The Devil's Cage Chapter 872

Chapter 872 One After Another

When he saw the arrogant Kieran walking out slowly, Duke Wayne smiled.

“As expected of the God’s Child of the Church of Dawn, if you didn’t have something of mine on you, I’m afraid I might not even notice that you didn’t die from that explosion and were hiding in the area!” Duke Wayne exclaimed.

Then, his topic of conversation changed, “I told you before, when the time arrives, I will tell you everything. But judging from your suspicious character, Sir 2567, I think it’s better for someone else to tell it to you. So, I think we can really continue to work together,” Duke Wayne said.

“Work together? Allowing someone else to tell me everything? Then What about Ancilanco Codex?” Kieran smiled coldly.

“Ancilanco Codex? Until now you’re still concerned about such petty unrelated things? I figured you might be smarter. If you made your move at me just now, you might still have 20% to win but now?”

Duke Wayne shook his head, his smiling face showed pity for Kieran before he pointed his hand up in the sky.

The darkness that appeared didn’t fade away, on the contrary, the darkness appeared above the giant crater, closing it up like a giant cover.


The gloomy wind from the darkness blew everything in its path. Each time the wind blew, negative energy followed.

When it blew across the ground, the ground was instantly corroded as though acid was sprayed on it.

The bishop who was emitting the white electric field was among the first who was engulfed by the gloomy wind.


An agonizing scream was heard.

The first generation Duke Wayne looked and listened to his student, he pretended to find the scene unbearable, saying, “My student, although you’ve retrofitted your body,your head and brain haven’t changed, you still have weaknesses, no matter how powerful your body is, it’s useless. Too bad you couldn’t get more core spell arts, you might be in a different form but this world only has space for one GOD!”

“That God will be me and not you!”

“Of course, it wouldn’t be you either, Sir 2567. Don’t you think?” Duke Wayne smiled.


Arrogant Kieran coldly grunted without even replying with a proper sentence.

Duke Wayne’s smile has gotten more delightful when he was greeted by the cold grunt.

“You body is indeed powerful, to the point that even Ancilanco was drooling over you, despite him being just a God without a divine position, shattered divinity, and even his divine flame beginning to flicker, it was enough to see how magnificent your body is. Even I was moved, but Sir 2567, what use does it have? Aren’t you still being restrained here helplessly? An opponent like you is better off dead.”

Duke Wayne looked at Kieran as he spoke, or more precisely he was inspecting the Kieran before him.

Although Duke Wayne was hiding in that captive’s body before this and couldn’t observe his surroundings all the time, the two times that he conversed with Kieran, Duke Wayne felt something was wrong.

The Kieran before his eyes was too arrogant. Although when they spoke before this, Kieran did show arrogance, he wasn’t as pressuring as he was now.

Being inside an environment filled with negative energy, Duke Wayne’s senses were obviously affected. Otherwise, the cunning first generation duke would have noticed some inkling to Kieran’s unusual behavior.

But now?

Duke Wayne’s heart was feeling more and more secure as he savored the swift recovery of his body under the negative energy environment.

Truth be told, the reason why Duke Wayne talked so much to Kieran, other than the feeling in his heart, it was also because he hadn’t fully recovered.

During the previous battle with his own student, it might seem like Duke Wayne had achieved an easy win but in fact, he fought with quite the effort.


The gloomy wind filled with negative energy left the bishop’s corpse and was swirling towards Kieran.

The gloomy wind was everywhere, there was no space for Kieran to dodge but Kieran didn’t even budge, allowing the gloomy wind to ravage him.

When he saw the gloomy wind completely envelope Kieran, Duke Wayne finally heaved a long breath.

Right after that moment, a figure dashed towards Duke Wayne, driving a dagger straight into Duke Wayne’s back.


However, Duke Wayne’s expression did not change at all.

“I knew Sir 2567, that you would not allow yourself to be caught without a fight.”

Duke Wayne who was stabbed spoke with a smile.

Then his body exploded again into the blueish green gemstones.


The gloomy wind assaulted again after the stab, Kieran with an envious look was enveloped inside while Duke Wayne walked out from the side, smiling with full assurance of victory.

But right at the next moment, his smile frozen because another Kieran appeared again.


Enraged Kieran roared at Duke Wayne as he dashed towards the man.

Duke Wayne quickly controlled his gloomy wind to surround the enraged Kieran completely but right after Duke Wayne caught him, another Kieran appeared again!

This Kieran was lazy, casual, and he appeared out of nowhere behind the first generation Duke Wayne.

A lazy and tired energy stream gushed into Duke Wayne’s body following Kieran’s appearance.

“Where did you get the Church of Shadows’ inheritance?!”

“Which God’s Child are you? The Church of Dawn or the Church of Shadow?”

Duke Wayne endured the desire of yawning and he called upon the gloomy wind again with his hand, engulfing the Kieran behind him completely.

Then, Duke Wayne suddenly felt hungry and a voice even echoed in his ears.

“You still have the Church of Shadows’ inheritance? Mine! Mine! All mine!”

Kieran with a greedy look was crawling behind Duke Wayne’s back like some animal and bit his neck suddenly, but before greedy Kieran’s teeth touched Duke Wayne, Duke Wayne performed a shoulder throw, throwing the greedy Kieran into the other Kieran who was nibbling on the mechanical bishop’s body.


The gloomy wind struck again, devouring the greedy and hungry Kieran.

But Duke Wayne’s face suddenly blushed in an unusual way.


The lustful thoughts that appeared in his mind couldn’t allow Duke Wayne to maintain his smile anymore. After an explosive roar, the gloomy wind was enhanced a few times, not only did it devour the newly appeared Kieran but it wanted to tear the other Kierans to shreds!

“Even if you are the Church of Shadows’ God’s Child, I will crush you to bits!”

Duke Wayne squeezed out those words from his clenched teeth, the anxiety in his heart grew stronger.

He quickly recalled his arrangements and everything related to it.

“There won’t be a problem! My plan is ingenious, it’s flawless! It’s not possible for me to miss anything!”

Duke Wayne emphasized his confidence to repel the anxiety in his heart.

In fact, from a certain aspect, Duke Wayne’s plan was indeed ingenious but he had wrongly estimated Kieran’s strength or more precisely, the many types of power that Kieran possessed.


A loud heavy roar later, a black monster with seven heads crawled out from the gloomy wind.

The gloomy wind that could corrode the land and carried substantial negative energy with it was absolutely useless against this monster, it didn’t even scratch the monster’s skin.

Even more so, the monster was sucking all the dense negative energy with its seven heads likea whale sucking in seawater.

Instantaneously, the size of the monster grew bigger.

Duke Wayne’s eyelids were twitching when he saw the gigantic, black monster with seven heads.

“Diabolic Demon!

The term was squeezed out from the seams of his teeth.