The Devil's Cage Chapter 882

Chapter 882 Seize Every Moment

Starbeck who was pointed at by Kieran stood there blankly, he was completely lost.

Lawless, on the other hand, opened his mouth.

“Are you sure, 2567? Starbeck’s balls are”

Before Lawless even finished, the meaning was made clear and as one of the veterans, Lawless knew how troublesome would it be to carry a coward through a dungeon run; any slight misstep and they would end up in a million pieces.

Starbeck’s gaze was dimmed but he couldn’t refute the comment about him because it was the truth, there was no space for him to refute at all.

“He is a coward alright but it didn’t mean he has no strength at all. Just like how we are all attracted by Broker’s business capabilities but neglected his true nature. The Starbeck we see now is indeed a coward but we haven’t seen any of the resources he controlled!”

Kieran pointed at Starbeck again.

“If I place you and Starbeck in a deathmatch coliseum, I would bet for Starbeck’s victory because when you really damage him it will be your end!”

“Just look at Starbeck’s equipment! Six rings engraved with defensive and healing runes. A necklace that seems to be covered up by a common outer coat yet it gives out extreme negative energy. The belt has similar to Agile and Nimble rune engraving as well and his pants should be made out of some kind of beast hide because it gives me the chills, plus these boots If I am not wrong, it should have some teleportation runes engraved on it right?”

“Most importantly, this isn’t his whole arsenal. You want to know what he keeps in his potion satchel at his waist?”

Kieran looked at his friend that was dumbstruck by his words, he added a sense of teasing in his words.

Then, Kieran looked at Starbeck with unconcealable surprise.

Kieran had a hunch that with Starbeck’s wealth, he would surely fully equip himself and yet the equipment on him was too shocking.

Every equipment and item were at least Rare rank and above; most of his arsenal was at Legendary rank and he also had two Advanced Rank equipment, which was I rank and above.

With extraordinary Intuition and Pro level [Mystical Knowledge], plus a whole lot of similar ranked items and equipment as a reference, Kieran would not be wrong about this.

The seemingly normal outer coat on Starbeck was actually a piece of Advanced Rank equipment. Likewise, the other equipment that could emanate its own aura under the presence of Advanced Rank equipment would not be any lower either, let alone the things inside the waist satchel.

Even with Kieran’s current Intuition and Pro [Mystical Knowledge] he couldn’t seem to grasp a clue about the contents of the satchel.

So, there was only two explanation for this: One, the contents in the satchel were too common; Two, the contents were far from what he could imagine.

With a whole bunch of Rare, Legendary, and Advanced Rank items and equipment as an example, Kieran leaned towards the latter.

What rank were the items inside Starbeck’s satchel? Or rather, what kind of items could the Advanced Rank satchel hold?

Kieran was wondering in his heart while his eyes were glued to Starbeck.

Starbeck panicked when he was being sized up by Kieran and almost out of instinct, he moved his steps slightly towards Lawless, trying to hide behind his big body to block Kieran’s gaze.

However, when Starbeck saw Lawless’s even more ferocious eyes, he immediately changed his mind and moved behind Kieran quickly. He stuck his head out and stared at Lawless with caution.

Starbeck would hide behind Kieran whenever Lawless acted against him, but now?

It seemed like because of Kieran’s words, Starbeck had gotten some courage to stick his head out.

“I-I’ll try my best to support 2567,” Starbeck said.

“Wipe your tears and snot and you might be a little more convincing,” Lawless grunted coldly.

Starbeck shrunk behind Kieran like a quail bird right away; Lawless didn’t bother with him anymore.

Lawless then turned to Kieran, “Feel any confidence?”

“Yup, at least my next dungeon is a special one, not an entirely new world,” Kieran answered.

“Hmmm.” Lawless nodded before he headed outside.

When Lawless opened the door and Starbeck saw the situation outside, he shrunk back behind Kieran as he trembled.

Robots! Hundreds of robots were emanating a cold luster under the bright sunlight!

“So it’s that bastard’s nasty work!”

Looking at all the robots in their sight, Kieran and Lawless exchanged a glance.

Lawless then smirked, the scene was within his expectations.

Since Broker decided to go after his biggest employer after their relationship went south, it would be natural that Broker showed no mercy and trying to prevent Kieran from bringing Starbeck back to his room was also a must for him.

“2567, I’ll give you a boost.”

“Let’s hope Lady Luck is on my side today!”

Then, Lawless took out a die that had all sorts of weapon icons printed on each side.

He hurled it up to the sky and when it fell back down on the ground, it landed on the side of a Gatling gun icon.


As the die vanished, Lawless took out another cigar from his pocket.

“Can you spare a light mate?”


Kieran lifted his left hand and started a small flame in front of the cigar.

Lawless took a deep breath, igniting the cigar and the smoke swirled around his face right away.

As Lawless was bathing himself in the aromatic scent of the seemingly alcoholic cigar, he took two Gatling guns out of his backpack. He lifted the Gatling guns up and aimed straight at the robot crowd.

A faint brilliance flowed out of Lawless’s hands and was infused into his Gatling guns and bullets through a ribbon that he placed around his finger near the trigger.

The brilliance slightly changed the gun body and the bullets as if it was infused and when Lawless pulled the trigger

Dak Dak Dak Dak Dak Dak Dak!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The shooting and explosions sounded off together. The mighty stream of bullets instantly tore apart the defense line of the robots.

Kieran grabbed Starbeck and disappeared in a flash.

The robots were not a problem for Kieran but he didn’t have time to tangle with them right now.

The cooldown counter on [Blade of the Daybreaker (Sub Scroll)] was increasing gradually, it was slower than previously when it turned from [6/10] to [7/10] but it didn’t exactly stop.

Kieran needed to seize every moment he had and fortunately, he had Lawless moving with him.

Lawless turned around at looked at the direction where Kieran disappeared, he took a deep puff from his cigar once more before turning back to the robots that were swarming at him.

He laughed viciously, “Hey you punk ass metal heads, come to daddy! Daddy will serve you boiling hot soup with bullets!”

Triggers were squeezed, muzzle flashes were flickering.

Bullets were dancing and shells were splashing everywhere.

No one noticed tht the bullet shells splashed on the ground were rolling backward, silently forming the face of an elder.

Lawless who was holding the robots back didn’t notice it; the robots who were executing their orders didn’t notice it.

The elderly face that was formed by the bullet shells just quietly looked at Lawless.

A second later, the elderly face revealed a satisfied smile.

Somehow after that smile, the firepower from the Gatling guns had gotten stronger suddenly and the brilliance on Lawless’ hand started to spread out to his arms.