The Devil's Cage Chapter 876

Chapter 876 Song Under The Starry Sky

The morning sun shined diagonally through the window into the room.

Dust was floating around following the sunshine’s path and eventually landed on the faint body.

The body seemed to be in a translucent state, if one didn’t open up their eyes to take a careful look, the body wouldn’t look like a human being.


After a heavy breath, Kieran revealed himself with satisfaction.

He knew from Guntherson’s notes, the [Dark Movement Technique] was powerful and got the idea from Sister Moni that when the [Dark Movement Technique] reached its peak, it allowed the user to shuttle through shadows but Kieran didn’t know that with only the Basic level of the skill, it would provide him with such a boost to his undercover techniques, it could even slightly distort light!

[Name: Dark Movement Technique (Basic)]

[Related Attribute: None]

[Skill Type: Ancillary]

[Effect: Not only does this skill utilize the shadows, but it also utilizes light as well, +20% hiding on the original undercover basics]

[Special Effect: None]

[Consume: Stamina]

[Prerequisite: Undercover (Grand Master)]

[Remark: The reason why the Church of Shadows was feared by many, mostly because of how magical the Dark Movement Technique is.]

[Note: You have acquired this skill through learning, not through a Skill Book. Therefore, you cannot upgrade it with Points and Skill Points. If you want to level it up, you will need to continue learning or acquire a Skill Book!]

Just like it described itself, not only did the skill utilize shadows but also light to form a stronger hiding effect and this effect was built on top of the basics of [Undercover].

For Kieran who had already achieved Transcendence of [Undercover], [Dark Movement Technique] was like adding wings to a tiger.

The only regrettable thing was, it was an entirely self-learning process.

Without the usage of Golden Skill Points, Kieran could only rely on Guntherson’s repeated lectures to quickly master the basics of the [Dark Movement Techniques], similar to how he mastered the [Knights of Plague Body Tempering Art].

But of course, he would not have to be wary at all when he learned from Guntherson.

However, the disappointing fact was other than the [Dark Movement Technique], Guntherson himself didn’t master any other skills mentioned in the notebook either, he didn’t even reveal the names to Kieran.

Kieran didn’t press the topic though, anyone had their secrets that they didn’t want to reveal, Kieran had someand so did Guntherson.

Since he would prefer others to not probe his secrets, Kieran would not probe other’s secrets either. More so, in this dungeon run, not only did he complete his biggest goal, which was to find the advance skill for the [Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art], he gained a lot of unexpected rewards as well, including the [Seal of Dawn] and the [Dark Movement Technique] and that was not all of it.

Kieran glanced over the table beside him.

[Algary’s Second Shot], [Holy Water (Church of Dawn)], [Soul Sentry Ring], [Evil Spirit Scroll], [Communication Painting], [Curse of Aikhar], [Resistance Potion], [Unknown Remains] and [Ancilanco Codex].

Among the list, the [Resistance Potion] and the [Curse of Aikhar] were unable to be brought out of the dungeon.

As for the [Unknown Remains], even Guntherson and Sister Moni couldn’t tell what it was but could only tell it indeed originated from the Church of Dawn but not when or where.

[Ancilanco Codex]?

[Name: Ancilanco Codex]

[Type: Unknown]

[Rarity: Unknown]

[Attribute: ???]

[Prerequisite: None]

[Able to bring out of dungeon: Yes]

[Remark: This is an extremely precious treasure!]

The simple remark stated its value but other than that, nothing was known.

‘Best you destroy it, that thing is extremely wicked!’

‘It’s dangerous, I don’t suggest you keep it!’

Both pieces of advice came from Guntherson and Sister Moni.

Though Kieran who had his own thoughts would not accept such advice, despite both of them being respectable elders and whose advice originated from goodwill.

He took out his backpack and started to tidy his loot.

A few minutes later, the specially tailored extra large backpack that he requested from John was stuffed to its maximum and when Kieran carried it on his back, the door was knocked.

Dok, Dok, Dok.

After a rhythmic knock on the door, Guntherson donning a body of formal wear came in. The straight suit that was worn on the big and buff guardian knight made him look extra powerful and valiant.

“What? You want to leave without saying goodbye?”

Guntherson crossed his arms, questioning Kieran with the raise of a brow.

“I am really not used to these kind of occasions. So I’ve left a farewell letter for everyone, and if I show myself, I’m afraid it might cause troubles.”

Kieran took out his farewell letter with a bitter smile.

But the letter that Kieran spent an hour thinking of what to write was torn to shreds by Guntherson when he snatched it over.

“A letter? What can it represent? Today is an important day, I really hope you can show up yourself! Not as my student, or God’s Child, but as a friend!”

“Get it? Friend?”

Guntherson locked his eyes on Kieran, saying with a stern face.

What else could Kieran reply with against Guntherson using this kind of expression?

He nodded helplessly.

Guntherson tapped Kieran’s shoulder happily after the agreement. His delight had reached an all-time high when he walked up to the stage, standing in between Altily Hunter and Jimmy.

As the witness for his own student, Guntherson’s face was full of smiles and joy, compared to the sour face of Merchant Hunter who he deemed his daughter as being “taken” away.

The other who shared a face full of joy was John the chief officer. He, on the other hand, was also a witness of the wedding for his subordinate, Carl and he “defeated” many of his rivals like Deputy Chief Officer Leschuder and Director Patrick to stand on the stage.

While from another perspective, it proved that Carl had a good relationship with people. Although Carl’s wife was just a common girl and not too outstanding looking to begin with, not everyone was a judgemental person, all of them were giving their blessing to the couple.

Of course, Altily and Jimmy received the same blessings too, despite Leschuder’s eyes at Jimmy still remaining vigilant, nothing would change because today was the wedding of both couples at the same time, all grudges would have to take a rain check.

Sister Moni then went up to the stage and the merry place turned quiet instantly.

“Between light and darkness, there is always a kind of power that never changes.”

“It will elevate a single power among purity and decadence.”

“War, famine, and poverty will turn the power into eternity.”

“Peace, harvest, and abundance will change the power into something precious.”

“That power is love!”

“By the witness of the Goddess of Dawn, may these two newlyweds have the power of love forever!”

Without further speeches, when the sister’s words subsided, the crowd started to cheer, both couples too shared a kiss with their respective partners and beside the hall in a shadowy spot, Kieran was there smiling as well. He too clapped softly and sent his blessings to the two newlyweds.

No one heard Kieran’s claps, just like no one heard his blessing to the couples.

The cheering in the hall had overpowered everything.

Kieran took another glance at Guntherson and Sister Moni before he picked up the backpack beside him and left.

Everyone seemed to welcome a decent ending for this dungeon.

St. Paolo School had been scheduled for reconstruction and Sister Moni would continue as principal. She planned to teach every new student with her own ways and this time, the school would not just accept the rich upper society anymore, with the thousand years of accumulation from the Church of Dawn, Sister Moni was ready to lower the standard for entry, opening more chances to the less fortunate children.

It might not be a lot at the start but it would eventually be better.

With Guntherson, John, Altily and Jimmy, as well as Carl and his wife in addition to the school security team, it wouldn’t take long.

But, Kieran would not be around to see it, his goal wasn’t here. He still needed to move forward.

“Goodbye, everyone!”

Kieran stood in front of the main gate and waved his right hand in a clean manner after pulling up his hood over his head. He didn’t even turn around for another glance.

Kieran then strolled away and soon, his figure vanished from sight.

On the stage, Guntherson only turned towards the main gate when Kieran’s figure vanished.The old guardian knight quietly looked in the direction where Kieran vanished, looking extremely unwilling at the parting.

“What a heartless little bastard! He didn’t even turn around! And he didn’t really address me as teacher What a bastard!”

As Guntherson muttered to himself, his eyes teared up but then he widened his teary eyes in the direction Kieran went off, shouting, “Be safe all the way!”

His shout overpowered the cheers in the wedding hall and spread out far.

The crowd looked at Guntherson in astonishment.

Someone of them swiftly reacted to what happened and also looked at the direction but they saw nothing already.

After a little while, a faint voice sounded from afar.

“Live longer! Wait for me to come back!”

“When my name is sung under the starry skies, it is the time of my return!”