The Devil's Cage Chapter 867

Chapter 867 The Thing

Inside the newly built book collection room, Kieran was sitting in front of a table, carefully reading the book in his hands.

On top of the table, there was a kerosene lamp lit up and it was the only light source in the room. Still the only light source was enough to illuminate the whole room, since it was just a book collection room and not a real library.

The room was around 15 square meters and it housed the books that were reclaimed from Wayne Manor plus some notes that Sister Moni wrote down based on her memories.

The book collection room only had 5 book racks and around 500 books but Sister Moni was quite anxious about the room’s security.

Not only did she arrange people to look after it, she even picked three school security team members to be on duty by shifts at the room.

Fortunately, as time passed by the people that gathered in front of the school gate because of the divine miracle diminshed.

It freed some of the school security members from their trivial duty of maintaining order; most of the civilians who stayed were devoted believers.

It was quite easy to communicate with them so there wouldn’t be much trouble, only two to three security team members were needed at the gate.

Though most of the security team members were concerned about those amongst the crowd with ulterior motives.

Those people were really despicable, the school security team had caught no less than 10 pickpockets and perpetrators trying to incite conflict amongst the crowd in less than 3 days.

With John’s cooperation, these despicable men had gotten their necessary punishments but they were like grass that grew in the fields, no matter how many they removed, it will grow back endlessly.

Because of that, the date for St. Paolo School to resume classes had been delayed for another week.

Kieran knew all this from talking with Acker during dinner.

As for Sister Moni, although most of the time she would be in the book collection room, after Kieran entered his reading mode, it was hard to have a conversation with him.

During dinner time, the sister would perform devoted prayers without missing a beat, so it wouldn’t be a good time to converse either.


Kieran heaved a long breath when he closed the book before him. He reached out to his ever swelling temple to ease the tension.

For Kieran at his current state, it was easy for him to not rest and sleep for days but reading while in the process was not that easy.

Fortunately, Kieran was skimming contents selectively and not going through all the books.

If it was the latter, let alone three days, even thirty days in a row would would leave him hard pressed to finish all of them.

As Kieran was feeling the tiredness from his brain, he couldn’t hold back anymore and closed his eyes but his mouth was smirking.

Kieran was in a good mood because this time, the rewards had far exceeded his expectations.

Not only did he find the answer that he was seeking all this while, he even found clue to advance the [Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art].

Just like the Light Knight had said, the [Daybreak Dawn Art] was lost but, the place to awaken or realize the art wasn’t.

That place existed in perfect condition and it was closer than expected.

‘Since I haven’t gotten anything through the realization of the [Daybreak Dawn Art], I decided to go with the earliest method: entering the land of divine miracles!’

The phrase was found within a book that seemed to be a diary of an unknown Dawn Knight.

Where was the earliest land of divine miracles of the Church of Dawn?

It would be St. Paolo Church without a question and now it was holding a God of Plague that sought revival inside.

Kieran never thought the place would be related to the [Daybreak Dawn Art] and although the hope was slim, he didn’t mind testing it out.

Even more so, he was due to have a conversation with that God of Plague.

If Ancilanco really knew something

It would be a heavenly reward for him!

Of course, Kieran didn’t dash into the small chapel because of that, he still had one or two things he had to verify.

The captive that Kieran caught back in the Wayne’s family grave was held in the dungeons.

The man didn’t receive any interrogations though because when he woke up from the “divine possession” he became a retarded person.

It wasn’t an act, other than eating and sleeping, all the man knew was laughing in an idiotic way, mumbling some words that no one could understand and spacing out for long periods of time.

However, when Kieran entered the dungeon cell, the eyes of the retarded captive instantly turned turbid and the gibberish that he mumbled turned into understandable words as well.

“It’s been days, 2567! Seems like you are not in good shape,” the captive greeted Kieran.

“Yup, you know. A lot has happened lately,” Kieran replied in a vague manner.

“Did you feel how pressuring the Church of Light is already? But I can tell you, you are still underestimating them! That current lord bishop is making his way over here already and judging from the time, he will soon appear before you. When that happens, you will understand how polite and humble the previous Light Knight was.” The possessed captive laughed lightly before he slowly spoke.

“I’ll be looking forward to it,” Kieran pretended to be prideful.

When the Light Knight from before didn’t show anymore, Kieran had guesses about what the Church of Light was planning.

It was either rearranging their strategies or waiting for orders from the higher ranks. Judging from how Kieran taught the captain knight a lesson, the latter’s possibility skyrocketed.

Since the matters were related to a chance of “revival”, it wasn’t a decision that a single knight could make, it would be only natural that people from the higher ranks would come forth.

“Your pride as a God’s Child has blinded you, making you arrogant! 2567, you should be more aware of the current situation and judge accordingly, we have a common enemy! I wish to help you and you to me, we are sharing a mutual benefit here.”

The possessed captive shook his head and sighed.

“Mutual benefits? I can’t see any, all I see is a little prick that hides here and there, who dares not even show his own face,” Kieran laughed sneerfully.

“I will tell you my real identity at a better time, but not now. But even if I didn’t reveal my identity, it wouldn’t affect our cooperation. When you need help, I will provide you with necessary help.”

“Please put away your sneerful expression, I am not making empty bluffs here. You can head towards Back Cross Street’s graveyard and search for a tomb named Kent, I have something for you there.”

The possession went away after that last phrase.

The captive returned to his retarded look.

Kieran took a glance at the captive before going back out.

When he left the dungeon, even the area, Kieran was putting up an expressionless face but in his heart, he was coldly laughing.

He was getting more and more certain of what this mysterious person was after, but at the same time was curious about the thing that he left behind which allegedly could help him deal with the bishop, which was the pope.

Kieran sprinted to the crossroad graveyard after that.