The Devil's Cage Chapter 898

Chapter 898 Wind

Inside Emerald Rock’s underground hideout, four to five braziers were burning, producing sparks and noise.

Dozens of sparks rose up from the braziers but were devoured by the fire.

The fire that burned brightly didn’t only shed light in the underground hideout but made the respectful eyes of the dozen killers clearer.

For an organization that was established for less than 5 years, it was a miracle that Emerald Rock was able to become the boss of the underground gangs in Naveya and the one who created the miracle was the man before the killers: their leader.

Although rumours outside were saying Oak Hand’s modest decline allowed Emerald Rock to become the boss in the city, only they themselves knew what was going on.

If it wasn’t for Emerald Rock’s continuous victories over the few crucial battles, why would Oak Hand “modestly decline” in order for them to rise to power?

The ones who believed a gang would “modestly decline” were either children or idiots.

The man that stood before them was the key to the multiple victories.

Each time the Emerald Rock members thought about how their leader led the charge valiantly on the battlefield, all of them showed more and more admiration.

Reppu glanced over his men that he spent effort in training, each of them were respectful and showed utmost compliance. He couldn’t hold back his nods.

He was enjoying the respectful gazes from his men.

Reppu was also like that when he was in Thorn Temple but the different thing was, he didn’t have to put on his mask in his hideout and was able to fully enjoy the worship from his men.

Therefore, he was more fond of the identity of the leader of Emerald Rock.

As for the chief knight of Thorn Temple?

To Reppu, what was abandoned was abandoned.

Since what Reppu gained with the help of the folks in the temple had too many flaws and evidence against him, it wasn’t that reliable.

But, he definitely would not abandon the identity of Emerald Rock’s leader.

As his mind was thinking all of that, he threw Mizelle and Atrina on the ground.

“They’ve discovered my identity but they are nothing but pawns. The real enemy still hides behind the curtains, I need you all to find someone to send a message to that enemy, informing him of the situation,” Reppu said slowly.

The killers around the hideout instantly showed ferocious smiles.

They had used the hostages to set up traps countless times now and they were really skilled at it,to the point that they could capture their enemies easily with this trick.

“Another thing. Oak Hand seems to have suffered severe losses during the battle with the city guards before this, half of their core members are dead and I’ve heard their leader was injured as well. We can finally wipe them out!” Reppu continued.

The killing gazes around him were aroused by why he said.

Many years of fighting and countless blood and bodies had formed an incurable grudge between Emerald Rock and Oak Hand.

If there was a chance present, Emerald Rock would surely take out Oak Hand once and for all, so woulf Oak hand to Emerald Rock.

Now a decent opportunity was presented to them.

“Leader, everyone that we called in using the emergency order are all here! We will finally turn Oak Hand into history this time!” One of the killers said.

“Hmm very good”

“Everyone is here? This is great!”

Just as Reppu was about to give his order, a voice interrupted him.

The owner of the voice had a familiar face, it was one of Reppu’s man, Maize but his voice was unheard of.

[Disguise Potion]!

Right away, Reppu thought of the special potion that originated from temple and at the same time, the person that could use such special potion.

“A secret agent from the temples?”

“The assassination mission yesterday succeeded but my men were captured by you. Then, perhaps through interrogation, you’ve gained the disguise and infiltrated my secret hideout? I bet the priests from Sin Temple poured in quite an effort right?”

Reppu coldly stared at the person who spoke.

As the chief knight of Thorn Temple, he had contact with too many of the mystical matters between temples.

He knew his men would never betray him.

Those folks from Sin Temple raised Reppu’s cautiousness to its peak but the aid they provided him was exceptionally skillful. If it wasn’t for their overly frantic means, Reppu didn’t mind continuing working with them, nor did he have to waste so much effort to ditch them.

However, it was because of that, he was clear that his men that he trained with special methods didn’t only possess decent strength but also unrivaled loyalty, except if they were forced by some special means like the interrogations from Sin Temple.

Sin Temple’s interrogation directly tortured one’s soul, even for Reppu’s loyal men, they wouldn’t have endured the process, neither would Reppu himself.

That was also one of the important reasons he decided to stop the collaboration between himself and Sin Temple.

It was true he liked to enjoy benefits but he must stay alive to enjoy life.

“Sin Temple? Seems like you are much more confident than I thought. Don’t you think that I can realized something from that Eddy? Or you never thought that these two were the bait to force you out?”

Kieran removed his disguise and pointed at the unconscious Mizelle and Atrina with a smile.

“You are one of them!” Reppu said heavy tone.

“Them? Seems like you have quite the secrets on you,” Kieran squinted.

“But you will never have the chance to know! Do you think that I will continue bullsh*t with you here? Fool! The potion’s effect should fade off soon! KILL HIM!”

Reppu laughed coldly and raised his hand.

Instantly, a dozen of the killers threw themselves at Kieran.

“Yup, the potion effect is almost gone.”

Kieran nodded with a smile when he saw the killers charging at him.

Then, as for what happened next All the killers started to stagger and eventually fell to the floor one after another.

“Impossible! I know you people gave me the original potion but I’ve modified it! Even developed an antidote specifically countering your potions!” Reppu roared inconceivably.

The scene before him was all too familiar.

It was one of the potions Reppu got from “them”; able to silently paralyze opponents and was also one of the methods he was so fond of.

However, he knew others were not reliable, so Reppu has silently altered the formula to the first potion with his own temple’s influence and developed a special antidote specifically curing the first version of the potion. As long as one carried the antidote with them, they would never be affected by the original version.

It was one of Reppu’s fortes and he thought it would cause “them” to suffer a great loss but never did he expect

“Did you people reserve the first version of the potion? But did you ever think of me receiving Lady Venessa’s blessing? I will not be affected by the potion’s effects.”

“Speaking of which, I really have to give it up to you people! Now, I shall inform you with my sword, no kind of dark scheme can ever rival true power!”

Reppu seemed to have realized something as he looked at Kieran with a more ferocious eyes.

The chief knight with two identities drew his sword and the moment his sword came out from its sheath, violent winds formed by countless energy streams appeared in the secret hideout, circulating Reppu.

It fit Reppu as though he was the Son of Wind and when he raised his hand again


A powerful wind was blown towards Kieran.

Kieran’s hair danced as he was buffeted by the wind, the feathered mantle on him fluttered hard.

The sharpness of the blade that was hidden in the wind revealed itself in its sharpest manner, even the others around felt pain on their skin.


Atrina woke up from the stinging sensation and she shouted when she saw the scene.

She knew how powerful Reppu was; he certainly was incomparable to Dual Blade Xeriche and Wild Beast Anderson. If one claimed that Xeriche’s blade could catch the wind, then

Reppu was the wind itself!

The wind that could slice even iron and reap one’s life!

However, at the very next moment, the temple deacon widened her eyes at what she saw.

Atrina saw a giant white wolf appeared silently behind Reppu. The giant white wolf was able to neglect the iron cutting wind as it opened its ferocious mouth, chomping off half of Reppu’s body.

When the wind reached Kieran’s face, it vanished into nothing with a “pop”.