weird name,” Kieran commented before bending his back going through the underground entrance.

The racks of wines and barrels told Kieran where he was right now, it was a wine cellar.

At one side of the wine cellar, there was a carpet laid down with half a lit candle.

“Pardon me, I have to settle down here in order to hide from those people. The information that I gave you previously had exposed me completely. The crazy bastards from the revival Society are really terrifying.”

Gateli showed sincerity and apologies on his face again but in between his words, he was hinting that the reason why he was in such a bad situation was all because of Kieran.

Kieran obviously knew the reason why Gateli did what he did: to continue to mess him up, to deceive him further.

Well, in order to get more information, Kieran didn’t mind playing along with Gateli before the fallout.

“You need me to help deal with them?” Kieran said with a frown.

“Thank you for your suggestion but I think it’s best we don’t go confront them face to face.”

“No, no, no, I am not doubting your powers, your powers are undoubted as a God’s Child but I really don’t want to have too much to do with that particular individual. At least before we destroy ‘Ancilanco Codex’.” Gateli smiled bitterly.

“Seems like you know something about Ancilanco Codex eh?” Kieran asked.

“If I have a choice, I choose not to know any of these. You already know what the miracle that descended upon St. Paolo Church is, right?”

“That’s right, it is exactly what you’ve thought but it wasn’t really some “nameless God” as that the sister puts it. Around a thousand years ago, Ancilanco was a God worshipped by many, though His reputation was not that good because He was the one who controls plagues,” Gateli said after he saw Kieran’s nod.

The plague again? Kieran squinted his eyes.

Almost instinctively, Kieran thought about the scene in front of the school.

“You are saying…” Kieran tried to test Gateli by asking.

“It’s exactly what you thought, the plague outbreak was affected by the ‘Ancilanco Codex’ and likewise, that sister is also affected by the codex. Maybe she was kind before but it is in the past now.”

“Now, that sister has become the puppet of the ‘Ancilanco Codex’ and joined forces with the leader of the Revival Society. We are nothing but the prey of that codex now.” Gateli’s bitter smile grew heavier.

“Prey?” Keiran looked at the man.

“Yes, prey! You wouldn’t think the plague this time can be contained like last time right? I am confident that in less than a week’s time, this city will turn into a dead one. Ancilanco will then revive using the grudgeful souls of the people who died in a foul way, He will become the New God that the Revival Society is worshipping, and we can’t escape it! We are all marked by the codex! The closer one is to that sister, the deeper the mark is.”

Gateli was almost in tears at the end of his words.

Looking at Gateli’s expression, even though Kieran knew he was acting, he had to admit that there were some award-worthy performances.

If Kieran’s dubious character did not prevent him from falling into Gateli’s trap, Kieran would be extremely convinced of his words.

“So what should we do?” Kieran showed a slightly nervous look on his face to play along.

“Destroy St. Paolo Church! Kill that sister!” Gateli said without the slightest hesitation.

Then, before Kieran could reply, Gateli continued, “I know it will be a hard task for you but please think about the people of this city! They need saving! Including me!”

Gateli kneeled down on the floor once again.

“I’ll give my best effort to save who I can save”

Kieran replied in a way that fit his character the most. It was nothing more than trying to get more information out of Gateli.

But out of Kieran’s expectation, at the next moment, Gateli pulled out a tightly wrapped box under his carpet.

“No doubt that sister is powerful. In order to allow you to save more people, I am willing to spend every bit of my effort to help you. This is the remains of one of the Church of Dawn treasure that my ancestors acquired through sweeping the battlefield long ago. It should be able to help you as a God’s Child!”

As he spoke, Gateli opened up the box.

The moment the box was opened, a never before felt liveliness erupted out from the Dawn Force in Kieran’s body.