The Devil's Cage Chapter 852

Chapter 852 Ignite The Core

Chapter 852: Ignite the Core

[Knights of Plague Body Tempering Art]

Kieran didn’t know the precise effect of this body tempering technique but he knew it was a chance, a chance to acquire the core skill similar to the [Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art].

For a lone wolf like Kieran, such a chance was not to be missed, so he was conscientious and meticulous in remembering all the shapes of the human figures.

Ancilanco was very pleased with Kieran’s seriousness because he knew he had succeeded in fooling Kieran.

“My child, do you want more? Come, come forth! Enter my kingdom, not only will you gain unexpected knowledge, you will be granted eternal life as well!”

Ancilanco tried to bewitch Kieran again.

This time, he was quite confident that Kieran would step into the small chapel but as his voice faded, the scene that surprised Ancilanco happened.

Kieran was still standing on the spot, not even budging an inch.

Though Kieran’s hands were making poses left and right, not in a messy way but with certain rhythm and tempo.

The rhythm and tempo was very family to Ancilanco, it was the [Knights of Plague Body Tempering Art]!

“He is remembering Knights of Plague Body Tempering Art?!”

The thought appeared instantaneously in Ancilanco’s heart and right away, he wanted to stop showing it.

However, once he thought that stopping it would mean that he had wasted all the efforts already made, Ancilanco hated the thought of giving up just like that.

Time flew as Ancilanco was soaking in his own hesitation.

Gradually, the stolen Dawn Force was slipping away quickly and up to a point where Ancilanco had reached his enduring limits, so did his patience.

“Come my child! Come to me!”

The plague tried to bewitch Kieran again with his words.

As he spoke, a faint gray color started to come afloat in the warm white light.

The gray color was like the venomous snakes in the bush, slowly approaching Kieran without a sign.

3 meters!

2 meters!

1 meter!

Just when the gray light almost shone over Kieran’s body, Kieran who was posing with his hands with a blank stare suddenly stopped his motions.

His hands fell back down to a casual state, his eyes were glaring in a pressuring light even though there was still a sense of dullness to it.

Kieran’s body backed off quickly with the push from the tip of his feet and even when he was backing off, his eyes never left the display of the [Knights of Plague Body Tempering Art].


Ancilanco growled angrily after being stunned for a while.

The small chapel shook, splashing countless clouds of dust around it following the angry growl but Kieran didn’t care about all of that.

His eyes were scanning the display of the [Knights of Plague Body Tempering Art], while comparing it with the memories in his brain.

Kieran’s vigilant character had determined that his work would be meticulous and mindful, especially when it was related to the body tempering techniques which could be a core skill, it required even more precision.

He was very clear what kind of damage it would cause if he was even slightly wrong in even a single part.

When Guntherson thought him the [Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art], he mentioned it more than once about the saddening outcome should he go wrong, be it being crippled or paralyzed.

Enraged, Ancilanco saw Kieran was still remembering the [Knights of Plague Body Tempering] even when he was retreating, his rage grew even stronger.

Similar to an earthquake during a volcano eruption, everything within a 100-meter radius started to shake fiercely starting from the small chapel as the center point.

“You repulsive liar! I will kill you!” Ancilanco shouted furiously.

But it was just that.

After the grand earthquake, there wasn’t a follow-up attack of the same caliber. The enraged Ancilanco just disappeared like that, with his remaining Dawn Force, vanishing without a trace.

The small chapel returned to its peaceful state as if everything that happened was an unreal illusion.


After a while, Kieran was still trying to replay all the techniques related to the [Knights of Plague Body Tempering Art] again and after making sure there were no mistakes, he finally let out a long breath and opened his eyes.

He looked at the small chapel with a calm expression.

From the very first moment, Kieran was sure Ancilanco was being restricted otherwise he wouldn’t have lured him with such a “mild” way. Besides, Ancilanco’s mind seemed a bit slow.

“Is it due to reviving after death? Or the long period of imprisonment?” Kieran wondered.

Though he didn’t know what the final outcome reason was.

The secrets related to life and death, however, were not for Kieran to touch yet since he wasn’t qualified now, let alone the revival of a God.

Based on the knowledge he mastered and the rumors he grasped, there was not a single explicit explanation about any such thing.

On the contrary, Transcendence [Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art]’s details were displayed before his eyes with utmost details.

[Name: Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Arts (Transcendence)]

[Related Attributes: Strength, Agility, Constitution, Spirit, Intuition]

[Skill Type: Ancillary]

[Effects: You know how to utilize the special stances, movements and breathing techniques, All Attributes +7 (Basic +1, Entry +1, Master +1, Pro +1, Grand Master +1, Musou +1, Transcendence +1)]

[Special Effect: 1. Knight’s Focus II; 2. Knights Persistence II, Dawn Sword II]

[Transcendence Option: Baptism (All special effect levels +1)]

[Consumes: Stamina]

[Prerequisites: Strength B, Agility B, Constitution B, Spirit B, Intuition B]

[Remarks: This was the Knights of Dawn entry course, but it will affect other related skills!]

[Knight’s Focus II: Everyone has their own specialty, but not everyone can persevere; Spirit +6] [Knight’s Persistence II: When you persist on something, you are willing to sacrifice yourself to succeed; Ignite 300 HP to increase Spirit by +3, 1-second duration, cooldown none, un-stackable)]

[Dawn Sword II: When you can truly utilize the Dawn Force, it means that you are truly a Knight of Dawn, despite the way you utilize it being one-of-a-kind. Charge Dawn Force for 3 seconds, consume 600 Stamina to fire out a 20-meter, Extreme attack and above power light sword, cooldown: none]

[Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art leveled up, related attributes increasing]

[Strength SS- SS]

[Agility SS- SS]

[Constitution SSS SSS+]

[Spirit ZZ+ ZZZ+ (Knights Focus +2)]

[Intuition SS+ SSS-]

[Note: Transcendence is the limit of this skill]

The increase of all attributes started the familiar warm stream in Kieran’s body.

A full 20 seconds later when the warm stream faded away, Kieran finally got used to his powered up body.

The powerful Spirit allowed him to glance over his body, the muscles, blood, and the secret runes branded in the deeper parts were all revealed to Kieran.

Originally with the system’s help, Kieran could instantly master his powerful body and with the empowerment of such a powerful Spirit attribute, he mastered his body even more thoroughly.

He “saw” that Transcendence [Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art] had left a secret rune branding on one of his hearts. Then, the blood sifted by the rune flowed across his body, nourishing each and every inch of his muscles and bones as if it was igniting a core that brought the whole body together, changing it entirely.

Although the process was quite slow, the changes were undoubtedly there.

When the blood flowed through the parts of his body with the hidden rune, the brands lit up with natural light.

[Sharp Weapon, Dagger] and [Sharp Weapon, Polearm] from his wrists, palms, and fingers.

[Sharp Weapon, Heavy Arms] on his shoulders and arms.

[Firearm Weapon, Light Firearm] on his eyes.

[Hand-to-hand Combat, Kick Combats] at his legs and [Undercover] at his feet.

The brands lit up spot after spot, like lamps illuminating the darkness.

Kieran’s body was lit up part by part, expelling the original darkness and chaos that resided in him.

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