The Devil's Cage Chapter 863

Chapter 863 They Are Here

The unusual voice and changes in the captive’s face shook John.

He directly pulled out his flintlock and pointed it at the man.

Kieran halted John, keeping him from doing anything reckless.

He then sized up the captive carefully for a few seconds before asking, “Who are you?”

“Who am I doesn’t really matter.”

The captive’s voice sounded just like before but John widened his eyes because the moment the man opened his mouth, Kieran quickly grabbed his finger and broke it.


Despite his finger being broken, the captive didn’t even pause his words at all, the expression on his face didn’t even change.

“Just as rumored, 2567 you are a vigilant man.”

The captive raised his hand and looked at the crooked finger of his.

The rope that was tying him down was torn apart the moment he raised his hand.

Kieran squinted when he saw the scene.

Although breaking free from the ropes, or even iron chain, was very easy for Kieran, it would still bind him down for a longer time, for a native who was just slightly stronger than other commoners a second ago, it was absolutely outrageous.

“Is it some kind of buff? Or is this “it”?” Kieran wondered in his heart.

Kieran’s eyes gradually became concentrated as he witnessed the changes.

The ones who understood Kieran knew, he was the most dangerous in this state, despite him looking extremely calm on the outside.

“Seems like you’ve heard a lot about me,” Kieran said slowly.

“Yes, even more than you think,” the captive didn’t deny.

“Then why are you here?”

“Of course for a collaboration! I wish for us to work together and oppose”

The last word wasn’t uttered but he mouthed it with his lips.

Kieran was certain the word that the captive mouthed was “Light”!

The term had different meanings at different times but in this current dungeon world, most of the time, the term Light only represented one thing.

“Church of Light.”

“Is that the organization that I think it is?” Kieran asked.

Likewise, Kieran didn’t utter the term “Church of Light” either, not because of John sitting beside him but he decided to go with the safest way.

“Yes, that organization.” The captive nodded.

“Why am I supposed to oppose that organization? At least in terms of standing, we are on the same side.”

Kieran laid his hands open and leaned back to the soft carriage cushion, providing him a comfortable support.

“The same side? Are you sure? Believe me, from the very start, you were not on the same side. Although they have the divine outer coating, their hearts have changed into the likes of a jackal. They are eyeing the treasures of Dawn and by all means necessary, they will get their hands on it,” the captive smiled coldly.

“Then?” Kieran asked casually as he leaned comfortably behind.

“Should I say as expected of a God’s Child? Not only confident but prideful! I think you should come here and make some contact with them, then we can talk!”

After the captive uttered the last phrase, he fainted within the carriage.

Kieran stood up and checked on him, the captive looked like he passed out because of exhaustion.

But before John could ask, Kieran added another chop on the captive’s neck to make sure.

“Wha-What happened just now? Him? And those ropes?” John was baffled by the scene.

“Divine possession,” Kieran answered.

Obviously, his answer attracted the surprise from John.

“Divine possession? Which means”

Before John could finish, Kieran stopped him with a wave of his hand.

At the same time, the wagon stopped.

“What are you people doing? Blocking off the road like that, it’s dangerous you know! Make way!?” The wagoner scolded.

“I apologized for my reckless action but I wish to see His Highness 2567.”

A bright and tender voice of a man sounded.

Through the small window behind the wagoner, Kieran easily spotted the one who blocked the road.

A body of golden armor plus a scarlet red mantle with golden linings. It was very dazzling under the sun to the extent that common men couldn’t even make out the face behind the armor.

Of course, Kieran wasn’t a common man. He sized up the person’s rigid and sturdy face before getting off the carriage.

“You guys go back ahead to the school, I’ll be right behind you.”

Kieran said to John before he walked up to the man in front.

“Greetings, Your Highness.”

After a respectful knight salutation, the golden armored knight continued, “Your Highness, please follow me.”

The knight then went beside the street. The way he acted at his own pace formed a contrast with his respectful gesture a moment ago which could easily catch one off guard.

Though Kieran didn’t mind at all as he followed behind the knight.

When the knight stopped their wagon, Kieran already knew what his purpose was.

The emblem of the Church of Light on his armor and mantle were too obvious and just like what the mysterious person had just said, the people from the Church of Light had arrived.


Kieran had quite the confidence it was exactly like what the mysterious person said just now but who in the hell was that mysterious person?

“There aren’t really many people that can use divine possession in this world anymore and the man appeared in Wayne family grave plus the first generation Duke Wayne’s chamber was empty if things are really as I think, the original history would be much more intriguing than what is written.” Kieran pondered upon the question as he walked.

Soon, Kieran followed the knight into a secluded street and at the end of that street, there was another knight with similar armor with the one who guided Kieran, just that the man’s age was slightly older.

The knight who led Kieran to the street quickly stepped aside but he didn’t leave the street at all.

The whole street was left with Kieran and the knight on the other end.

The morning wind slightly caressed Kieran’s hood and the knight’s mantle, causing both their outfits to flutter.

The knight on the other end showed a smile, before


He drew his sword and charged towards Kieran.

Both of them should have been a dozen meters apart but when the knight drew his sword and stepped out, it was like the distance between them didn’t exist at all as he lunged himself as Kieran with extreme speed.

The blade that he wielded even had a brilliant white brilliance on it, radiating sharply even under the sun.

It felt holy and stern, causing one to admire it from their bottom of their heart with a single glance.

Even more so, one’s heart couldn’t find any strength to resist it as if they were willing to allow the sword to slash and kill them in order to atone for their sins.

Purification Slash! Not only would it slash one’s body but the heart as well.


An explosive shout came from the lunging knight, Kieran seemed to be terrorized by the holistic nature of the attack.

Amidst his explosive shout, the already quick sword thrust forward even faster, as if a ray of light was slashed down at Kieran’s head.


It missed.