The Devil's Cage Chapter 897

Chapter 897 Identity Ii

The attacker’s appearance was too sudden.

The dagger was already at Anxico’s back within an instant but Kieran was faster.

Before the dagger even touched Anxico, Kieran landed a kick on Anxico’s neck!


After the neck was broken, Anxico limped back on the sofa and a small dagger fell out of his sleeve; the attacker was stunned.

This wasn’t part of their plan.

Shouldn’t Kieran move forth and stop the attacker, therefore saving Anxico so he could counterattack at that moment?

Why would Kieran kick Anxico instead?

Confusion was erupting in the attacker’s mind. However, no matter how confused the attacker was, it didn’t stop Kieran from landing another kick on him.


The kick landed on the attacker’s head and with Kieran’s intentional control, there wasn’t any noises that followed before the attacker fell softly on the ground, absent of any signs of life.

When Starbeck came out from the inner room, he looked at the scene with puzzled thoughts.

Even though Anxico’s body swiftly changed back into the “merchant” Eddy, he was still confused.

“How did you notice?” Starbeck asked.

“Too many flaws. This guy should be playing as some secret agent from a secret organization, but I never once saw a secret agent so straight and open to topics like he was. Even if he purposely imitated the standards of a knight, he needs to learn how to change the poison vial on him. I don’t think it’s purely coincidence that the scent of the poison vial on this Anxico was the same the one from Eddy.”

Kieran wouldn’t have kept such things from his teammates.

As he explained to Starbeck, he took out a vial of poison that had a faint pungent smell from the inner pocket of Eddy’s coat.

Then, an orange glowing item appeared on Eddy’s body in addition to a vial of potion.

[Name: Disguise Potion]

[Type: Potion]

[Rarity: Rare]

[Attribute: Drink it and take up the disguise of the person of your thoughts for 3 hours!]

[Prerequisite: None]

[Able to bring out of dungeon: Yes]

[Remark: This is a product from the middle to higher tiers of potionology]

[Note: You will transform into the person’s appearance only, you will not possess the person’s abilities and your voice remains the same.]

“Not a bad potion!” Kieran commented on the potion on his palm.

Even if it had its flaws, it would still be able to be effective during crucial moments.

“Pack your things. We’e leaving,” Kieran said when he picked up horse gallops outside.

“They are the visitors that you are waiting for?” Starbeck asked.

“They weren’t before but they are now. That person is very vigilant. He didn’t show his face up until now and he has been using others to test us. But that person didn’t understand that the more test he tried, the more flaws they would be expose. It should only be a handful of people within Thorn Temple that can command such a secret agent,” Kieran answered.

He was being vague with his answer. Starbeck was a curious person but he wasn’t the kind that would get to the bottom of matters by any means necessary.

He didn’t press the question anymore since Kieran answered him, he quickly packed up their things.

Two minutes later, when Kieran and Starbeck left Charging Stable Inn, a big group of city guard riders arrived and heavily surrounded the inn.

Kieran took a glance at the riders and signaled Starbeck to move faster.

He didn’t have the time to tangle with these unrelated natives anymore because no matter how many Kieran killed, the mastermind behind the scenes wouldn’t care.

He would need to make a move directly on the mastermind himself.

Atrina was a little surprised when she received a letter from Mizelle requesting a meeting.

She didn’t even think Mizell would appear before her.

After all, after Mizelle had failed the previous mission, going off the grid was the best choice for him.

“What the hell?”

Questions lingered in Atrina’s heart as she left her room and headed out of the temple.

As for the potential danger?

The temple deacon wasn’t worried about that. The reason she chose Mizelle in the first place was because she knew he wouldn’t have caused a threat to her.

After quickly leaving the temple district, Atrina saw Mizelle under a tree in the council district.

Mizelle had traded his hood and mantle for clean and decent clothes, at least he wasn’t eye-catching while standing in the council district.

“How dare you still appear before me?!”

Atrina walked over with an intimidating manner, glaring at Mizelle with a furious gaze.

Obviously, Atrina blamed Mizelle for her own misfortunes and ending up in such an ugly position.

However, out of Atrina’s expectation, Mizelle didn’t show fear on his face which she thought he should. Quite the contrary, Mizelle asked Atrina with a calm tone.

“My lord commanded me to ask you who you ssaw after you returned to the temple last night? Supposingly a higher rank personnel and at least able to command the secret agents of Thorn Temple.”

“My lord? Y-You” Atrina was stunned.

She looked at Mizelle with astonishment. She wasn’t stupid at all and immediately knew what was going on.

It was Kieran! Only Kieran’s identity fit but it was hard for Atrina to accept.

If Mizelle was Kieran’s man, that meant Kieran had Atrina and all of her men under his control a long time ago?!

Once she thought about her cunning plans all being under Kieran’s surveillance, a deep helplessness rose in her heart and it even turned into heavy wave of despair, drowning her.

“How…How is this possible?”

Atrina started to mumble as she related into a lot of things herself.

“My lord is almighty,” Mizelle replied with utmost certainty.

Mizelle who was under Kieran’s control really treated his lord as God, so such a reply wouldn’t be of problem.

However, the conversation and manner between the both of them has entered someone’s sight, which caused a big problem.


Atrina forced herself to calm down and recalled what happened yesterday but when her words just escaped her mouth, wind blew over.

Atrina and Mizelle were knocked out cold without resisting.

Reppu the chief knight looked down at the unconscious duo.

“Just as I thought! It really is that way! How could you be someone normal if you can provide me with such aid?” Reppu muttered.

Then, he picked up the unconscious duo and headed towards the common district.

The whole process was done in less than a second; the people around didn’t even notice his existence and no would notice him as he made his way to the common district.

As the chief knight of Thorn Temple, Reppu might be young but his strength was outstanding, not only close combat but also his unimaginable [Undercover] technique.

The more surprising thing was his secret identity.

When he arrived at a secret underground hideout in the common district, the killers from Emerald Rock that had been waiting stood up and bowed.